Acupuncture Induction @ 36 Weeks

Yesterday was intense on many levels. After thr OB appointment I went home and took a nap, got my hair cut and went to acupuncture. I was tired as hell yesterday but have a surge of energy thinking about the possibility of the treatment working.

I started the treatment at 5pm. He put needles in my ankles, back if my leg, webbed part of my hand by my thumb and a ton in my back near my sacrum. Then he attached some electrodes to the hand and ankle ones and it made the pulse mildly. The babies reacted right away by kicking andsquirming. He said that was GREAT.

I was on my left side for about an hour like that Ashe checked in with me and repositioned needles and upped the electricity. I was very comfortable the whole time. He then had me get up and walk around for a while, drink some water and use the restroom.

Then it was back to business! I laid on my right side and he placed needles and electrodes in the same spots. This time he added electrodes to my back needles too. Again just mild pulsing that is tolerable and not painful at all. The babies were more active this time around, constantly moving and kicking and squirming.

After about another hour I started having a lot of tightening in my lower abdomen and it would then take over my back and the rest of my abdomen. The babies remained active. I told him this and he said that was perfect and that my body was reacting great. I was given one more break to walk around and drink water.

He finished me up with the same dude and same needles/electrodes as before. He left me be for another hour by myself. During that time I felt A LOT of contractions varying in intensity. They were nothing like I’ve felt before. The encompassed my whole stomach and were moderately painful. I also had menstrual like cramps during that time.

I text Kate and let her know that the treatment was going well and that I was having contractions. I also text my Doula to give her a heads up in case the treatment was going to work really well and I was going to go into labor later that night.

The downside of the last part of the treatment was that I had forgotten to eat before coming into the clinic. So on top of being very very hungry and starting to shake from being hungry I was also having major contractions and couldn’t figure out what was what. 

After the treatment was over I was very sweaty and hot and felt as if I may pass out. I think that was from not eating and not the treatment itself. I was in a weird state of mind, kind of loopy/ kind of spacey. I felt good and like things were progressing but I was too hungry to process much at that point.

I rescheduled to today cause he says two is usually the magic number unless your overdue. Ps I totally lied to him and said I was 38 weeks. I don’t know where that came from and why I felt the need to lie. He would have don’t the treatment on me anyway. So now I feel like a little kid who lied to their parents about something dumb. Oh well I guess. He said when I left that he truely believes he will put me into labor tonight after this treatment by how well the last one went. I sure hope so!

Last night after the treatment I got something to eating went home. I ate way to much food and drank too much liquid. It made me very sick and a threw up a few times. Not fun at all. I was having consistent contractions but they were not as strong as the ones I had while in the clinic. He said that I could continue with them or they could taper off. Long story short they tapered off. However the babies were rockin’ n’ Rollin’ for hours after. At one point it made me nervous and I almost got scared something was wrong. But I talked myself down and knew that they were fine. 

I tried to go to sleep but had a terrible time cause my back and low abdomen were still in a lot of pain and I was still mildly contracting. I finally took some of my anxiety Meds and calmed down enough to get to a half sleep. Yet I had drank so much fluid that I could stop going pee. My stomach was hard and I couldn’t get comfy. Blah blah blah that’s a nightly tale. All in all it was interesting and I’m curious to see what tonight’s treatment brings. I’m not getting my hopes up but I’m trying to be positive. 

I had a mini meltdown today where I cried the whole way home from my OBs office cause I just need them out sooo badly. They are cause by me so much pain. My ribs are in constant pain and my pelvis feels like it’s going to break. If I don’t wear my stockings my feet and ankles ballon like mad. I’ve worn slippers out of the house twice in a row now because I can’t fit in my shoes. It’s beyond time….and yet I have no real control and I could still have two weeks.


6 thoughts on “Acupuncture Induction @ 36 Weeks

  1. Acupuncture induction only works to advance actual delivery if your body is ready to go there so I wouldn’t fret about it doing any harm other than wearing you out. I always liked my treatments with those electrodes (I’ve done them in my IVF and IUI cycles and around O time before we moved onto ART). I’ve never made it far enough to need them but has planned to do induction each time if I was able to deliver on my own.

    Wishing you well and relief from your discomforts as soon as those babes and your body are ready. Hopefully that’s soon but my money is still on next Tuesday!

  2. It sounds like your body responds really well to acupuncture, which is great. Like Spiritbaby mentioned, don’t worry about what week you’re at- the acupuncture won’t do any harm, it will just speed things up if your body is ready for it. I hope that those babies come out soon. It sounds like you’ve had enough. Lucky for them, they’re huge already, so it doesn’t sound like they need to cook any longer. Good luck Hun, I’m thinking of you and sending lots of good labour thoughts.

  3. Sending you big hugs, I remember feeling that way all to well. I tried every labor inducing trick I could and nothing worked and more so they all just made me more miserable. I will say a prayer to the delivery gods that you’ll go soon!!!! My only words of comfort are that soon they’ll be here and you’ll look back at this time and know without a doubt it was worth all the misery. Be gentle with yourself and take it easy these next few days, you’ll be glad you did.

  4. The acupuncture treatment sounds cool. I’ve had those electrodes before and they are such a weird sensation. Hopefully one more time is all you need to send those two packing and on their way out of the womb!

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