Baby Registry Items Still Needed

Shamelessly I am attaching our registries to my blog because we still need quite a few items and I’ve been asked to provide it for those that want to contribute. 

We are getting close to their arrival and still have many items that have yet to be purchased due to low funds. We are asking that those that wish to purchase things stick to the list of items we have below that are on our registries so that we can get what is really needed and avoid having more of what we don’t need.

Thanks for thinking of us and wanting to help us in our last leg of this pregnancy it’s beyond appreciated!

Target Registry and Amazon Registry

If for some reason those links don’t work just go to or and go to Baby Registy, then type in my first and last name which is Alicia Hennager.

Any questions email me at
Here is what is still really needed off our registry list:
-Twin Nursing pillow*
-Prince Lionheart Wipe warmer sponge pads*
-Sensitive wipes
-Reusable breast pads*
-Organic Nipple cream
-Nursing tanks
-LactAid nursing system*
-Burp cloths
-Small swaddle blankets
-Newborn hats
-4moms Baby bathtub*
-Brica Car Seat protectors*
-Backseat mirrors*
-Britax Infant inserts for car seat*
-Car seat canopies
 -Ubbi diaper pail*
-Baby Bjorn Bouncer
-Mommaroo swing infant insert
-Stroller and acessories *
If you find any of these items second hand we are find with that.
Again thank you for your constant love and support of our growing family!


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