Product Reviews

Products and Prescriptions I use or have used during my TTC journey.

My personal thoughts and reviews on these products are strictly nonprofessional and merely my take on how the worked for me. Not a medical or professional recommendation or otherwise.

Ovidrel pre-fi20140204-184933.jpglled syringe 0.5ml

  • To mature follicle(s) and induce ovulation within 36-40hrs after injection. Your doctor will tell you how and when to trigger during monitored cycles and also the amount and brand best suited for you. The injection is done sub-cutaneous and only remotely burns going in if still cold. For me I find I Ovulate between 24-30hrs. If you plan to test early after using this medication be sure to test out the meds by taking a HPT each day or every other day following the injection until it is negative…or gets darker…..which means your pregnant!

Clomid 25mg-200mg

  • 20140204-184941.jpgTaken for 5 days per cycle usually days 3-7 or 4-7 to grow multiple follicles and induce ovulation. Most effective for women with irregular or anovulatory cycles. Clomid has a half life that accumulates each cycle you take it, so you may notice your side effects become more pronounced over time. Your doctor will prescribe you the appropriate dosage usually 25-150mg. Hot flashes, night sweats and moodiness are the main side effects. Wait to test with OPK’s until 24-48 hours after last dose or you may get a false positive LH surge detection.


  • femara

    Taken for 5 days per cycle, the days depend on your particular situation and doctor. Used in infertility treatment to grow multiple follicles and induce ovulation. Most effective for women with irregular or anovulatory cycles, and for those women that may not react or overreact to the effects and side effects of Clomid. Femera was originally created as a medication to treat breast cancer since it is an estrogen blocker. I did not react at all to it, I took the lowest dose of 5mg for two weeks with no follicle growth and a very thin uterine lining.

Fertili Tea20140204-190010.jpg

  • Taken 3x daily as a fertility supplement. Supposed to help balance reproductive hormones and regulate cycles. Talk to your doctor about taking with fertility medications. I took this tea for 4 months and only noticed a slight change in a more regular period and better cervical mucus, but stopped taking it when I was told by my doctor that it could decrease the effects of Clomid.

FertilAid Multivitamin20140204-190027.jpg

  • A fully loaded multivitamin taken 3x daily after meals. Has vitex (chaste berry), Siberian Ginseng and Red Clover added among others that are known for their fertile properties. Should not be taken with fertility Meds.

Pregnancy Plus Prenatal Multivitamin20140204-190053.jpg

  • Not your average prenatal here. This one is PACKED with more daily % values than any other I’ve found and is super easy to take. Only 1x daily (suggest taking after eating).

Clear Blue Digital Ovulation Tests20140204-190131.jpg

  • Used to help detect the Luteal hormones prior to ovulation. Happy face tells you your surging/fertile, ovulation should occur 24-48hrs after. Some women have lower LH levels and do not like these tests. Good as a back up to the cheaper lined tests. One time I got a circle instead of a happy face when my lined test clearly showed I was surging (false negative).

Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips20140204-190145.jpg

  • Very inexpensive and sensitive tests. Great for testing multiple times a day when unsure of your cycle. Once the second line is AS DARK or DARKER than the control line you should ovulate within 24-48hrs. These I use the most and find easier and less frustrating than the fancy digital ones. Never had a false negative result.

First Response Early Results HCG Tests20140204-190155.jpg

  • These have a very clear control line and second line when positive. Fairly inexpensive and reliable. Standard 25ui HCG level detection. These are the most trusted among the TTC bloggers I know, and detected a mere
    10ui of HCG with one of my chemical pregnancies.They are also much less likely and near impossible to misread or see an evaporation line. Even a very faint line is clearly pink.

Wondfo One Step Pregnancy Test Strips20140204-190205.jpg

  • Easy as pie to use and cheaper than any other out there. Can detect as little as 10ui of HCG, so it’s great for testing out trigger shots and can detect very early on. However, I have had multiple evapotation line readings in the past that resembled very faint positives. Second most trusted among TTC bloggers I know, for their trustworthiness and cost effectiveness for POAS addicts. I recently had a beta done with the last leg of my trigger still in my system and it came up at a mere 3ui HCG, the test line was very faint but there. Not for the faint of heart.


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