Baby Photos and a quick update.

These are from our growth scan today. Probably the best pictures we’ve gotten so far. Twin A is baby boy Daiton and Twin B is lil miss Emerie. I love seeing their features in such detail, yet until their here I won’t believe those cuties are in me. So unreal.

Daiton is measuring in the 96 or 97th percentile (I can’t remember) and is approximately 30w4d and 3.2lbs!!! He’s a very big boy!!

Emerie is in the 35th percentile (I think) and measuring right on target at 27w5d and approximately 2.7lbs!!

I’ve been officially put on maternity disability leave as of yesterday per my doctors recommendation, and I’m trying to be ok with that. I know twin pregnancies are risky and o should be even more “careful” and “relax” more than normal but it’s a hard pill to swallow right now. 

We are no more than 10 weeks from meeting these two. I truly feel they will be here between 34-35 weeks though, something just tells me they will be. So in my mind we are in the single digit weeks countdown! Crazy!

I didn’t do a 27 week update cause it was a boring week and also my last update was at early 27 weeks, so I’ll do one this week for 28 instead. 

For those of you who have had a long pre-baby maternity leave, what did you do to pass the time? How was it and what would you have done differently? 

I’m keeping up with everyone much better now so keep up the entertaining posts and updates! Maybe I’ll start commenting more again now with all this damn time on my hands lol.



30 thoughts on “Baby Photos and a quick update.

  1. OMG! Love the pics! And holy cow your boy is big. So is mine, so I can’t imagine having 2 in there (though I would have loved it, I’m sure!). Great job growing those two and good luck with your long maternity leave. Try to look at it as a blessing. You can get a lot accomplished whole giving your body the rest it needs!

  2. Glad the babes are doing great! Holy moly Daiton is HUGE! It’s neat that you get the 3D pics so often. I’m sorry you’re already starting your mat leave, but honestly, with how yucky you’ve been feeling, it’ll be better for all of you to take it a bit easier- though you probably will just channel your energy into nesting lol. There’s a lot you can do in the meantime while you wait for babies to come. You can make some freezer meals, start working on their birth announcements (if you’re planning on sending one out to family and friends), get a pedicure, get a massage (to work out some of the pregnancy-related aches and pains), go swimming (relieve the weight bearing stresses and get a good relaxing workout in), go see a movie (good luck doing that when babies are here!)…. Lots to do beyond the regular baby preparations!

    • Good ideas. A few I’ve got lined up but I need more good suggestions like that. I’m not feeling the nesting like I did a few weeks ago, maybe that will kick in in a few weeks or so. I think Kate is now feeling it lol

  3. Great pics! We didn’t get the opportunity for 3D – so sweet.

    Enjoy the time to yourself… get your hair cut (won’t have time for that once they’re here) and any other beauty treatments in this time off. I did a lot of cleaning, decorating and cooking (seriously, get those home made freezer meals ready).

    Not long now 🙂

  4. Those are great pics! Can’t believe how big baby boy is either! Just take care of you these next few weeks, they’ll go by faster than you think and anything can happen. The other ladies had great suggestions for keeping busy and since you’re not on strict bed rest, I’d suggest all of those things. Strict bed rest is maddening, so hopefully by taking it easy now you’ll avoid it for the future.

  5. Your so lucky and blessed. They look healthy as can be in all of the lovely pictures!!! How exciting your near your end. Please try and really soak up all the time you and your partner have together. Try and make the best of it for now, before long the babies will be here and you two will be drifted into baby land and won’t have much time for your self in the beginning of the babies arrival. A great keepsake is a newspaper purchased the day they are born. I have one for my boys in an album.

  6. So exciting! They look so cute! I go for. My growth scan and to check if my placenta has totally cleared my cervix next week. So exciting! I purposely booked the doctor from our anatomy scan who played with the 3D feature on the u/s machine. So glad they are doing so well.

    • Oooooh fun I hope you get a bunch of great pictures. I think a lot of it has to do with the sonographer and their patience level with the baby(ies). Thank you I think their pretty adorable too!!

      • I agree. That is why I asked for this doc. Last time he said no one else uses the 3D function and he doesn’t understand why because it is so much fun. Now I just need this baby to cooperate 😉

  7. They are so cute..good to hear from you and that everything is going ok. I know that when callie was home on “bed rest” she did a lot of laundry and folding of baby clothes. She also spent a lot of time binge watching TV…not that it’s a great idea, but there are shows that I love and she’s never watched before so she got all caught up. Also, she looked up a lot of cool and interesting a new recipes and cooked quite a bit. That’s always fun!

    • Ive already washed and about to put away all our baby clothes and im not sure there are any TV shows on netflix Ive yet to watch…any suggestions? Cooking will most likely be what I do more often now, and I’m OK with that cause I love cooking.

  8. They are adorable! Glad to hear that everything is going well! Don’t know about how to pass the time other than with blogs and netflix lol and crafts for around the house 🙂 Glad everything is going so well and wow Daiton is a big boy 🙂 I don’t have any pregnancy tips since I’m still working on that part but hopefully you will find some fun things to do to pass your time while you wait on little ones arrivals!

  9. I took a week off before baby came (already past due). I could barely walk from sciatic pain.
    I vegged out with tv. And that week almost 4 years ago was the last time I’ve been aw to watch tv for more than two hours in a row!!! Yikes!
    Really, you may not feel like you are being a responsible human by taking it easy, but you are doing so so much by just growing those babies. Take care of yourself!!

  10. Gorgeous pics! I hope it takes some pressure off to not have to worry about your work schedule. If I could have gone on early maternity leave, I would have stocked up on groceries, kept the house clean, and had friends from prenatal yoga class over to get to know them before becoming moms. Also, there’s a lot of paperwork you need to look into that you could try – make an advanced directive (our hospital encourages it), write up your birth plan or if you don’t need one, make simple grocery lists friends and family can do once babies arrive, work on your family’s budget, and take on online baby CPR class. I hope that helps. Hang in there, you have a serious job of cooking those babies! Xoxo

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