Meditation labor music 

Who used meditation or meditation music in labor?

Is there a playlist/artist/band you recommend?

I’m looking into making my labor playlist and I do well with tranquil meditative music. However, the playlists that come up on iTunes Radio and Pandora aren’t cutting it for me.


14 thoughts on “Meditation labor music 

  1. So I have never meditated in my life and the idea of making myself a labor playlist was so far beyond anything I even considered for my birth. But imagine my surprise when I found myself begging for ocean noises and zen music during labor. What got me through was the white noise app we use for my older daughter–Relax Melodies. Lots of different choices and combinations and I fully credit it with getting me out of my head and the baby to a +3 station.

  2. I used my hypnobabies tracks during labor, but I listen to a lot of meditative type music at work. I love songza (kinda like pandora but curated by experts) and the playlist airport zen is amazing.

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