Week 30….the end is nearing.

I am aware that most of my posts about this pregnancy tend to be on the more “negative” side. I hope that everyone who reads this blog knows me and my writing well enough to know that it’s not all bad. I have loved being pregnant, even at my worst I have found the best parts of myself since becoming pregnant and I will grieve the loss of not having them inside me I’m sure.

Activity: Everything I read says that 28 weeks an onward the fetal activity will slow down due to less and less space in the uterus. Also I have two in there so it should be even more slowed down right? Nope! My babies are more active than ever. Their movements are so crazy and full of life and purpose it seems. Even Kate cannot believe the amount of activity and the size of the movements lately. 

Sleep: I’ve been using Benadryl to help with sleep throughout this pregnancy (with the OK by my OB). I think it’s saved me from having more sleeplessness than I’ve had and insomnia. I am now going to drop my sleep prop to get used to my new sleeping rhythm before the babes are born. I won’t be able to take Benadryle while nursing and in general cause I need to be fully awake and clear headed when their born. 

Discomfort: To say I’m uncomfortable is an understatement. I do have my good days, but those days a quickly followed by a few days of re cooperation. My back now hurts in a whole new way after walking a bunch of laying down at night, even a back rub sounds unappealing sometimes! My feet are the real problem though. The swell the more I’m on them (duh) but also sometimes for no apparent reason. Boy oh boy to the hurt like a bitch when they swell. All I want is 20min foot rub everyday. No luck there!! The weight of my quickly expanding belly is now becoming extremely noticeable when trying to sit, stand, roll over, shower, walk…yeah basically everything. 

Maternity Leave: This has been interesting so far. Granted I wasn’t working very much at all prior, the weight of working has lifted a lot and the support of Kate and everyone else in my family and friends has helped a lot too. I e been able to sleep when and for how long I need to most days. I can eat at more appropriate intervals and healthier cause I can now cook again. The low points would be how bored I am most of the time. When Kate gets home she’s either full of energy and wants to do a lot, which I usually am not up for, or she’s dog tired and can hardly have a conversation with me. So there’s a lot of mental and physical aloneness. I’m hoping I ring my new rhythm soon since I still have 7 weeks left. Hopefully!

Braxton Hicks: All day and everyday. They are sometimes very intense where I cannot breathe or talk and sometimes happen and Kate notices before I do. They have no rhythm or particular pattern. I do pay very close attention to them now and practice breathing and mental skills for labor. All in all, they suck ass but are probably good for my body.

Swimming: Sooo much harder pregnant than you’d think. You have no idea how much you use your abdominal muscles until your pregnant and trying to stay afloat!! I was disappointed to say the least.

Babies size: Should be between 3.5-5lbs this week basing it off of their last weights. However the apps say 3.31lbs and around 16.18in long. 

Mommas size: I’m up 35lbs, currently 175lbs.

Looking forward to: Our next growth scan…2 weeks away seems like a eternity!!! Maternity shoot this weekend!

Hospital bag: Really need to pack these! There’s so much that I need to buy still for myself that I’ve procrastinated packing. 

Preparing myself for birth: Had our first meeting with our doula where we talked about postpartum a lot. Childbirth class in a week and using breathing techniques during Braxton Hicks.


29 thoughts on “Week 30….the end is nearing.

  1. I know how hard it is with one and I know you’re excited and amazed, but venting during pregnancy is essential! Glad you met with the doula and are practicing during Braxton-hicks! Those babies do have purpose!

  2. I totally understand how uncomfortable you must be. You’re almost there though mama! And I worry that I too, will miss having this baby inside me. Ppd is real!

  3. That whole, fetal movement slows down thing was totally not the case for me either. Hell, Top Bunk was in a different position every single ultrasound right up til the end!
    You are not negative, you are pregnant with two humans. It’s miserable, but it’s worth every single miserable moment when you meet them. (And most of it goes away instantly like magic after delivery!)

  4. Oh and I totally understand the Benadryl thing, I can’t take Benadryl because it increases restless legs and I already feel like I’m crawling out of my skin every night, but I’ve been taking half unisom tablets most nights just to survive getting to work in the am, and now I’m taking myself off of them to prepare for motherhood! Couldn’t fall asleep last night but slept okay once I did. I hope our bodies adjust and give us some peace in the next few weeks!

  5. If you don’t get to packing your hospital bag it’s not the end of the world.. Unless you have some sort of emergency, you’ll have time to pack before you leave for the hospital. Just make sure you have bought all of those items you need.. Probably soon. Coming from someone who delivered early, you never really know when those little ones will surprise you with their arrival šŸ˜šŸ˜

  6. Wowzers! They will be here before we know it! Hope that childbirth class goes well for you. I have never had insomnia but found myself awake and unable to fall back asleep the past few nights. I hope this phase quickly passes.

  7. 30 weeks!!! A big milestone! Yay! All of this will be a distant memory when you get to hold those sweet babes! Everything but my tummy skin has returned to normal so far and I’m even under my pre pregnancy weight thanks to pumping! As soon as the weight of those babies is gone it will get better. Typically swelling gets worse for a couple days after delivery but then you start to lose all of that fluid. It took me until the week I actually delivered to pack my hospital bag! I was the worst. What I did do is buy a nursing bra WAY too soon thinking my boobs would be giant and they got bigger just not this big so hold off on that stuff until after delivery and send someone to the store for you when you know your actual size. I did however make some padsicles. Maternity pads with witch hazel in the freezer for your area after you deliver. I didn’t need to use mine bc of the c-section but I was glad to have them prepared and waiting in the freezer just in case. They were easy to make with my energy level! Lol. Keep trucking along girl! You are doing fabulous!!! Cook those babies!

  8. It gets worse! And better šŸ˜€ hoping they stay in as long as possible. And glad you won’t be taking benadryl post babies since it will tank your milk supply. If you need any tips on breastfeeding twins or anything twin related, I am happy to help. ā¤

  9. Sheesh…I feel like you were just announcing you were pregnant! You probably don’t feel that way though, lol. Keep resting as much as you can, Momma…they’ll be here before you know it!

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