28 Week Bumpdate

  • Prenatal massage: This was by far the best thing I’ve done for myself in a while. I’ve been wanting to get one for this whole pregnancy but financially it kept being pushed to the back burner, I held my ground this time and said I HAD to have one. I was lovely and done by an old friend I just found out is amasseuse. Just lovely! 
  • Nausea: I have had a few really bad days over the past month of nausea, but this past week was a killer. One day I had nausea all day that just wouldn’t go away, not with even a Zofran! It got to the point before bed that I was seriously in so much agony I almost made Kate take me to the hospital.
  • Cotton mouth: What the fuck is up with this new “symptom”? It’s a daily thing now no matter how hydrated I am and it makes it hard to sleep.
  • Painful breathing when laying down: When I lay down my breathing become more staggered and weak, I’ve found ways to manage it but sometimes it’s downright painful.
  • Ribs hurt: This one baffles me. I’m not sure if it’s from all the movement of Emerie, space issue or from the constant Braxton Hicks, but painful ribs are no fun at all.
  • Abdomen is sore: Duh right? Well I never thought of the sore factor, but it’s real and in full force towards the end of the day everyday.
  • Constipation vs. Loose stools: This is a losing battle. I’m not sure which I prefer at this point but constipation is back more now and it’s uncomfortable with all the extra pressure.
  • Growth scan: Thier growth scan went great and as of last week Daiton is 3.3lbs and Emerie is 2.7lbs, amniotic fluid looks great and as long as Emerie staying growing on target we should have no issues.
  • Pre-E “scare”: I’m learning that when your pregnant people take you seriously although maybe a bit too seriously. I was swelling badly, getting headaches and havin mild blurry vison last week and it got my doctors office all hyped up. I ended up being rushed into their office for a slew of tests (all normal) including my first NST and all that was determined was I’m having frequent BH contractions that are intense and that I’m the only one who wasn’t concerned I had Pre-E.
  • Extreme fetal movement: Holy hell ladies and gents we have movers. They’ve been moving more and more for a while but now it’s an all day everyday thing and I can feel even the tiniest movements. Sometimes their movements are extreme enought to make me yelp! Yet, I’m having a hard time capturing them on film.
  • Looking forward to: pregnancy related: the next growth scan. Not pregnancy related: my HS reuini on this coming weekend and the trip to my hometown to just relax and spend time with Kate and good friends at the river!
  • Maternity wear in the 3rd Tri: Not as easy as it sounds. My breasts have become fuller but not as big as I expected so I’ve goo ten a lot of life out of my bras, but recently they grew some more so I bought a sports bra and a wireless bra to hold me over. Im guessing now is the time to start buying things I will wear after their born. I’m outgrowing all my biggest clothing very quickly and I have no casual dresses or skirts to wear when it’s hot. I don’t want the pressure of pants on my underbelly either, but I’m so close to the end that I don’t want to but more clothes. I really need some third trimester hand me downs right now! Swimsuit shopping was crazy and took me all day and tons of stores before I located something that fit all of me.
  • Size of babies: Coconuts! Aprox 2.7(E) and 3.3lbs(D) each. Emme is in the 35th percentile and Daiton is in the 97th.
  • Mommas weight gain: I am up 31lbs from prepregnancy, and I’m notincing it’s slowing again so I think I’m indulging less. Hoping not to gain more than 40lbs overall. 

Pictures from week 28 Since we can’t seem to get our act together for a proper picture this will have to do. 28+3  
The starting of their closet being put together. FYI pink and blue hangers were our only options 😔  This is what my belly looks like when I lay on my side 😱  This is just what it looks like when I’m sitting back. When I lean forward its in my lap!  The dumbest NST that ever was. 


    12 thoughts on “28 Week Bumpdate

    1. Your bump is perfect! I’m sorry you are so uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable too. I couldn’t even fathom how much it would increase with twins. Hope you find some relief even if it’s just temporary.

    2. I love your belly, it’s so cute and round still! As for clothes and bras, I suggest hitting up the local thrift shop and getting some cheap basic stuff that will get you by and that you won’t feel guilty splurging on. I have no shame doing this because seriously, why buy full priced stuff now when the end is near? As for bras, I bought a couple nursing bras one size up from what I was wearing and now I’m wondering if I should’ve gone even bigger because over the last week my boobs had another growth spurt. The end is so unpredictable, my weight gain was spot on every week during second tri, then I had a month where I didn’t gain anything and then I gain 8 lbs in one week this week because of swelling. Try not to get hung up on the numbers and just focus on making good choices, the weight will come off but you’ll never have another chance to grow those babies as healthy as possible.

      • I’m not too worried about the weight gain. It all seems to be going to the babies anyway so I’m fine with it. I don’t have any good thrift shops around me with maternity clothes so I’m feeling desperate for some comfy third tri clothes and I do not want to be buying anything else full price for sure. I just bought a sports bra, not nursing, and I think it will do for at least a month but then I want to start buying nursing wear and I’ll just keep the tags on in case they don’t fit later.

    3. Sorry you are so uncomfortable but you are so cute! :). Towards the end of my pregnancy I only had about three tshirt-shirts and two pairs of pants that fit. The shirts were just basic maternity tshirts from old navy and one pair of pre pregnancy linen pants and one pair of under belly band maternity skinny jeans. I wore these when I HAD to get dressed otherwise when I was at home it was hubby’s t shirts and just panties bc I was so freaking hot all the time. Bless your heart for having to go through this during summer! It will get better once they are out! :):).

      • Yes I am finding myself wearing Kate’s clothes at home a lot cause they are roomier than my own. If I just had a few long summer dresses I’d be fine. Thank goodness the area I live in isn’t very hot for too long during the summer cause of the coastal fog and breeze, but I’m sure I’ll have a few days closer to when their born that won’t be so pleasant lol.

    4. You are moving right along! Sorry you have been having some not so fun symptoms, pregnancy can be weird, right? If you are thinking of moving toward a nursing bra toward the end of the pregnancy I would highly recommend trying out a Bravado bra, it is literally the most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned.

    5. Be grateful your doctors are so concerned about pre-e, even if it seems they’re too concerned! In the loss community, I know too many women who lost their babies and nearly their own lives because their doctors didn’t take their pre-e symptoms seriously enough. Headache + blurred vision is one of the first symptoms of pre-e so personally, I’m glad they ran all sorts of tests on you, even if it turned out to be nothing at all!!

      • I am grateful, don’t get me wrong, I’ve just felt they have been overly “excited” at everything I’ve had going on this whole pregnancy cause they don’t see twin pregnancies much. I’m not good with lots of attention, although I am glad I have it in case something we’re really wrong.

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