So uncomfortable

Im so uncomfortable this past week. I’m only 31 weeks today and have (hopefully) 6 more weeks to go, yet I’m now feeling that “done” feeling I’ve heard about. No position is comfortable anymore and sleeping is a joke. I get sleep but I’m tossing and turning from being in pain of the weight of my tummy constantly. The babies movements are now also quite uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful as well. I’m on the verge of crying a lot because of how uncomfortable I am. I find that if I’m more active I dont notice the discomfort as much while I’m active but then once I rest all hell breaks loose. Braxton Hicks are kicking up like mad and I’m having a lot of actual pains (sharp) in my abdomen and crotch throughout each day not always corresponding to the BHs. 

I feel whiny beyond belief posting this but I’ve been keeping it in and I need to let it out. 

All I want is my wife to come home everyday and rub my feet and back, but I feel bad asking cause she needs the attention too. Instead, I asked for another prenatal massage, but no dice cause…well…finances finances. That’s a whole other post.

Twin Mommas, when did you really become uncomfortable. What did you do to help ease the pain and discomfort? Any and all advice welcome. I’m on the edge of losing my sanity over this right now.


26 thoughts on “So uncomfortable

  1. Oh boy…yeah I get it. I didn’t get super uncomfortable until 33/34 weeks and then mentally at 35 I was done (delivered the twins a week and a half after).
    Cry. Just let it out and don’t feel bad. Don’t feel bad for asking for massages from your wife especially if you aren’t going for prenatal massages. The Viking would seriously rub me every night towards the end. I never once felt bad. You’re carrying babIES!! Sleeping – it was minimal starting around the same time as you. It would be in intervals and the best sleep I would get would be in the morning between 6-9am. I slept a bunch on the sofa bc I could prop myself up in the corner. Pains – depending on where or what it was I’d alternate between a heating pad on my back or an ice pack. For the sharp pains and BH type, there’s really not a whole lot to change that. I’d try and nap sometimes but it didn’t make it go away, I just got a brain break from it. Also, I stuck my feet in ice cold water a few times. Restless legs and achy feet drive me mental sometimes.
    It’s ok to be unhappy right now. The end may seem far away but try and take it one day at a time if you can. I found thinking about an end drove me even batty-er…lol..And try and get out of the house at least once a day if you can. The change of scenery kept my brain moving forward and less stagnant on the present challenges.
    You got this πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks love. I appreciate all the advice! I just wish I didn’t have to ask for massages all the time and instead was offered them, asking is what makes me feel bad. I take naps when I’m really frustrated or uncomfortable just for the brain break too, it helps at least pass some time. I’ve tried the cold water soak but it hasn’t worked for me and I’m not sure why. It I elevate them it helps but then my back hurts. I think I sleep best between 3-5 these days and if I can muster more between 7-8 too. In the least emotional I thought I would be so I WANT to cry but it won’t come out!

      • Ohhh love those hormones!! It’s not got to be an easy summer to be pregnant with the heat either (I think you said you’re in California?). It’s smoking hot in BC this year…I would have been so incredibly miserable!

  2. Girl you better not feel bad about getting massages! Your queen right now πŸ™‚ soak it up your body is working sooooo soooo hard to carry those babies and provide nourishment for them, you don’t have the energy to be massaging nothing lol

  3. I hope you get some relief soon! Ice if you need to, take an Epsom salt bath if you can, some magnesium after dinner time might help with your sleep and discomfort too.

  4. So sorry, dear! I’m getting to that point with this giant growing inside of me and can’t imagine another 15 weeks! Do what you have to. If you need to be rubbed down, ask wifey. That’s her job right now while you carry the babies. You can give her attention in other little ways. If you need to cry, cry.

  5. Not a twin mom, but have you tried a pool? Reducing the pressure should help and you can work out some of the aches and pains more easily. I don’t miss the 3rd trimester pain at all. It’s got to be much worse with twins. Hang in there, honor what you are going through. Send your body gratitude for the immense amount it is doing. Sometimes that can reduce the pain. At least it will be significantly different in a handful of weeks or so!

  6. I took a bath EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Sometimes probably a little hotter than I should but I always took a huge glass of cold water in there with me to chug. It helped immensely. And of course Benadryl on the nights before work the next day to ensure I got *some* sleep. Sometimes I would go nap in the recliner to switch up the uncomfortableness from being in the bed. No pregnancy pillows or anything like that ever helped me, they always made me too hot. And swimming! It wasn’t warm enough until the last week of my pregnancy to swim, I should’ve gone to the community center if I would’ve realized sooner how awesome it is to be lightweight again. The day before I delivered we went to my in laws and floated around. They had a float that was mesh in the entire middle so I laid on my tummy and fell straight to sleep! It was glorious! I STRONGLY recommend swimming, or rather floating! Lol. Hold in there sweet mama! It’s almost over! πŸ™‚

    • I have a blow up pool now and just need something to float with since its shallow and doesn’t cover my belly, still nice though. I love my snoogle but it makes me hot and sweaty too these days. I always take baths a bit hotter than I should but I don’t last more than 10min and I always have cold water too.

  7. I gave Callie massages pretty often. Don’t be scared to ask her. You need that right now, and she knows it. You’re carrying her dang babies and doing all the hard work. Would I be annoyed that I was tired that I had to rub her feet and back? (Ugh feet!!!) yes! But did I do it? Without hesitation. Your carrying 10lbs of baby, 10lbs of placenta and 5lbs of fluid. That’s a lot for your little body. Also, I know Callie would occasionally watch prenatal yoga videos. It’s a little uncomfortable at first, but after wards, the stretching really helped to relieve some soreness. Try that and see how it works. I hate to tell you tho, it won’t get better from here until after they are born :/. But you just have to do the best you can to stay as positive and as comfy as possible

    • Thanks love. It’s hard to justify my needs when I not “working” like she does. I have a prenatal yoga video I bought months ago and forgot about until the other day, I need to try it out.

  8. The discomfort is real! The good news is that once you have the babies it will all go away!! (well you will trade it for some new discomfort, but it is temporary!) =)

  9. Good luck girl! I’m thinking of you and sending you positive vibes. This twin thing is hard and from your posts it just seems like it’s gonna get harder but you seem so strong which gives me strength! Thanks for sharing your experiences…both good and bad. I need to read them.

  10. So sorry you aren’t feeling comfortable right now! I know that sucks. I am not a twin mommy, but I was so uncomfortable towards the end, I totally get it, a little bit anyway. I hope you get feeling better soon! They will be here soon!!

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