Nap routines and bedtime routines… Day One

If I have to do this new nap routine suggested in ‘The No Cry Sleep Solution’ I may lose my shit lol.

Currently our naps routine looks like this:

  • Start the sound machine
  • Close the curtains 
  • Swaddle both babies
  • Put Daiton in the bouncer wih a pacifier and bounce him
  • Nurse Emerie and get her relaxed or asleep
  • Transfer her to the swing (that I start beforehand cause it’s noisy to start)
  • Nurse Daiton to sleep and then transfer him to our bed
  • They sleep 40min on average until their last nap which is about 1-3hours on a good day.

What I should be doing based on the book:

  • Not swaddling them
  • Not closing the curtains 
  • Not using a swing
  • Not nursing to sleep
  • Only letting them nap 2-3 times a day for a total maximum time of 3-4hours
  • Putting them in their crib
  • Standing by to help them back to sleep if they rouse to get them to sleep longer

So yesterday I tried all of the above. It was the worst day emotionally for all of us since they were 3 months old. Nap one Emerie slept 20 minutes on her tummy on our bed, Daiton slept 30 minutes on our bed. Both woke up crazy cranky. The next hour all they did was fuss so I couldn’t tell when to put them down or if they were hungry, and nothing I did helped them.

The second nap I tried Daiton in the swing to relax him while I fed Emerie he got more awake and just played in the swing. Emerie has a hard time going to sleep cause he was noisey. So I switched them and then Emerie got mad and just fussed and fought her nap, but Daiton nursed and fell asleep with the binky. He slept for 45min but I swaddled him after a long fight. Emerie fell asleep after I got her out and I put her back and she woke up 25 minutes later.

Again both were fussy and didn’t want anything I offered. At this point it was so chaotic I lost track of who ate and who didn’t, when they are, when they woke up, etc.

They fought their naps HARD each time and the third nap I tired swaddling them and bouncing both in their bouncers. It relaxed Daiton but pissed Emerie off. I eventually had to nurse Emerie to sleep while breaking my back “rocking” her on the couch. Then put her in the bouncer and did the same with Daiton. They lasted no longer than 30 minutes but I forgot to check the time so I’m not totally sure. 

I was on the verge of tears all day. They were crying all day. I can’t remember who ate how many times and they only Kates happily twice.

When Kate’s mom got home I was at the end of my rope. Emerie kept making a terrible cry and pouty face I’ve never seen and Daiton was glazed over and fussing. She helped by taking them for me for a short while until I got them to go back to sleep for their last nap. Again Emerie lasted 20 minutes but Daiton slept 1 hour!

By the time he woke up it was 7pm and time to start their bedtime routine. Unfortunately Kate wasn’t home yet so I procrastinated and at dinner. When she got home we had a fast paced routine. 

New Bedtime routine:

  • Start sound machine
  • Turn off all lamps and turn on all candles
  • Massage babies with lotion while humming
  • Put them in their PJs, night swaddle and wearable blankets.
  • Nurse, rock/sway
  • Put Daiton in the crib and Emerie on the bed

They stayed asleep for an hour before Daiton woke. Kate put him back down. Then he woke again and I nursed him shortly after. 

They slept for another hour before Daiton woke again. Kate put him to sleep again.

Emerie woke up a few hours later and we tried to get her to sleep without nursing but figured she was hungry cause it took a long time to calm her. 

Emerie slept better not sleeping right next to Daiton. So now I’m thinking having them both in the same crib may not work. But we will try it out soon and see what happens.

Today I went back to our old nap routine and we decided we would simply start with bedtime changes. Once they are used to those changes I’ll tweak the nap routine slowly until I find what works for them and me. Although my days are hectick  with thier current nap schedule I can manage and it’s been working for us this long what’s a little longer?

They slept good today and their tempements were a lot better too. I think too much too soon threw them off yesterday. Tonight’s bedtime routine went well again but Daiton is waking a lot more frequently benign in the crib. 

Wish us luck! 

Daytime crib playtime  


19 thoughts on “Nap routines and bedtime routines… Day One

  1. Yah so from what I read, which was similar to yours, I kept the nursing before naps and bedtime. Mine haven’t been swaddled since they were 3 months maybe but I draw the blinds and put on music any time they’re napping. And they moved into cribs at 8 months. Until then we co-slept. Anyways, I guess I’m sharing all this bc I think it can still work if you want to keep the nursing before sleep. But that really depends on what you want and what your kids want too. The first 3 days were the hardest for me. It got better after that. It wasn’t always smooth, definitely two steps forward, one back some days.
    So, whatever you decide to do, it’ll be the right decision for your family 😊 Hang in there!

    • Thanks love. Did you follow a specific plan? I can’t imagine co sleeping with two babies for 8 months! Your a champ. I love nursing them just not in the middle of the night. I’m keeping the before bedtime and naps cause I know it’s helpful for them to get relaxed and have a full tummy. It’s also my favorite time cause they are so happy and cozy.

      • Nope not one specific. I read a few that my friends had paid for and did what I thought made sense for us. My two just need different things so Gunnar will go from 730-4, nurse and go back to sleep til 7 or 8. Kiera…not so much. A good night right now is down at 730, nurse 11, 2, and 5. She just can’t seem to go more then 4 hours at night. And she screams!!!!! Forever. That girl is stubborn and I am just not able to listen to it. But I’ve been told that keeping with it, eventually she’d give in and sleep longer.
        Your day time naps. Getting those longer will help you mentally too to get through the night. We need that time too!! Mine are still on a 2x/day nap (930-1130 and 230-430 basically). I need that time as much as they do. Momma needs a shower dammit πŸ˜‰
        Do you have a long term plan for nursing?

      • I wish mine could stay up longer during the day but I guess they just need more rest than others. Daiton wakes more to nurse than Emerie right now at night but it’s more comfort than hunger and she wakes only when hungry or if she’s woken. They flip flop though. Long term nursing goal is just to go with the flow. I live nursing and don’t have any issues so I’ll nurse as long as I can and they want too (within reason).

  2. I think I mentioned that I used a sleep consultant (100% over email) and it was the best thing we ever did. I’m happy to share the info!

  3. Oh girl! I would be emotionally drained too. With Calvin we did start with bedtime and once we got that under control. We attempted naps. And I tried everything. I have a good friend with twins who I would call asking for advice BC no matter what, Calvin would sleep max 45 mins. And she told me that one day it’ll click for him, and that’s that. That frustrated me so much BC surely I could help speed it along, and perhaps I did, but it wasn’t until about 8-9months that it clicked and o started getting 1 hr morning naps, 1.5hr afternoon naps. And even then, so many growth spurts and wonder weeks, its ever changing.
    As far as methods, we had some good luck with the baby whisperer(no crying it out) when he was younger. And its currently what we’re using on sweetpea(our foster baby) but really what did it for us was letting him CIO. It may not be for you, but it took him maybe 3 days for naps to get it. Each day crying less and less.

  4. The advice I got was to tackle nighttime sleeping first and then naps, so if there’s any merit to that it looks like you’re on the right track πŸ™‚

  5. Oh goodness – that book was GREAT – when I was pregnant & naive! We had a rough time establishing nap routines with dd1 and I don’t doubt it’ll be just as hard the second time around. I have absolutely no advice other than BREATHE and take it one nap at a time. Good luck! Xx

  6. Love the colour of that crib! Routine??? What does that mean? Just kidding. We are just figuring out a flow, but still fairly inconsistent. I’m enjoying reading how it’s going for everyone else. Lots of lessons learned.

  7. Well, I certainly won’t claim to know what I’m talking about, but to get my girls on a sleep schedule, we started with bedtime too. Once they got that down (which they did learn quickly), we moved on to one nap at a time. They are taking 3 naps a day, but they’re short-ish. And I tend to find that they will go down for a nap about 2 hours after they wake up, and they fall asleep better if I start the routine BEFORE they start showing signs of being tired.

    Good luck, mama – you got this πŸ™‚

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