Help! Starting late cloth diapering.

I don’t have time for a good update that you all deserve. So I’ll get down to it. We are starting cloth diapering late but better than never right?

I have a million questions but I know so much of it is preference that I’m not sure the answers to my questions will be helpful. Instead I’m going to tell you about my kids “bathroom habits” and what I’m looking for in a cloth diaper and then you can give me your two cents.

Big babies are still breastfeeding A LOT so that means lots of pee especially at night, absorbency is big big big in my book. Also because there are two babies the less I can change them the better.

Ease if use. Let me clarify…these kids are more than wiggly when being changed they are like diapering a cat while trying to bathe them. I NEED Velcro, that’s the only thing I know for sure. I’m stuck on which style will best fit our budget and lifestyle. AIO, Pocket, Insert or Prefold?? 

We will be useing a laundromat so I’ll probably need a good stash so that I’m not doing laundry too many times a week. I will need to use a dryer not line dry also. What detergent do I use? Do you need to pretreat? Do you have to spray them off after each change? 

What is the cheapeast way to get started and how many do I need per kid? I guess I do have some necessary questions. We are starting late so we may not need as many as when they are newborns…I don’t know. How often do you/should you change them during the day? We don’t currently change them at night cause it wakes them too much and the al ready DONT SLEEP! Oops did I say that. Small update right there for you.

I’m just so lost and I don’t want to spend a ton of money and I’m perfect,y fine with buying used.

Hope all is well with everyone. I wish I had the time and energy to update you all and check in too.


The future of This blog 

I guess you all know what’s coming. I’ve seen many other twin mom and some singleton moms do this roughly a year after their babies were born, and I always said it wouldn’t be me. Alas the time has come to put my blog on official pause. 

I know I’ve already become a terrible blogger, rare updates grace this page now and they are lack luster in details at that. Photo blogging would be easier right now so you can follow me on Instagram if you’d like instead @ladylove9613.

I just don’t have the time to sit and write anymore and when I do that the time I do t gave the energy and when I dohave the energy there are more pressing things to use said energy doing. I love this blog and the community that I’ve become a part of through writing it. You’ve all been such amazing friends and followers and I wouldn’t be where I am now with out all your support.

I’ll post occasionally I’m sure, when the stars align, but for now I’ll just be a passerby blog reader instead. I’m going to downsize the number of blogs I follow significantly so that I can actually keep up on those of you I’ve become the closest with. I’m sorry to those I may no longer be following. I will still follow many of you on other social media where keeping updated via pictures is easier to do right now.

I wish all of you so much love and happiness in your lives. With or without babies.


‘The Happy Sleeper’ 

Well it’s never a “good” time to start sleep training, so we just dove in even with Kate having a lot on her plate with work and school right now. We have been putting it off for one reason or another for over a month now so I’m glad we are starting even though I wish we didn’t have to do it.


Down @7:04pm.        Sleep @ 7:24pm

Sleep waves: 18

Wake up times

  • Emerie:
  • Daiton:

Total time cried

  • Emerie:
  • Daiton:

Time slept

  • Emerie:
  • Daiton:

Night one was a test night I guess cause we didn’t write anything down except for each wave and we are not writing down who gets what wave cause usually it’s both babies crying together.

Night one was a doozy. There were a lot of emotions happening for all of us for different reasons. No one cried but the babies and it was not fun watching them cry. I think they cried more than I expected and yet it could have been worse too. 

They were put down at 7:04pm and went to sleep at 7:24pm and then woke for the day at 7am. 10 hours from time asleep to time awake is normal for us, so that didn’t change. However I have no idea how much sleep they really got in comparison to time awake fussing or crying.

They were tired and beyond cranky and clingy all day on Day Two. Emerie is pulling herself up to standing now and crawling like crazy so she can crawl to you and pull herself up on you. She does this while fussing and crying and it breaks my heart. If you walk away from her she gets really upset. That makes leaving her crying in the crib even harder.


Down and  Asleep @ 6:00pm (nursed to sleep)

Sleep waves: 1

Wake up times

  • Emerie: 6:29,8:30,9:00,11:35,1:35,4:18 awake for morning at 7am
  • Daiton: 8:30,12:06,3:25 awake for morning at 7am

Total time cried

  • Emerie: 23 minutes
  • Daiton: 8 minutes

Time slept

  • Emerie: Unknown
  • Daiton: Unknown 

Down @ 6:10                Emerie asleep @ 6:30 Daiton asleep @ 7:40

Sleep waves: 7
Wake up times

  • Emerie: 11:30,11:54,3:50 awake for morning at 5:53am
  • Daiton: 7:30,10:50,3:43 awake for morning at 6:00am

Total time cried

  • Emerie: 14+ minutes (stopped timing on accident)
  • Daiton: 39+ minutes (stopped timing on accident)

Time slept

  • Emerie: Unknown 
  • Daiton: Unknown 


Down @ 7:24pm     Asleep @ 7:55

Sleep waves: 13

Wake up times

  • Emerie: 10:38,4:46,awake for morning at 6:40am
  • Daiton: 11:05,3:45, awake for morning at 7:00am

Total time cried

  • Emerie: 1 hour and 36 minutes 😥
  • Daiton: 53 minutes 😥

Time slept

  • Emerie: 8 hours and 21 minutes
  • Daiton: 9 hours and 34 minutes


Down @ 6:14pm.      Daiton’s Asleep @ 7:00pm.     Emerie Asleep @ 6:50pm

Sleep waves: 8

Wake up times

  • Emerie: 3:45, 4:30, woke for the morning at 5:30am
  • Daiton: 10:21,2:24,5:00 woke for the morning at 5:45

Total time cried

  • Emerie: 24minutes
  • Daiton: 32 minutes

Time slept

  • Emerie: Unknown
  • Daiton: Unknown

Five days in and this is where we are all at. The kids are semi adjusting to the new sleep routine but not the way I had expected. They are more tired during the day and need more frequent naps, are fussier and also more clingy. Emerie inparticular hates being left along now. 

Let me back track and tell you what we decide to do. Kate and I take “shifts”, meaning someone does the first part of the night and the other sleeps during that time, and then we switch somewhere around midnight. We can tap out if we are too tired or need a break from the crying. I pump an hour and half after feeding them to give Kate milk to feed them with if I’m the one sleeping when they wake to eat. I’m feeding them every 3 hours during the night if they wake during that time period. I try not to nurse them to sleep but just until drowsy and then put them down. Last night that did not happen.

I was the first shift last night and Kate had a big work thing today so I decided to try to pull an all nighters to let her sleep a bunch. Well I needed up so tired that every time I went in to feed one they and I fell asleep. The first rough it was Daiton and I put home back in his crib after a reawoke from a short sleep. The second was Daiton again and I again fell asleep but for much longer and didn’t make it back to the guest room where we are sleeping. Them Emerie woke up and I just kept Daiton on the bed and nursed Emerie…..again falling asleep. Then Daiton woke again and I left Emerie on the bed and went to nurse Daiton. That’s when Kate came in and laughed and both thanked me for the sleep and said “you gave in”. Shit I totally did!

What does that mean for tonight? I hope it doesn’t mean we “start all over” I hope I didn’t ruin anything that might be becoming helpful. Emerie did only wake once last night to feed before waking for the day…super early at that 5:30am ugh. I just miss them so much and I hate hearing them cry. It’s both heartbreaking and emotionally draining. It’s a pitch black room and it’s hard to tell if they are awake but drowsy or asleep when I nurse them. Half the time they have been asleep when I put them back down. 

There are a lot of things I feel this method is lacking on information wise. Like more twin tips, we are heard core winging it. How long to let them cry for at a time with doing waves before settling them down. When both parents aren’t able to do the checks together. How long it could take to work for twins or really active babies.

Emerie’s going through milestones like nobodies business. When we think she has calmed for a few days she’s onto mastering something else. Two nights ago we had to lower her crib because at 7 months old she can pull herself upo standing and tries to climb! Yeah we have that kid. She’s super active and the book does say that if they start to stand when doing the method it can make them backtrack on their current progress. Great! As if we already didn’t have enough stacked against us with this sleep training crap.

Anyway, all in all it’s going ok, but just ok. We are giving it two weeks and then reassessing the plan. We decided to sleep upstairs in the guest room in the main house (in laws place) so that we are not in the room sleeping with them while they are trying to cope without us. It’s very uncomfortable being so far away from them and physically uncomfortable because we are sleeping on two old mattresses. But alas we have to do what we have to do. 

Please wish us luck that they learn quickly and this is over soon!

Another Sleep Adventure: Taking a step back

The title says it all. We are taking a step back from sleep training for a few simple reasons. First, they just turned 6 months old on the 14th and I can tell they are having a big growth spurt by their eating and sleeping habits as well as their personalities. Second, they are going throug a few big miles stones right now: Emerie is fully crawling, Daiton started to roll over from back to belly and is now rolling all over he place, they both started solids and we are starting to transition them in to the cribs (for real this time). 

Our pediatrician said that they are going trough so much right now that now would not be a good time to sleep train them because they and us will not be receptive to it. She said to wait a while and see when they start leveling out and calming down a bit with all the skills their mastering and then do the sleep training if it still seems relevant.

We finished the book “The No Cry Sleep Solition” and implemented a lot of it for 3 full weeks with no really progress, if anything it backfired somehow. Then we bought and read most of “The Happy Sleeper” due to all the success I’ve read and heard of from other parents on these blogs. While I am still a bit reserved on the happy sleeper method in some ways, I’d do see how it could work and also that it would not be the worst thing in the world.

Our biggest issue is we have twins. I know SHOCKER! Well no to pull the town card but with sleep training there’s no easy answer with twins, especially fraternal twins and on top of that living in one room with the twins. It is less than ideal to do it while we are still living here and cannot remove ourselves from the room they will be sleeping in. So we will see.

For now both of us felt overwhelmed by all the info the advice from others and the lack of control and sleep that starting the sleep training was causing. It all just didn’t feel right to us quite yet. I walnuts felt presur knowing everyone else was sleep training their babies, silly I know but I sooo many moms with the same age babies and seriously everyone is talking about if doing some sort of sleep training. I feel better now knowing we are taking a step back. 

Fuck this sleep training crap

Please tell me some of you understand that statement. I’m overwhelmed by all the info out there on sleep training and the lack of twin sleep training info. 

The method we chose seemed to be working the first week and the babies were sleeping slightly better and Daiton was sleeping well in his crib. It’s been almost 3 weeks and now they are worse.

Bed time is great; they go down easy and it’s peaceful and nice for everyone. That’s were it stops. They wake 1-4x and hour for about two hours after that. Then nighttime is a shit storm of nursing, rocking, patting, fussing and crying. They all of a sudden get up and stay up multiple tims a night. THEY HAVE NEVER DONE THIS!

Nap time is crazy madness. They last al pay 2 hours some days between naps but naps have shortened to 25-35 minutes with very occasional hour or more naps. WHAT THE FREAKIN FRACK!!!!

I’m almost sick of reading everyone else’s stories of sleep training for two reasons 1) it’s always involving some form of CIO and 2) they seem to have some overnight success

I do not believe that the only way to get your babies to sleep well is to let them cry, that just makes no sense to me. Also even if we did go that route how would it work with two babies?! They would keep each other crying or set each other off, they sleep in the same room and here is no way for them not too.

What to do?

I’m almost ready to throw in he towel entirely and see what happens. Naps are my main issue right now and again no one seems to have any legit helpful advice for me because I have two and I’m by myself do their help doesn’t work because it’s tailored for one baby. 

I’m so tired, I’m so frustrated and I’m so over this.

Nap routines and bedtime routines… Day One

If I have to do this new nap routine suggested in ‘The No Cry Sleep Solution’ I may lose my shit lol.

Currently our naps routine looks like this:

  • Start the sound machine
  • Close the curtains 
  • Swaddle both babies
  • Put Daiton in the bouncer wih a pacifier and bounce him
  • Nurse Emerie and get her relaxed or asleep
  • Transfer her to the swing (that I start beforehand cause it’s noisy to start)
  • Nurse Daiton to sleep and then transfer him to our bed
  • They sleep 40min on average until their last nap which is about 1-3hours on a good day.

What I should be doing based on the book:

  • Not swaddling them
  • Not closing the curtains 
  • Not using a swing
  • Not nursing to sleep
  • Only letting them nap 2-3 times a day for a total maximum time of 3-4hours
  • Putting them in their crib
  • Standing by to help them back to sleep if they rouse to get them to sleep longer

So yesterday I tried all of the above. It was the worst day emotionally for all of us since they were 3 months old. Nap one Emerie slept 20 minutes on her tummy on our bed, Daiton slept 30 minutes on our bed. Both woke up crazy cranky. The next hour all they did was fuss so I couldn’t tell when to put them down or if they were hungry, and nothing I did helped them.

The second nap I tried Daiton in the swing to relax him while I fed Emerie he got more awake and just played in the swing. Emerie has a hard time going to sleep cause he was noisey. So I switched them and then Emerie got mad and just fussed and fought her nap, but Daiton nursed and fell asleep with the binky. He slept for 45min but I swaddled him after a long fight. Emerie fell asleep after I got her out and I put her back and she woke up 25 minutes later.

Again both were fussy and didn’t want anything I offered. At this point it was so chaotic I lost track of who ate and who didn’t, when they are, when they woke up, etc.

They fought their naps HARD each time and the third nap I tired swaddling them and bouncing both in their bouncers. It relaxed Daiton but pissed Emerie off. I eventually had to nurse Emerie to sleep while breaking my back “rocking” her on the couch. Then put her in the bouncer and did the same with Daiton. They lasted no longer than 30 minutes but I forgot to check the time so I’m not totally sure. 

I was on the verge of tears all day. They were crying all day. I can’t remember who ate how many times and they only Kates happily twice.

When Kate’s mom got home I was at the end of my rope. Emerie kept making a terrible cry and pouty face I’ve never seen and Daiton was glazed over and fussing. She helped by taking them for me for a short while until I got them to go back to sleep for their last nap. Again Emerie lasted 20 minutes but Daiton slept 1 hour!

By the time he woke up it was 7pm and time to start their bedtime routine. Unfortunately Kate wasn’t home yet so I procrastinated and at dinner. When she got home we had a fast paced routine. 

New Bedtime routine:

  • Start sound machine
  • Turn off all lamps and turn on all candles
  • Massage babies with lotion while humming
  • Put them in their PJs, night swaddle and wearable blankets.
  • Nurse, rock/sway
  • Put Daiton in the crib and Emerie on the bed

They stayed asleep for an hour before Daiton woke. Kate put him back down. Then he woke again and I nursed him shortly after. 

They slept for another hour before Daiton woke again. Kate put him to sleep again.

Emerie woke up a few hours later and we tried to get her to sleep without nursing but figured she was hungry cause it took a long time to calm her. 

Emerie slept better not sleeping right next to Daiton. So now I’m thinking having them both in the same crib may not work. But we will try it out soon and see what happens.

Today I went back to our old nap routine and we decided we would simply start with bedtime changes. Once they are used to those changes I’ll tweak the nap routine slowly until I find what works for them and me. Although my days are hectick  with thier current nap schedule I can manage and it’s been working for us this long what’s a little longer?

They slept good today and their tempements were a lot better too. I think too much too soon threw them off yesterday. Tonight’s bedtime routine went well again but Daiton is waking a lot more frequently benign in the crib. 

Wish us luck! 

Daytime crib playtime  

Another sleep adventure

That’s  right we too are dealing with serious lack of sleep and wanting to sleep train our babes.

They are going on 6 months old and still wake 3+ times a night per baby to feed. Luckily they do not stay up like some babies I know but rather fall back to sleep after they have nursed. Kate is no longer nursing so the night time feedings are all on me know and it’s a challenge to be a happy mommy when I always have a baby attached to me and no space of my own. 

I love nursing them, I love cuddling them and I love waking up to their smiling faces. But let’s face it…I’d be happier and better functioning if they slept in their crib and woke a few times less in the night. Both mommies would like their adult bed back and be able to cuddle each other for once!

The real issue is getting them to sleep for more than 20min the first stretch at night. They always wake about 20 into bedtime and then it can take about an hour (sometimes more) to resettle and put them back down. Many times I’m the only one they want and need to get them back to sleep. I don’t know why either. It’s frustrating to both Kate and I. 

Kate has tried bottle feeding them my breastmilk during the night to relieve me but they either fuss to nurse, reject the bottle or the other wakes simultaneously leaving me in the same boat. 

We we currently reading ‘The No Cry Sleep Solution’ recommended to me by C over at Reciprocallove. We are tracking and logging their sleep right now which is the first step in her sleep training theory. I’ll try to update as we progress.

Naps are all over the place. For the most part they cannot be awake for more than 2hrs at a time and even that is pushing it. Then the need to take a nap that lasts about 40 minutes on average with he occasional 2-4hour nap on a magical day!

I read babies at 6 months should be napping two to three times a day and the nap should last 2-4 hours. I laughed hysterically when I read that! I could only wish they would be up longer and also nap longer too. 

This is my current schedule:

Awake:nurse, change, play, change and nurse again.

Nap for about 45min

Awake for about 1.5-2hours: nurse, change, play, change and nurse again.

Nap for about 45min

Awake for about 1-1.5hrs: nurse, change, play, change and nurse again.

This is where it gets weird…

Sometimes the take another nap that is 2hours or longer other times no nap at all until  3pm.

Then the cycle repeats until 6pm when we try to get them to go to bed by 7. Then when they finally go down between 7-8:30 sometimes 9 they wake up 20-40 minutes later and we do it all over again. Once we get them back to sleep the sleep for a few hours solid and then are up every 1.5-2 hours to nurse or be changed.

We are simply exhausted yet used to it also. 

Outside of their sleep “fun” they are amazing babies. They are so happy and playful. Very talkative and observant and starting to have more personality than I know what to do with.

The “sing” themselves to sleep and to wake and its soooo adorable. Except when it wake the other which happens a lot. 

Daiton babbles all day everyday unless other people are talking a lot around him and then he just stares, eyes wide open with his jaw dropped, observing the conversation. He laughs hysterically at many things and is SUPER ticklish. He is starting to get more hair and it look blonde or strawberry blonde and very big dark blue eyes. His skin ton is staying pretty fair but not as fair as me so we will see if it darkens later. I still can’t believe they are so light skinned! He is wearing 6 months clothes and weighs in at about 15lbs, yet is only in the 3rd percentile for his age.

Emerie is a big ball of sweet love! She finally made her personality debut in December and hasn’t stopped smiling, giggling and chattering since. Everyday she masters something new. She learns very very fast! She was scooting herself at 4 months and rolling both ways too. In the past two weeks the scooting has progressed into a worm like crawl and she can crawl about two feet. Yesterday she started picking up her but and using herbknrssbto propel forward so I imagine “true” crawling to happen any day now. She’s a pistol this one. Her hair is now a very dark auburn on top and red in the back, it’s growing a lot more too. Her skin tone is mug darker than Daiton too. Her eyes are still a mystery to us but we think they will be green or hazel. She is in 3 month clothes since after Christmas and weighs in at around 12.5lbs. She is still on the premie scale and considers very petite.

I buy way too much baby stuff but it’s hard no too when your at home with them all day every day and need verity too lol. I still don’t go out with them by myself and can’t really now cause we sold our other car. I have a friend who comes to see me sometimes with her baby girl who is 6 weeks younger than them and I love it when we can hang out. I need more adult interactions but mommy and me classes just down work when you are by yourself with two babies! So for now I am a very solitary yet happy stay at home mom.

Wish us luck on month 6, sleep training and solid foods! Ah! How did they get so big so fast?

Love to you all I do read when I can but commenting doesn’t happen near enough.  




Photo Update

Here are their 3 month photos by Lisa Jo Photography. She was kid enough to make it a family shoot. 

And here are some of them recently at four months! EMERIE is now over 10lbs and Daiton is almost 14lbs. They seem so big but are so little for their age. Daiton is in 3-6mo and some 6mo clothes and size 2 diapers. Emerie is just now starting to fit in some 3mo clothes and is still in size 1 diapers.

Last week Emerie and DAITON had their 4 month shots and check up. They are healthy as can be! The doctor saw Emerie roll over from back to belly without a hitch (she started the day before!) and told us she is very advanced physically. The Emerie decided to show off and was looking like she wanted to crawl and the doctor said she wouldn’t be supposed if she started crawling Ina few weeks! Noooo….

Well, she’s trying already. Everyday she scoots a little better and wants to be on her tummy all the time now. They can sit assisted well but not unassisted yet. I’m not ready for the crawling, I thought I had more time. Ahhhh

  Daiton is a big ball of smiles and laughs. He is just a very happy boy and Emerie is so much happier nowadays too! I love being at home with them all the time!