‘The Happy Sleeper’ 

Well it’s never a “good” time to start sleep training, so we just dove in even with Kate having a lot on her plate with work and school right now. We have been putting it off for one reason or another for over a month now so I’m glad we are starting even though I wish we didn’t have to do it.


Down @7:04pm.        Sleep @ 7:24pm

Sleep waves: 18

Wake up times

  • Emerie:
  • Daiton:

Total time cried

  • Emerie:
  • Daiton:

Time slept

  • Emerie:
  • Daiton:

Night one was a test night I guess cause we didn’t write anything down except for each wave and we are not writing down who gets what wave cause usually it’s both babies crying together.

Night one was a doozy. There were a lot of emotions happening for all of us for different reasons. No one cried but the babies and it was not fun watching them cry. I think they cried more than I expected and yet it could have been worse too. 

They were put down at 7:04pm and went to sleep at 7:24pm and then woke for the day at 7am. 10 hours from time asleep to time awake is normal for us, so that didn’t change. However I have no idea how much sleep they really got in comparison to time awake fussing or crying.

They were tired and beyond cranky and clingy all day on Day Two. Emerie is pulling herself up to standing now and crawling like crazy so she can crawl to you and pull herself up on you. She does this while fussing and crying and it breaks my heart. If you walk away from her she gets really upset. That makes leaving her crying in the crib even harder.


Down and  Asleep @ 6:00pm (nursed to sleep)

Sleep waves: 1

Wake up times

  • Emerie: 6:29,8:30,9:00,11:35,1:35,4:18 awake for morning at 7am
  • Daiton: 8:30,12:06,3:25 awake for morning at 7am

Total time cried

  • Emerie: 23 minutes
  • Daiton: 8 minutes

Time slept

  • Emerie: Unknown
  • Daiton: Unknown 

Down @ 6:10                Emerie asleep @ 6:30 Daiton asleep @ 7:40

Sleep waves: 7
Wake up times

  • Emerie: 11:30,11:54,3:50 awake for morning at 5:53am
  • Daiton: 7:30,10:50,3:43 awake for morning at 6:00am

Total time cried

  • Emerie: 14+ minutes (stopped timing on accident)
  • Daiton: 39+ minutes (stopped timing on accident)

Time slept

  • Emerie: Unknown 
  • Daiton: Unknown 


Down @ 7:24pm     Asleep @ 7:55

Sleep waves: 13

Wake up times

  • Emerie: 10:38,4:46,awake for morning at 6:40am
  • Daiton: 11:05,3:45, awake for morning at 7:00am

Total time cried

  • Emerie: 1 hour and 36 minutes 😥
  • Daiton: 53 minutes 😥

Time slept

  • Emerie: 8 hours and 21 minutes
  • Daiton: 9 hours and 34 minutes


Down @ 6:14pm.      Daiton’s Asleep @ 7:00pm.     Emerie Asleep @ 6:50pm

Sleep waves: 8

Wake up times

  • Emerie: 3:45, 4:30, woke for the morning at 5:30am
  • Daiton: 10:21,2:24,5:00 woke for the morning at 5:45

Total time cried

  • Emerie: 24minutes
  • Daiton: 32 minutes

Time slept

  • Emerie: Unknown
  • Daiton: Unknown

Five days in and this is where we are all at. The kids are semi adjusting to the new sleep routine but not the way I had expected. They are more tired during the day and need more frequent naps, are fussier and also more clingy. Emerie inparticular hates being left along now. 

Let me back track and tell you what we decide to do. Kate and I take “shifts”, meaning someone does the first part of the night and the other sleeps during that time, and then we switch somewhere around midnight. We can tap out if we are too tired or need a break from the crying. I pump an hour and half after feeding them to give Kate milk to feed them with if I’m the one sleeping when they wake to eat. I’m feeding them every 3 hours during the night if they wake during that time period. I try not to nurse them to sleep but just until drowsy and then put them down. Last night that did not happen.

I was the first shift last night and Kate had a big work thing today so I decided to try to pull an all nighters to let her sleep a bunch. Well I needed up so tired that every time I went in to feed one they and I fell asleep. The first rough it was Daiton and I put home back in his crib after a reawoke from a short sleep. The second was Daiton again and I again fell asleep but for much longer and didn’t make it back to the guest room where we are sleeping. Them Emerie woke up and I just kept Daiton on the bed and nursed Emerie…..again falling asleep. Then Daiton woke again and I left Emerie on the bed and went to nurse Daiton. That’s when Kate came in and laughed and both thanked me for the sleep and said “you gave in”. Shit I totally did!

What does that mean for tonight? I hope it doesn’t mean we “start all over” I hope I didn’t ruin anything that might be becoming helpful. Emerie did only wake once last night to feed before waking for the day…super early at that 5:30am ugh. I just miss them so much and I hate hearing them cry. It’s both heartbreaking and emotionally draining. It’s a pitch black room and it’s hard to tell if they are awake but drowsy or asleep when I nurse them. Half the time they have been asleep when I put them back down. 

There are a lot of things I feel this method is lacking on information wise. Like more twin tips, we are heard core winging it. How long to let them cry for at a time with doing waves before settling them down. When both parents aren’t able to do the checks together. How long it could take to work for twins or really active babies.

Emerie’s going through milestones like nobodies business. When we think she has calmed for a few days she’s onto mastering something else. Two nights ago we had to lower her crib because at 7 months old she can pull herself upo standing and tries to climb! Yeah we have that kid. She’s super active and the book does say that if they start to stand when doing the method it can make them backtrack on their current progress. Great! As if we already didn’t have enough stacked against us with this sleep training crap.

Anyway, all in all it’s going ok, but just ok. We are giving it two weeks and then reassessing the plan. We decided to sleep upstairs in the guest room in the main house (in laws place) so that we are not in the room sleeping with them while they are trying to cope without us. It’s very uncomfortable being so far away from them and physically uncomfortable because we are sleeping on two old mattresses. But alas we have to do what we have to do. 

Please wish us luck that they learn quickly and this is over soon!


23 thoughts on “‘The Happy Sleeper’ 

  1. It really is so hard. I miss Dumplin’ so much at night, but he is sleeping so much better in his own crib than in bed with us. His quality of sleep and quantity of sleep has improved with this. Do you have a chair in the room that the twins sleep in? If you feed them sitting up, you might be less likely to fall asleep while nursing. Also, we have a night light plugged in all the time in his room, so that you can see a little bit when you’re in there. Usually I can tell he’s dozing off when his sucking becomes slower and he’s not gulping as loudly anymore. Are the twins sleeping in the same crib or different cribs? Is it an option to have them sleeping in different rooms as you try to sleep train them? It might make it easier for them to work on their self-soothing without having the other aggravating the situation.

    • I normally feed them sitting up, last night was a fluke and u won’t be laying down to nurse again. I use our glider in the room normally when I feed them. Daiton has a very soft suck so it’s hard to tell when he’s pacifying compared to eating. Emeries suck slows orshe just pops off, but she’s going through something right now and so she’s all of a sudden nursing more to eat at night than during the day so it’s confusing me. They sleep in separate cribs in the same room but on opposite side with two white noise machines. With twins everything I read says to train them the way they will end up. Meaning, separate if you intend on them having separate rooms or together if they will be in one room. Reason being that they learn to soothe themselves through the others noises. I think that’s working already too! They aren’t waking each other as much now.

    • I think it’s just a sign your a god momma lol I’m still nervous about it and yet I’m doing it. I do t think you have to do it either it just comes down to what really does work for everyone and how everyone feels about it. I do with we had started earlier though cause these milestones we not helpful.

  2. I do think there is some info in the back of the book on twins. I flipped through the other day again. But I agree that even for a singleton there are some questions left unanswered and I find myself winging it.

    • I think sleeping through the night has a lot more to do with the kid than anything. Even mommies I know who have sleep trained don’t always have their babies sleeping through the night until they are over 1.

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