Maternity Photos 

We had maternity photos done by a woman named Rene at when I was 30 weeks pregnant. She was a precious little thing and accommodated my wishes to be indoors for the majority of the shoot. I had a hard time finding anyone in our area who had a studio. Apprearently outdoor photography wins in our city. I understand why of course, we live in a gorgeous coastal town, but I really wanted a differnt look. So she made some changes in her home and we did them there.

We will also be using her for our newborn photography shoot when they are 3 weeks old. Truth be told I’m not amazed with the photos and neither is Kate. We do like them a lot and have a few we LOVE, but I feel they lack a bit of diversity and character. Partially my fault as I came with Pinterest ideas and she stuck to them almost entirely. Would I recommend her? Ultimately, yes. Although I could be more pleased with the photos I think we got our money’s worth and she was beyond pleasant to work with.

I got my gown from SewTendyAccessories on Etsy. I have been in love with this gown for almost two years and had it pinned on my favorites on Etsy ever since. I was elated when I finally got to order it. I was worried that it would come and be like many Etsy items, a totally bummer and waste of money, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s made of very nice quality fabric and was very flattering. It can accommodate a fairly large bust as well ’cause you tuck it into your bra to give you the dramatic sweetheart, if you didn’t tuck it you could easily be a 34DDD and still wear it (I wore a size M). Because the front opens there’s no issue with fit around your lower body and you can wear it closed as well. Biggest thing to me was service. She was polite and willing to accommodate any changes I would have wanted along with answering my nit picky questions. The order came to me about 5 days sooner than expected, and I did not have rush shipping. Very pleased! I would recommend her shop anyday and plan to purchase from her in the future.

*No one has paid me to review their business, these options are mine and mine alone*

These are our favorite photos out of them all. Beware….semi nudity below ☺️




30 thoughts on “Maternity Photos 

  1. What the heck are you talking about! The photos are on point! You look AMAZING PREGNANT, your wife looks stunning next to you. You both look beautiful. I LOOVE, looove maternity shoots. The best time of your lives for sure. Newborn ones are going to be the best!! These turned out lovely, I love the nudes of you two. Such an intimate photo:) you both had bill balls, I couldn’t get my wife down to nothing with me when did ours. You look phenomenal for twins.

      • My biggest advice for the newborn shoot is get the most you can of their features, ears, eyes, fingers, toes, bellies. Our newborn photographer was amazing, I just wish we didn’t cover the babies up so much with beanies and blankets and showcased more of them naked. Do you have any ideas for the newborn shoot?

      • Oh yeah I want them nudie as much as possible in the photos. I have a Pinterest board full of ideas and one of them is a collage of each of their main features (as you listed) I want to remember all the little things. Of course we want a few outfits too, but I’d rather have them naked in 90% of the pictures.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I wish I had as much balls as you because I plan to do a maternity shoot but I’m WAY too self conscious to have full nudity even though I think it is beautiful. As big as my tits are right now, my hands can barely cover the nipples lol!

    • I think it’s worth the uncomfortableness you feel at the time. There are many ways to make it work for each body type. A simple bandu and itty bitty underwear can be just as adorable. Take advantage of this time and do it when you feel the best about your body!

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