MFM/OB Appointment  Update

Yesterday I had my MFM appointment and today my OB appointment. For once at the MFM we got some not so great news, although the it’s nothing too serious. Emerie has twice the fluid that Daiton has and it needs to be monitored weekly until their birth. No one has told me why it’s not good or what it could mean/cause and I forgot to ask. Yet, no one seems too concerned either.

As of yesterday Emerie is up to 5lbs 9oz and Daiton is up to 6lbs 13oz. They still have an 18% discordance which is fine I’m told. My OB said that their weights, if true at birth, mean that they will go home with us when we are discharged even if I had them now! So great to hear of course. Although I know nothing is set in stone until their out and everything checks out then. Also, I was checked today and still no dilation but she said I’m soft. Whatever that means. I’m not taking stock in anything like that cause I know it really doesn’t matter.

My blood pressure was high for the very first time ever today at my OB appointment, but at the end of the appointment it had gone back down. So my doctor wants me to come in to see her again tomorrow morning to have it rechecked and also do an NST. If my blood pressure is up again we will schedule a Csection for next week at 37 weeks. If it’s fine we are scheduling a Csection for August 27th at 38 weeks. Of course if I go into labor before then we will talk about vaginal vs. Csection when I get to the hospital and know who my doctors will be and also how Emerie is positioned. 

My doctor does not think Emerie will be moving from her very comfy transverse position at any point now. I also think she will stay where she is at this point and I’m just assuming I’ll have a Csection, if I don’t and it ends up being a vaginal then I’ll be happy camper also. Either way I just want them out and safe at this point. My views have changed oh so much during this pregnancy it amazes me.

Emotionally and physically, I’m am a wreck. It probably doesn’t seem like it to most people but I’m keeping my cool around others. In private with myself I want to cry and scream and punch things. I’m mad a lot, sad frequently and frustrated is a nice way of summing up my days. My body is hurting like I’ve never known before and it gets worse daily. No one in my life can understand me emotionally or physically so I just don’t bother explaining anymore. I’m tired of the “your almost there”, “it won’t be long now”, ” focus on the babies” and yadda yadda everyone spews out. I want to literally tell everyone to just shut the fuck up. Stop trying to make me feel better, or better yet pretend I’m not pregnant and let’s not talk about it at all. Just leave me be until I have these babies. 


9 thoughts on “MFM/OB Appointment  Update

  1. Glad the twins are doing great and such healthy sizes. I don’t know about the fluid difference for dichorionic twins. I know why it’s an issue for monochorionic twins, because there is a circulatory sharing and one twin can be taking more than their fair share of blood and fluids, causing problems for both. There is not the same risk with dichorionic (two placentas), so maybe they’re just making note of it to make sure they keep an eye to make sure they both have enough fluids. I wouldn’t worry if they aren’t. I am not as far along, as I have 5 weeks left in my twin pregnancy, but things are starting to get very difficult. I’m sure you are looking forward to the relief of having your babies in your arms rather than crammed in your uterus. 😉

  2. Ugh I’m sorry you have to go through this, physically and emotionally. I appreciate the update I’ve been worried about you. I’m glad their weights are so good and hope they come soon so you can more forward! Xoxo

  3. I am so happy your so healthy right now. Your carrying to term which is AMAZING. I’m wishing you and those babies a healthy, safe delivery.

  4. Wow! As soon as next week! Glad the babies are doing well despite Emerie having too much fluid. There is nothing wrong with being upset or annoyed with people. And a good cry always makes me feel better. Especially with all these hormones.

  5. Everytime I want to complain about bring uncomfortable, I think of you. I have never heard about fluid (too much) being a concern, just the lack of. Please share if you get any more details. I agree with you on the change in views. In the end, I think all of us just want our babies to arrive healthy and safely .

  6. You grow babies real well Hun! Dai and Em are so big for twins! It’s such a relief to know that even if they came today, that they’d be fine. Sending you all lots of good vibes and love!

  7. I really get what you’re saying. It’s 150% different, but that’s how I always felt with pregnancy losses. It’s like a deep frustration of knowing the logical stuff people are pointing out while your body is just going haywire. Hugs.

    I don’t know much about the fluid issue either, I always thought less fluid than more was the problem.

    Totally agree re: delivery. Because of my biucornate uterus, I’ll be high risk and require a c-section. I learned that early on so I’ve had plenty of time to adjust to that but whenever I mention it gfs who have strong preferences, it’s interesting how others can get mad on my behalf and insist I should insist on vaginal. It’s not an option for me, so it was surprising to see how much emotion there is around it – all I care about is a safe delivery!

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