Labor questions

So I’m admittedly in the ansy waiting phase of my pregnant and driving myself crazy.

There have been a lot of changes in the past few days. Daiton dropped a bit (not fully engaged yet) and Emerie is lower too but still transverse. I’m having more cramps daily and contractions that are different than before. 

Today I decided to walk around a lot and while doing so I felt more pressure in my pelvis than I have before, the shear weight of the babies is enough to make me stop for a break every other minute, but I pushed on for a few hours. Thank goodness for compression stockings!

Now I’m at home and I’m getting regular contractions, they are shorter than in the past and happening every 5 minutes so far. I’m getting cramps with some but not all of them and my back is killing me. 

What was the beginning of your labor like? I keep getting this feeling that my water won’t break and that my contractions won’t be the “norm” and will lead me to now knowing when to go to L&D. I don’t want to go in for no reason and my OB is out of town this week.


26 thoughts on “Labor questions

  1. Yeah, that’s labor, but it can certainly start and stop. We have this idea that labor has a finite start point and it progresses until it ends with birth. It sounds like your doula is right on target 🙂 Good luck either way!

  2. Wish I could help more, but I will say when I went into labor with Jackson the first pain I had was back pain. The nurses did say that is how they knew they needed to put the monitor back on me (I was already in the hospital since my water had broken). Good luck!

  3. Mine started not terrible and ended up pretty terrible fast. Within a few hours there was no doubt in my mind that I was in labor. I swear you’ll know the real thing. I didn’t think I would, but I did.

  4. Woop! Just remember, even if it stops for now, it’s still your body’s way of getting ready! Congrats and good luck, we’re thinking of you over here at LittleRainbowBuggleBoo House. 😀

  5. Your body is gearing up for its most incredible journey yet 💙💗 I’ve been sending my positive vibes all day! I have a feeling that Daiton and Em are going to make their grand appearances SOON 😙

  6. Oh, I remember that pressure. It felt like the baby was going to fall right on out. The longer I stood the more pressure I got. When I started labour, it began with mild period like cramps a few hours apart. As soon as these started it was so uncomfortable to sit down, I could only sit for maximum of 5 mins at a time. I spent the whole day walking around the house trying to find things to do as I couldn’t stay still. When my contractions were 5 mins apart, they were lasting about 30 seconds on average. I headed into hospital when they were a minute apart and lasting a minute as advised by my midwife and I was 5cm dilated. Several hours later I was 8cm dilated and my waters still hadn’t broken so I requested the midwife to break them. About 20 minutes after that and I was actively pushing. It’s so hard that in-between stage of ‘is it, isn’t it’. Good luck and I hope your labour and delivery goes well. 🙂

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