226 days in…

This a a very nicely worded partner-to-a-pregnant-lady short script.

Well what can I say, the last 226 days have been filled with joy and laughter, tiredness and tears, and not to forget frustration and impatience.  Yes, I’m talking about K.

(To all the Partners reading this – if you’re just embarking on this joy ride, keep in mind that you are going to have to put up with a lot of emotions. Think of that singular week every month you have to put up with, and times it by 10 (million)).


In all seriousness, it really isn’t just an emotional journey for your Wife, it’s an emotional journey for you, whether male or female.  It’s one that I would recommend, if you have the opportunity, to prepare yourself for in advance – don’t just hope that it’ll be okay. In most cases it will be, but there will be times where you will want to throttle your partner for…

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