9 Week Bumpdate

As I wrote the above title I realize how much I am still in disbelief that I’m pregnant. Let alone 9 weeks pregnant. I wonder when I will no longer be in disbelief?

This past week wasn’t too much different than the week prior. My exhaustion has increased and so had my morning sickness. The exhaustion is now all consuming. Every day I wake up and want to go right back to sleep, have quick relief around 1pm and then by 2 or 3pm I need a serious nap…or to go back to sleep. I’m fighting it hard though. My morning sickness is now very different though. It lasts all day and is a steady queasy feeling that doesn’t subside even after being hungry. It has been two weeks since I last threw up though so I’m not complaining too much.

My cravings are amplified along with what I don’t want to eat. Red meat is a no go completely even the thought doesn’t settle well. Thing with vinegar in them taste terrible to me. My beloved pickles no longer appeal to me. I’m craving carbs much less now and in its place a major sugar craving has started! I’m talking drive me to get candy NOW kind of craving. No Bueno. My wife is not happy with my current diet.

My skin is getting really bad. The small amount of eczema I have on my arms is much more itchy now. I have terrible acne breakouts happening everyday and they are painful to boot. My back is the worst, I hate it so much! I’m itchy all over all the time even when I put lotion on, my tummy in particular, so assume a growth spurt is about to happen. No surprise there. Weirdly I’m getting razor burn every time I shave wether it’s a new razor or not. I don’t know how to remedy this and I’m not going to stop shaving just yet!

My hair is now not only thicker, which I like, but easily oily. My shampoo and conditioner I usually use now weighs down my hair like all I used was heavy conditioner. Is this normal? I use environmentally friendly sulfate free stuff, anyone have suggestions for something else? I cannot wait to recolor my hair in a week or two. My doc said I could start again after 10 weeks. Since I color it a deep red with a blonde chunk it’s looking really shabby right now.

The bump. This ones weird to me. Over the past week it’s gotten progressively more noticeable, so much so that maternity shirts work and none of my non maternity jeans fit anymore. Then suddenly yesterday it’s barely there. It’s just more blump than bump, less firm more squishy and full all over but not round at all. Even Kate noticed the difference, not sure what to think of it. Maybe I was just super bloated the past week?

My mom came to visit this past weekend and it was nice. She was her usual crazy mom self, but I enjoyed her company and her constant glee about her twin grand babies. She so excited she just beams, I think she has the glow I’m supposed to have lol. She kept touching my belly and looking at me and talking to them, telling me baby stories and planning future trips and such. It’s fun to see her so happy when for so long she’s been so depressed. I can’t wait to see my brother whenever I can next I’m assuming he will be the same judging from his phones calls and texts.

I’m looking forward to this being my last single digit week! Hoping it goes by just as fast as the past two. This coming Monday will be my first OB appointment and I have no idea what to expect besides an ultrasound. I’ll be 9 weeks 4 days then so the babies should resemble actual babies much more than they did before. I wonder that I’ll call them afterward, blobby and froggy can’t last long lol.

Time for advice….

How do I curb these terrible unhealthy cravings and get more nutritious foods into me? The hair cleansing issue? Ways to increase my energy and mental aloofness?



So my little ones are now either the size of Dates or a Wild Strawberries! And did you see how baby like the look now? Gosh that’s just beyond amazing to me!

I’m still fixing my chalkboard so I’ll have to post a bump photo later.


31 thoughts on “9 Week Bumpdate

  1. I remember when my bump was there then gone…just wait…it will be there all the time soon enough! I hope you start feeling better soon!!! Double digits is a big deal, at least it was to me…quite the milestone!

  2. happy happy 9 weeks!!! you sound exactly how I was!! bad skin…check!! craving for sweets….check!!! sounds like babies are producing some estrogen to make you break out and crave sweets…let me be the first to call it…..at least one (of both) of those wild strawberries are GIRLS!!! I’m probably jumping the gun, but YAY!!! the hair thing, I don’t know. I was an utter mess during the 1st trimester. I think I looked like a homeless person. I’m thrilled to hear about your OB appointment and hope you feel better. I know it’s still hard to believe….but get used to it… you guys are gonna be mammas!!!

  3. Here’s how to increase your energy- just sleep until the 2nd trimester. πŸ™‚ The first is SO draining! I still get tired and go to bed around 9:30/10PM (which is way early for me) but I felt more normal energy-wise a couple weeks into the 2nd trimester.

  4. I love those little twinkles so much already! To satisfy your sweet tooth maybe try a yummy fruit smoothie with Agave nevtor, honey or even a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it!

  5. If you are craving sweet, why not try some fruit? Or even 100% fruit juice gummies have to be better for you! If it’s chocolate you crave, I’d try darker chocolate but watch eating too much due to caffeine. Can’t wait to watch the twins get bigger! You got this!

  6. The first trimester was about survival for me. Whatever stayed down, I ate that. I was sure my kids were going to come out as potatoes or popsicles with the amount that I ate in the first trimester. Don’t worry about the nutrition part too much right now. I haven’t had crazy cravings but I do really like super cold fruit and I’ve made my own popsicles which are a nice go to as well. The nutrition part is more important later on anyways. Just do what you can, when you can πŸ˜‰ I second what C.L said….sleep you’re way through to the second trimester! In all honesty though, there’s no fighting it. I found when I tried to make myself do more then what my body wanted or ate things that I thought I should be eating, it made the nausea/vomiting/migraines/tiredness worse. This will all change again in a few weeks anyways πŸ™‚

  7. For exhaustion – I slept as much as I could. During the day at work I would use my lunch hour to take naps in my car. I would come home and go to bed an hour later so I could get 10+ hours of sleep. Have you tried using a good hair conditioner to shave your legs? I had part of a bottle of matrix deep conditioning treatment left and have been using that as shave cream over the winter as it doesn’t dry out my skin as much as regular shave cream or soap does. Just an idea! I alternated shampoos a lot during my pregnancy as my hair was even more oily than it already is. Changing it up every time I took a shower helped keep it from feeling super gross. I also put it up in a pony tail or bun while wet and let it dry completely. It kept the oil to a minimum.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon in regards to the morning sickness and exhaustion! πŸ™‚

  8. OMG, I became an oil slick beginning in the first trimester, and it hasn’t let up. I never had bacne before, and now I’m finding zits all over my shoulders and down to the middle of my back. I’m grossed out by myself! My hair also got oiler, which is especially frustrating because it’s curly – so it’s been oily at the hairline and dry in the curls. I think you just have to experiment with products and see what works best. I use nutrogena oil free face wash and that works well for my face, and I found a cleansing conditioner that I like for my hair, but some of it is just learning to live with it!
    I third sleeping until the second trimester!

  9. When you have unhealthy cravings, it’s usually something that your body is lacking. Like if you want a big greasy cheeseburger it may be protein, or fat, or even calcium. “Deconstruct” a cheeseburger and have a piece of chicken, some cheddar cubes on the side and maybe an avocado. That’s the way to handle those unhealthy cravings. Callie’s hair also got thicker and greasier. There really wasn’t anything to do about that. She went from washing it ever other day to every day. It’s the pregnancy hormones and the prenatal vitamin. Glad to hear everything is going well!

  10. No food advice from me as my appetite has not been at all affected by pregnancy and my wife was so ill when she was pregnant that we were just grateful when food went in and stayed down. Can definitely relate to bloating-induced pants issues. They disappeared almost as fast as they had appeared and stayed away until the bump was actually baby a month or so into the second trimester. And peak exhaustion for me was week 9. Feel better soon!

  11. If you’re taking your prenatals, don’t worry so much about your diet right now. It’s all about survival and eating something is better than nothing when you’re nauseous all the time. I lived on rice chex, soft pretzels, and lemon water for 17 weeks! Also, just my two cents based on your symptoms so farβ€” two girls!

  12. Id definately just eat what you feel like now….mu little Squirt survived my one trimester of cheese and two trimesters of cake amazingly well πŸ™‚

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