The future of This blog 

I guess you all know what’s coming. I’ve seen many other twin mom and some singleton moms do this roughly a year after their babies were born, and I always said it wouldn’t be me. Alas the time has come to put my blog on official pause. 

I know I’ve already become a terrible blogger, rare updates grace this page now and they are lack luster in details at that. Photo blogging would be easier right now so you can follow me on Instagram if you’d like instead @ladylove9613.

I just don’t have the time to sit and write anymore and when I do that the time I do t gave the energy and when I dohave the energy there are more pressing things to use said energy doing. I love this blog and the community that I’ve become a part of through writing it. You’ve all been such amazing friends and followers and I wouldn’t be where I am now with out all your support.

I’ll post occasionally I’m sure, when the stars align, but for now I’ll just be a passerby blog reader instead. I’m going to downsize the number of blogs I follow significantly so that I can actually keep up on those of you I’ve become the closest with. I’m sorry to those I may no longer be following. I will still follow many of you on other social media where keeping updated via pictures is easier to do right now.

I wish all of you so much love and happiness in your lives. With or without babies.



31 thoughts on “The future of This blog 

  1. FYI, my instagram pictures are posted automatically using a program called if this then that ( I think). That allows you to keep this open and going without an ounce of extra work. It takes about a minute to set it all up, then you can forget it. Just need to set it up with two rules, one for pictures and one for videos. 🙂 Either way, good luck!

  2. I COMPLETELY get it. I’m at that point myself but it’s difficult to swallow because you all mean so much to me. I’ve missed seeing your posts and wonder how the twins are doing. I will text you. I think it’s right to move on and not feel guilty about it; you are sustaining two other lives and trying to be present. I may go the same way. I have so much to share but no time and when I do have time I want to be with Gia or alone.

  3. Take care! I totally get it, my blog is also far and few between these days. It’s hard enough to find time to clean up at the end of the day, blogging takes a back seat. Best of luck.

  4. I totally get it, thus why I disappeared for awhile and then decided to come back, but mostly only for milestone posts. It’s hard trying to find time for blogging when you’re juggling so much as a twin mom, especially with still nursing as you are! Enjoy those little and I look forward to continue seeing their sweet faces, and yours, on IG!

  5. I’ll miss reading about your little family, but I understand (I was MIA for two years after Henry was born). I’ll look for you on IG!

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