Week 36 bumpshots

comparison from last week. Can you tell I’m done?!  Trying hard to smile  my get the fuck out pose!

  Our NST date

  Wearing slippers out of the house…yeah that happened.

Our “nursery” section. Changing table and dresser side by side with decorations above. Not finished just yet. 

   How I really feel


13 thoughts on “Week 36 bumpshots

  1. I like your “I’m done face.” I hope that the remaining time left in this pregnancy goes by quickly and that you get some break in your pain. The nursery is cute!

  2. You poor thing I know you’re going crazy. I love the poses. Also the nursery section of the room is perfect! We have yet to use our nursery and have had to move the changing station and her clothes into our bedroom πŸ™‚ Get out, little twins!

  3. You are so.freaking.adorable. Sorry you’re having such a rough time. I am at 30 weeks with a singleton so my heart truly goes out to you. You’re such a good momma for baking those babies so damn well!

  4. I just got caught upon your recent posts. I remember how miserable I was at that point in my pregnancy and I only had one baby in me. A small one at that! I hope those babies show up for you soon. If you end of having a c-section on the 27th, they’ll share a birthday with Declan! πŸ˜€ Hang in there, dear. You look fabulous.

  5. So. Close. I won’t even try to say anything peppy about the babies; I can only imagine how much you must want your abdomen back and to have nobody kicking your organs.

    The nursery looks super cute. I love the little decorations on the wall!

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