Private Blog

How do you make your wordpress blog fully private? Or can you?

Im considering doing that and just give most of you the password to it so it will still be in your feed but I won’t have to protect each post.


instagram account issues

For some reason my Instagram account was deleted and i cannot get it back. therefore i made a new one under the name ladyloveandbabydust3 since I guess the 3rd times a charm…why it this so difficult?

there will only be todays post on there cause i don’t have it in me to repost everything. Sorry to anyone this threw off today.


I’ve decided to start “blogging” on Instagram for a while to keep the private posts more accessible to those who I’ve decided I’m ok letting follow along in our more private matters. 

It’s under the same name as the blog. ladyloveandbabydust

Private message me on there if I don’t accept you cause I may not know who you are in IG