First visit to L&D 

Well after 3 full hours of regular contractions and a bath that calmed them for a while I decided to go get checked out. I was in contact with my Doula the whole time and she was incredibly supportive of any decision I wanted to make. I didn’t tell Kate what was happening until two hours into the contractions cause she was at work and I didn’t want her to freak out. 

I decided to get out of the house and get dinner to see how I felt after eating. While I was eating by myself and talking between Kate and my Doula I decided I needed to know what was going on either way. So off I went by myself to L&D.

The other hospital is fully booked so there were two other women ahead of me checking in. It’s very busy night for labor I guess. Because I’m having twins they roomed me first. My doula came first and Kate came shortly after work. All my vitals are and have been normal and the babies are doing very well. I had an OB appt earlier in the day so I already knew how the babies were but it’s still reassuring to hear their heartbeats.

They sent off my urine to the lab and very quickly it came back and I have a strong bladder infection…womp womp. So basically that’s what’s most likely causing the contractions and cramping I’ve been having along with the back pain. Way to kill my early labor buzz. I know they have more time to cook but I was getting excited thinking of the possibility of meet them! 😔 talk about mixed emotions.

Speaking of emotions. I was super anxious when I first arrived and then calmed down with the help of my Doula and Kate. Love those girls they will be worth a million dollars when this thing really starts. I was moody as hell right before coming in, like rollercoaster moody ☺️😍😎😉😋😏😒😂😖

Back to L&D. So they give me some Meds for the bladder infection and some cranberry juice and water to drink. I’ve been pounding water like mad all day cause they tell you to when you have Braxton Hicks, so I’m very hydrated. Anyway, the on call doctor wants to see me before being discharged cause I’m having twins and my contractions are still regular regardless of the bladder infection. They did a cervical check (painful as hell) and I’m still not disputed at all so they contractions are probably not doing much if anything.

I so badly want something to be happening that shows progress. It’s very disappointing to find out it’s a bladder infection instead of early labor. I was checked twice cervicaly and no dilation was happening. The doctor did say Daiton was very low and she could feel his head, that was reasuring since I’ve been saying he dropped with no confirmation.

Thank you for your support and advice, as always it is so helpful and I don’t know what I’d do without it. Today I’m going to start being a bit more active in hopes it helps these kids decend more.  



18 thoughts on “First visit to L&D 

  1. Oh dear. I’m glad you got checked out and got reassurance that what you are feeling is in fact something. I’m also glad you are being treated for the bladder infection. Those are the worst, and can be super dangerous if left to fester. At least you got a little trial run in today. It will probably help with any visualizations you have for the actual L&D.

  2. I hope the antibiotics squash that infection quickly. I hope next time you end up in labor and delivery you bring home two little bundles. 🙂

  3. I don’t know first hand how you feel, but I know when Callie was in those last few days of pregnancy, she was so over it and hoped every little twinge and every little ache was her going into labor. So I get it..sorry about the infection…glad the little ones have a little more time to cook, but I hope they come quickly for your sake! LOL!

  4. AHHH! I seen that photo of you in the bed and got super excited! Let’s get that bladder infection cleared up and then the babies can arrive. It’s a good sign that Daiton has dropped though. I hope it isn’t long now.

  5. I’m so sorry! We must have gone to labor and delivery maybe ten times before it was “real”! So, I know the disappointment. Huge hugs! The real deal will come, take some time to rest between then!

  6. Hahaa I got so excited that the babies might be coming soon! – But am glad you were able to pick up on the bladder infection and get it treated before it gets worse; they aren’t fun NOT pregnant let alone heavily pregnant; with twins and having one! Here’s to hoping you get better soon and your wee bundles make their descend sometime soonish 🙂 xx

  7. Sorry about the bladder infection! I know you are anxious and excited and uncomfortable but the longer those babies cook, the better. I was begging for labor to start with mine starting at 34 weeks! Lol so I understand the feeling. I started going for walks to get my babies to drop and drop they did! Good luck, sweet mama! You’re almost done!

  8. This is Mary–not the pregnant mom–so I can’t compare to how this must feel..but I do know what it feels like to wish a baby out..but not until they are done cooking! We will be thinking about you!

  9. I’m so glad you got checked and are being treated for the UTI but sorry for your disappointment. You have no choice but to hang in there so I
    Won’t make that redundant suggestion. 😉 I will reiterate my forecast for a Tuesday and hope for your sake it is this one coming up and not the week after!

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