Who’s reading?

Well, I’m a bit surprised at the lack of comments or likes on my new postings. I sent out lots and lots replies for the password and yet, crickets….

I know I bailed on this blog for the past year or so, so maybe many of you deleted my blog on your feed? Thats my guess. What I’m wanting to know if who is reading these days? Throw a little “I am” in the comments if you are so I can tell that this is being seen and just who is reading these days.

Im going to be posting on a much more regular basis again with lots of new changes happening in our lives and I really really need the support system I had while TTCing before the twins were born. However, if thats no longer available to me I may need to reconsider starting writing on this blog again.

Hope everyone is well, happy and pregnant or mothers now, I know many of you got your rainbow babies!


58 thoughts on “Who’s reading?

  1. I read them in an email, on my phone, so rarely click through to leave a comment or even leave a like. When I read in the app it’s easier. But I’m reading!

  2. I’m reading! History of recurrent miscarriages, a unicornuate uterus, and just had my rainbow baby in Oct. Good luck!

    I haven’t requested the password. I will do that now.

  3. I’m here, I just got back from a trip away from the intertubes, so just now going through the backlog. Just saw your password-protected post, so I’ll shoot you an email shortly.

  4. I am! And also, Lem is right…password protected posts don’t show up in feed on App, you have to go to actual site which isn’t the most smartphone friendly…I’ll read when I get to computer…but def still reading. Also, it’s kinda died down..the “group” of TTC’ers we kinda started out with, we’ve all sorta shifted to social media more than the blog, but all of us seem to be floating back in now, so it’ll be lock-in back up. A lot of us (including myself) seem to be wanting a bit of this community again!

    • That’s good to hear. That’s why I make a post saying I’ve posted a password protected one, but I get that can be hard. I hope that I can get some support through this next phase on here. However I just might need to find some more blogs to follow who are in the same bpat

  5. I’m reading and tried to comment on the password protected post but because of my reader/phone/whatever set up, couldn’t comment.

  6. I’m reading. It’s been fun to see a lot of the old bloggers come back as they face new challenges, including the decisions about #2, 3, or 5!

  7. I’m still here and try to comment / like fairly regularly. I didn’t ask for the password as I always feel that if people password protect posts it’s because they want them to remain private and it feels a bit intrusive to read the private writings of people you don’t know in real life x

    • I’m always reading on my phone too. If you click on the persons blog name on one of their posts it will take you directly to all their recent posts on their site. That’s whee you’ll find the password protected ones. I’ve also bookmarked people’s pages on my browser on my phone to keep tabs when I wasn’t really using WordPress reader. But I’m glad your reading and eventually I’ll be talking openly again just not right now.

  8. I’m trying to. I see where you’re posting that you have password protected posts, but I’m not seeing the actual posts to put the password in, even when I actually go into your blog which is odd.

  9. I’m here! I haven’t commented on the previous post cause I haven’t had a baby yet… so I don’t feel my advice would be helpful. πŸ™‚

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