What’s in our Hospital bags and what is our “Birth plan”?

Kate and I are sharing one duffel bag but for this post I’ll be separating our items into “bags”.


  • Always Overnight Maxi pads (10)
  • A small pack of hospital mesh undies given to me by donation (2 pair)
  • Breast pads (2 pair)
  • Underwear (4)
  • Nursing bras (2)
  • Maternity leggings and a strechy large shirt (1&1)
  • Maternity daytime flowy dress (1)
  • Nursing nightgown (1)
  • Sweater (1)
  • Lightweight robe(1)
  • Fuzzy socks with grippies (2 pair)
  • Earplugs
  • Breath Right nose strips
  • Wedding ring
  • Battery operated hand fan
  • Medications and Vitamins
  • Toiletries: Q-Tips, lotion, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, deodorant, hair cream, make up remover, face wash towelettes and make up.
  • Hair ties, head band, bobby pins and a hair brush
  • Nipple cream
  • Phone charger and adapter
  • Phone and iPad
  • Momma bottom spray
  • Batter operated candles
  • Pillows
  • Camera
  • Lots of snacks!!!
  • Miralax


  • Hat
  • Jeans (1)
  • Sweats (1)
  • Shirts (2)
  • Sweater (1)
  • Underwear (4)
  • Breast pads (2 pair)
  • Nursing bras (2)
  • Sleep shirt (1)
  • Socks (2 pairs)
  • Pillow and blanket
  • Phone
  • Medication and vitamins
  • Lots of snacks!!!
  • Breast pump supplies


  • Wipes (1pk)
  • Diapers (6)
  • Swaddle blankets (2)
  • Receiving blankets (2)
  • Outfits: 3 per baby
  • Mittens: 2 pair per baby
  • Hats: 2 per baby 
  • Socks: one pair for Daiton cause one out if doesn’t have footsies
  • Natural diaper cream

Thank you all so much for answering my questions on what you used or didn’t use in your bags. Also thank you for the birthing tips. I can tell you right now that I’ve been prepping myself for all situations and outcomes with labor and birth since the beginning. Yes there are things I’d prefer but I’m really good at going with the flow these days regarding this pregnancy. I hope that continues after birth with parenting. Pregnancy has taught me a lot of patience and the ability to let go. 

Birth plan:

I don’t really have one. We’ll I kinda do but it’s more practical than anything else and I’m flexible on most things given the “right” circumstances.

I know there is no real plan that works in birth and that many alterations need to be made to have a safe and healthy labor and birth. Thanks to so many of your birth and labor stories I’ve learned the above before my time has come. My doula has also told me multiple times to go with the flow yet also remember what’s important to me. The below listed things are what I find the most important.

  • I do not want anything other than the Vitamin K (or is it A?) shot administered after birth and I’m still on the fence about the antibiotic ointment on their eyes.
  • We intend to have delayed cord clamping unless there is a medical need to do it sooner. 
  • Kate will cut their cords unless it is medically necessary for the medical staff to do so.
  • If Emerie is still transverse I will likely have a Csection, yet I have the option to still try for a vaginal birth with Daiton and hope she flips head down or that the OB can flip her. I’m open to my options and think I’ll make that decision when the time comes.
  • We have chosen not to circumcise Daiton. (This is a personal choice and we reserve the right not to discuss it)
  • I only want our doula and Kate in both the labor and delivery room with me.
  • I will be using Nitrous Oxygen for “pain relief” if needed and would like to attempt not to have an epidural unless medically needed.
  • Should the babies need to go to the NICU right away Kate will go with them for skin-to-skin and nursing.
  • No formula at all since we have Kate’s milk stocked up already.
  • No bottles or pacifiers are to be used
  • Kate and I would like to have at least 2 hours of family bonding time after the birth without any visitors. This may end up being longer depending on how the birth goes and how babies are doing.
  • We request the right to approve all visitors before they are allowed in the recovery room.

30 thoughts on “What’s in our Hospital bags and what is our “Birth plan”?

  1. Your birth preferences sounds very, very down-to-earth, well-informed, and flexible. In my experience all three of those things help reduce stress before, during, and after labor and birth! I spent a lot of time debating the vitamin K shot (you’re right!) with myself, but in the end the little boo had such a long trip out that she was bruised up enough to make it a really good idea.
    And go Kate! Way to make food for your babies, it is a labor of love for sure. Good luck ladies!

  2. I hope Emerie rotates for you. It’s impressive that Kate’s already got milk stocked up. Mostly you hear about artificially induced lactation not being significant.

  3. Where I birthed they want babies in the hospital clothing because it’s easier for them to do weights and blood tests (my guy was preterm though so you may not have the blood testing every few hours thing as I did). They said don’t bring diapers or clothes except to go home in so I didn’t. Not sure if you want to check with your hospital to see what they suggest?

  4. Also I wanted to mention that no one in hospital ever said boo about my choice not to circumcise either of my boys. My mom was Jewish so I expected to get asked by family etc but nope. Seems to be less of a big deal these days. I hope that’s true for you and Kate with your decision too. Wishing you all the very best. I’m excited for you two to meet Daiton and Emerie very soon!

  5. Looks like you’ve got everything figured out! Only thing I would mention is that your wedding ring may still not fit for a while after birth. Particularly if you end up with a c-section– I swelled up even more for a few days after my section.

  6. Great birth plan, straight-forward and flexible. I wasn’t so sure about the eye ointment, but it wasn’t that big of a deal when they put it on him. I’ve seen pictures where it seems so gloppy, but it was barely noticeable on him. They’ll give you lots of mesh panties and pads there… I was bleeding way more than an overnight maxi would be able to handle. My doula lined what essentially reminded me of a puppy pee pad with two huge hospital-grade pads side by side and I’d hold that in place with the mesh underwear. Hard to describe, it was a lot of padding. There is blood like you wouldn’t believe though. Do not miss that. They’ll give you ice pads too… that’s nice.

  7. Thanks for the packing list 🙂 I’ve also define my plan as preferences more than anything hard. There’s a few things I may not budge on, but most of it is a list of what I’d prefer to try first.

  8. Ohh! This sounds perfect. I agree with the comment above, you sound flexible which is the most important thing in a birth plan. There is so much that can go unexpected, there must be room change if necessary. Seems like you’ve crossed all options. Patiently waiting to see the babies pretty faces!! Almost done 🙂

  9. I love love loveeee that your wife will be doing skin to skin after birth if need be, I am a huge advocate on both mothers getting tons of skin to skin during your postpartum stay! Love that she’s all ready to feed as well, that’s magical!!

  10. You’ve put so much time, love, and thought into all of this. We opted no on the vitamin K and it was not an issue. Since the eye ointment is to prevent blindness if the mother has an STD, we opted out of it knowing that was definitely not our situation. One other thing is our doula was very vocal about the fact that for the entire pregnancy the only “soother” the baby had was hands/thumbs, so she didn’t recommend mittens since that takes away a comfort the baby is used to.

    I would tell you to relax, enjoy, blah blah, but anyone telling you to do that doesn’t make it easier or possible. Know that there are a lot of us sending you good wishes. With all the thought you’ve put into your planning, you’ll be able to make the decisions you need to in the moment and whatever you decide is the right decision for the two of you in that moment.

  11. Make sure you call your hospital and find out what their policy is on the other mother nursing. At our hospital, I wasn’t allowed to nurse them for 4 days because I didn’t have all of my STD bloodwork done, so I had to go to their lab the following day (since they were born on a Sunday and the lab was closed), have blood drawn, and then wait for the results. I still kinda snuck it in at night before they went to the nursery across the hall, but it was hard, because I needed the supplemental nursing system and it was just, a pain in the ass. So i would call the hospital and speak with the head nurse and just find out how it all goes. They also do this with adoptive mothers….

  12. Ok, due to baby here I can only answer one at a time! Hospital bag: I really didn’t end up using much of anything in it. We brought the diaper bag but didn’t need that at all and left it in the car – the hospital has everything you need for the babies – onesies, diapers, wipes etc. In fact we left with tons of free supplies from the hospital BC once they’re in your room they can’t use them again or at least at ours. Of course we used the one outfit we’d brought to bring Gia home in, and the one swaddle blanket. I also didn’t need anything for myself – I brought a nursing nightgown but once I was admitted I didn’t use anything that wasn’t the hospital’s. They provide all the gowns, towels, blankets and pillows for Kate, tons of mesh underwear, endless pads, etc. I only wore mesh underwear for ten days so you probably won’t even want your own under wear to come home in. I cannot say enough how wonderful the mesh ones are! I brought a robe, socks, nursing bras etc for myself and didn’t use any of it. I did however use the heating pad I brought during contractions and that was helpful. Also of course all the Chargers, devices etc. We used our own music and sea salt lamp we brought. I also used eye mask which was fantastic, bring that! For Kate, make sure she has extra clothes and a hoodie or sweater. Of course if she wants her own pillow or whatever she should bring it! J barely slept and was so preoccupied she didn’t care what she was wearing or sleeping with! If it were me though, I probably wouldn’t like those hospital cots and sheets as much. I hope this helps! My big takeaway was that once I got to the hospital I didn’t use any clothes, etc until I went home. You become a patient and the nursing hospital gown is great!

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