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I’ve decided to start “blogging” on Instagram for a while to keep the private posts more accessible to those who I’ve decided I’m ok letting follow along in our more private matters. 

It’s under the same name as the blog. ladyloveandbabydust

Private message me on there if I don’t accept you cause I may not know who you are in IG

Weaning 19 month old twins

We are taking a break from potty training cause I am weaning the kids cold turkey and that’s just too much to deal with at once. These poor kids are hating life right now. So many transitions in so little a time frame. As some of you know I don’t have an option on weaning as I was told by a doctor that I had to do it if I wanted to be treated by him.

So it’s day 4 of weaning cold turkey and it’s been a rollercoaster. Day one went pretty good, I kept them busy and avoided any situations that they would associate with nursing. Day 2 was also decent cause we kept them busy. Nap and bedtime has been the hardest for them. Day 3, yesterday was TERRIBLE! They cried almost all day and threw tantrums like crazy. They had a terrible short nap and then we went shopping and it was shit show the whole time. I cannot be involved with bedtime right now, not for a few weeks I think until they no longer associate nursing with sleep.  Day4, today, has also been very hard. 

Daiton is taking to using bottles in lieu of nursing quite well (don’t judge I will not keep them in the bottle long). Emerie want nothing to do with it unless it’s my milk in it and even then it upsets her. I’ve run out of my frozen stash too so we got toddler formula to try and Daiton likes it but again Emerie wants nothing to it. She’s such a stubborn little girl, very strong willed and knows what she wants for sure! 

The worst part is that they are both teething. Emerie has 4-6 teeth coming in all at once and Daiton has a few starting to push up too. So of course I’m taking away the one thing that makes them feel better. They are all over me like mad. They seem to be needing much more cuddles and love since they are not getting the boobies anymore. That’s hard on me cause I already am stretched thin on time with how attention starved they seem to act. They are not starved for attention trust me, but they act like it.

Day 5 of weaning: fuck my life fuck fuck fuck. They woke up and from that point on they were miserable little things! I literally, yes literally, had them attached to me most of the day. They would not let me go unless it was to hit me or pull off of me just to come right back. Child to parent abuse seems to be the only “ok” kind there is.

Daiton is clinging and fussy but Emerie, that girl, she is so mad at me. I hate that weaning has to be like this. It’s terrible, necessary because of the situation but terrible nonetheless. I sure do wish that they would have weaned themselves. 

I’m doing better than I though I would be. I haven’t gotten too emotional over it nor have I gotten close to breaking down and nursing them. That has surprised me. I do often think about starting it up again if I can after all is said and done with my GI stuff but then again I shouldn’t mess with the kids like that either probably. 

Today is Day 6, which is crazy by itself. This mornings wake up was very very rough! I had to try to be away from them doing lots of things until it was time to take them to my moms house. I called an emergency respite day for myself. After yesterday I couldn’t handle another of the same again and I saw it happening again. Momma need me time!