32 Week Bumpdate….5 Weeks Left!

How far along: 32 weeks. 5 weeks to go! (Countdown to 37 weeks)
Total weight gain so far: 40lbs to date. 

How big are babies: 5lbs and 4lbs aprox. 17in and the size of Honeydew Melons🍈🍈

Boobies: 34DD up from a 32D prepregnancy. I’m surprised they haven’t grown more from what I’ve seen with other women. I am leaking small amounts of Colostrom and can self express it quite easily (I don’t do it often). My breasts are firmer lately and getting sore again as well as itchy.

Maternity wear: Yes. If it’s not maternity it’s Kate’s boy clothes to lounge around the house in. I’m growing out of my clothes very fast and cannot afford to buy more so I’ve been asking people to donate their biggest maternity clothes to me. It’s been helpful.

I’ve also been donated a lot of nursi tank and nursing bras from women in my area. Most the bras probably won’t fit once my like comes in but I’m glad I have some starters, I even got some for Kate!

I bought a pair of Tao sandals last month as well because my feet are so sore and swollen I needed more support and their adjustable. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to cheapy sandals again.

Stretch marks: I’m in disbelief,p that I still have none (knock on wood) granted I have 5 weeks left, but so far not a one in sight. I hope I have my mom’s skin after all.

Belly button In/Out: Out but not significantly.

Wedding ring Off/On: Off for two months now 😔 I can’t wait to wear it again cause I feel so blah and naked without it. 💍

Most current symptoms: 

  • General pain and discomfort from all the baby weight. 
  • My upper back and lower back hurt a lot now and it interferes with sleeping and getting comfortable on the couch. 
  • My feet are swelling more easily again as well even if I’m not on them a lot. 
  • My hands are hurting in the evenings and early mornings too. 
  • Bouts of random nausea
  • Heartburn!!!!
  • Pelvic pressure and pain when standing up and walking
  • Exhaustion
  • Braxton Hicks contractions!!

Sleep: I am used to getting up to pre now so I can fall asleep easily afterward most of the time, but sometimes getting to sleep is still difficult. I am no longer using Benadryl to help get me to sleep so I’m left to my own devices…..Dateline.

Trying to get and stay comfortable is the worst part now. I’m glad Kate doesn’t wake easily cause my moans and groans must be pretty loud sometimes when I’m fed up with being in pain from turning from side to side. My back is no longer a comfortable position either.

Miss anything: 

  • Bending over!!
  • Not being swollen
  • Regular pants
  • Comfortable sleep
  • Sex (I now want it but am too big and uncomfortable to do anything about it for either of us)

Movement: Pssh…..when are they NOT moving?! I’m now uncertain who is moving when because Emerie has changed positions so much now so one or both are moving all the time. Surprisingly they don’t wake me up.

The movements are now mostly uncomfortable and sometimes painful becaus of their size vs. my size. I still love it but there are moments a want them to go to sleep already and give my organs and ribs a break.

Food cravings:  This changes a lot. My cravings have been more definite the third trimester but they don’t last long. 

Here is what I’ve been wanting lately:

  • Ice cream!! (Not like me)
  • Fruit all the time!
  • Cows Milk
  • Oatmeal and cereal
  • Kind bars
  • Anything sparkling/carbonated
  • Yogurt
  • Sweet/sour candies and gummy candy

Anything making you queasy or sick: Being a passenger in a car and random smells or when people talk about gross things.

Babies Sexes: Boy and Girl. 💙💗👫 So excited and happy. Names: Daiton Paul Joseph and Emerie Anne Renee! 

Labor signs: Braxton Hicks which are just practice contractions for real labor. They are quiet intense now and last longer too. They are anywhere from 1-2 minutes in duration, mild to moderate severity (not painful but uncomfortable) and are between 5-10 minutes apart mostly all day everyday. 

OB doc says they are fine, normal and not worrisome.

Happy or Moody most of the time: More moody now. I can go from happy to frustrated pretty quickly although I keep it to myself most of the time. I have had very few outbursts of any kind. Random things make me tear up and get emotional now but I have still only had maybe two actual crying episodes this whole pregnancy and they were for normal reasons.

I’ve lowered my antidepressants because I actually feel more “numb” to emotional situations than I think is normal. I guess it’s a common side effect and it’s been going on for a while. I don’t want to seem like I don’t have an emotional reaction that’s appropriate in situations that I feel yet can’t show emotion.

Best moment this week: 

There are a few.

  • Kate starting to pump, getting some milk production, and seeing how happy that makes her. 
  • Seeing our babies on the ultrasound and hearing how well they are doing
  • Seeing our needs and spending some girly time with her painting her nails and sharing music. Also taking naps with our baby nephew.
  • Getting cable hooked up in our room so I can just zone out and relax on our couch.

Worst moment this week: Extreme swelling and exhaustion over the weekend from doing too much each day. Still catching up on 💤 and trying to keep off my feet.

Looking forward to: 

  • Our next Doula meeting and Birth class
  • Prenatal massage 

Purchases for the babies: Some headbands for Emerie and wipes from Costco. We need quite a few things still but it was nice to buy something fun.

Things people say: 

Looking their ultrasound pictures, “they look like little black babies”, “You better hope their not too dark”. Lucky for me this came from a family member so I was able to tell him not to say things like that to me.

After telling someone we struggled to get pregnant “Oh we are going to get pregnant in October, I can plan it like that cause it happens so easy for us” I wanted to tell her to go fuck herself and have some compassion.

“No offense but your HUGE!” Offense taken.

“Hey fatty fatty” This is never appropriate to say to anyone ever, especially when pregnant.

“So a boy and a girl… how cool, are they identical?” This one blows my mind.

“So you guys want four kids?” Assuming Kate will have twins too, very popular statement.

“Are they both from the same dad/donor?” Huh? Seriously!

“When is your baby due?” “My babies are due in August”……..blank stare for a few minutes……

“Is your wife happy your having twins?”…..no she’s actually divorcing me.

“So will your wife have twins too?” If it’s in the cards, but why is this an assumption?

“Did you put two babies in there on purpose?” We didn’t put anything there and twins are not plannable. This is where people assume you have to have IVF if your a lesbo, no in between in their minds I guess.


5 thoughts on “32 Week Bumpdate….5 Weeks Left!

  1. What is wrong with people?! Why would Kate have twins?? Geez. And the word “dad” or “father” just kills me. I’m so glad you’re getting a massage! Symptoms sound really hard but you’re coping so well, as well as possible. I wish I had some bigger mat clothes for you but I needed bigger ones too. I’m glad you have some donations! And I’m so excited for Kate’s milk production, that’s amazing!

  2. That is so soon! I am looking at seven more. It is so crazy! Glad they are moving around and doing so well. It is such a relief to hear all is well. That is so exciting your wife gets to help with breast feeding. I have to say i am completely baffled anyone would comment on what color the babies are. Some people i guess.

  3. I’m sorry you’re so uncomfortable. Thank goodness you will get most of your body back relatively soon. I hope the upcoming massage helps.

    Wow. People’s stupidity and insensitivity never ceases to amaze and depress me.

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