Update on 27 weeks pregnant with twins (Part One) 

Part One: the not so fun side of twin pregnancy.

Service to say I’ve been a terrible pregnant blogger. Many factors such as first trimester exhaustion and nausea, lack of intriguing updates like with TTC, second trimester craziness (trips, gender reveal, moving, baby shower, doctor appointments and work), and now…well who knows.

I haven’t wanted to bombard the feeds with my constant and persistent pains and ailment rants. Who wants to read that all the time? Not even me. I try not to complain and for the most part I deal with it all fairly silently. But I’m breaking the silence to give you a true update on my pregnancy the past few weeks up until now.

I guess I’m headed into the Third Trimester as of today, at 27 weeks. It both relieves me and scares me. It’s all gone by so quickly and just a month ago I was starting to finally enjoy being pregnant. I am still enjoying it for the most part but I’m now having a lot of new ailments I didn’t see coming and they’ve all happened really fast and intensely. So my worries of the coming two months are based on physical changes not the babies upcoming arrival.

Since our moving fiasco started over two weeks ago I’ve had a lot of bodily changes that have been less than pleasant. While moving (lightly doing things on my part due to helpful family members and my inability to do much anyway) I started swelling in my hands, feet and legs. One day it was so bad I could hardly get up to walk to the restroom because it was so painful. I stayed in bed that whole day and felt ill from the swelling and exhaustion of moving, it was the first time in my pregnancy I broke down and sobbed like a child. Kate even called in sick that day because I didn’t want to be alone.

Since then the swelling has progressively become more and more persistent, albeit less intense than that one day. Most days I wake up and within 30 minutes of being on my feet they are throbbing and nearly twice their normal prepregnancy size, my hands soon follow suit and start to ache and pulse from the blood flow. I can no longer wear my wedding ring for fear they will have to cut it off one of these days. If I’m on my feet any longer than an hour nonstop my legs become increasingly sore and will swell as well. It sometimes gets to the point that just walking around a store to get groceries makes me want to cry.

I’ve worked two days in the past two weeks due to all the stress and physical pains of moving. The second day I worked, just a few days ago, I barely made it 6 hours and that was with sitting on a stool the majority of the day between customers. When I got home I nearly collapsed from exhaustion (of doing nothing?!) and the swelling in my hands and feet was really bad. I took yesterday off to recoup and rest with my feet up all day and took a nap. I’m still tired today and having a very hard time wrapping my head around going to work again today and tomorrow. I have a flexible schedule, thank goodness, but it still bothers me to not be working more often. We need the extra money, that’s what it comes down to.

If I’m already feeling this way at 27 weeks what does the next 9-10 weeks of this pregnancy hold for me? Should I be taking early maternity leave? Is bedrest in the cards for me soon?

Another ailment I never saw coming is pelvic pain. I’m not sure how to describe it since it changes almost daily depending on how active I am. Some days it feels like my pelvic bones are breaking and separating from each other. Other days it’s a nagging pain that goes from dull to sharp over time. It shows up more frequently after I’ve been active during the day; walking, bending and kneeling, sitting and standing a lot, etc. I notice it the most when I go to sit down toward the end of the day. The birthing ball I’ve been using does help relieve that pain and pressure but only for so long. Most of the time I have to lay down on my back with my legs in an butterfly pose position or on my side with my Snoogle between them to relieve it. 

I’m a fairly petite person naturally. I’m 5’4″ and fluctuate between 120-135lbs on average. I’m now 170lbs, up 30lbs from prepregnancy where I was heavier than normal anyway due to stress and fertility medications, I think all the added weight on my small frame is starting to cause most of these ailments I’m speaking of. Duh moment, yes but I just didn’t think it would affect me like this. 

All the added weight is creating a lot of pain in the arches of my feet. If their not swollen and in pain they are in pain because I feel like I’m holding 100 extra pounds and my arches are becoming flattened from it. I know it’s only 30 extra pounds but to my feet it feels like 100. 

Wherever the babies are placed now with their growing little bodies is also now making my siatic spaz out frequently. I get intense shooting pains from my lower back through my butt and down my leg. My left leg to be exact. Sometimes I just have a lot of numbness and painful aching in my left thight above the knee. My hips are starting to feel the weight as well. If I pivot my hips just the “right” way it send a shock through me and I want to cry. If it happens too many times the pain stays until I go to sleep and wake up the next day. I think the babies (or maybe just baby boy) are sitting on a nerve or an artery and that’s why this keeps happening.

Braxton Hicks! Well I guess the other day when I said I hadn’t been having them I was lying. I looked them up on you tube and found a video from a birth educator that summed them up in a whole new way. She described them as feeling like “weird fetal movements” sometimes mistaken for the baby or babies stretching and them feeling their back, butt or head become pronounced on one side or part of the uterus. Ding ding ding! I’ve been saying for weeks now that that is what was happening. The kiddos were just stretching or moving weirdly and it wasn’t painful but uncomfortable and sometimes takes my breath away. My stomach gets rock hard mainly to one side and I think it’s the babies butts or head. Nope their Braxton Hicks contractions. 

I have them all day everyday for over a month now and I know I’ve been having them for months, but hey are just now becoming more noticeable and frequent. Out of curiosity I timed them for an hour yesterday. I had 5 in one hour. Average duration per contraction was 26 seconds and average time between them was 5 minutes. In reality and not in average terms if have one then another 5 minutes to 20 minutes later, so there is no real rhythm to them at all. They are not painful at all either so I know there’s nothing to be worried about. I only timed them out of curiosity and because I wanted to become more aware of them now that I know what they are.

For the next few things I’ll bullet point them because their more annoyances than real ailments.

  • Butt rash (WTF by ass is so stuck together from being larger anyway plus the new weight that I have what looks like diaper rash between my cheeks, ew and so not cute)
  • Painful vagina ( my last agin all check was so fucking painful it made having sex sound even less appealing. Even my vagina is swollen!)
  • Anxiety (this one takes the cake on the annoying side of things and is leaning towards more of an ailment some days because it’s so severe)
  • Constant need to pee and poop (sometimes only a few drops of peer every few minutes sometimes a full bladder every few minutes! The pooping is really annoying cause I have a hard time reaching to wipe now and I’m starting to miss the days of constipation)
  • Exhaustion/Restlessness (Both at the same time most days. I wake up and I never seem to be fully alert or energetic, this started a weeks ago, I know feel the need to rest constantly and sometimes with urgency!)
  • Charley Horses (Fuck these! Seriously, they hurt so bad and I get them at least one a day after sleeping or laying down for a while. I’ve learned how to manage when they happen but sometimes the pain afterwards lasts for hours!)
  • Spider veins all over my thighs and ankles (this is just a stupid annoyance)

Well folks, that’s all the crappiness of this gals twin pregnancy as of the past two weeks to a month. Looks like the boundless energy and constant feel-goodness of my brief and partial second trimester has faded. Onto the next trimester and hopefully it will pass as fast as the past few months did and I can meet these babies soon. But not too soon!!

Part Two: what comes with the third trimester, will be coming to you soon.


39 thoughts on “Update on 27 weeks pregnant with twins (Part One) 

  1. Oh I’m so sorry! Maybe it won’t get too much worse. I had the sciatic pain that would strike randomly and it hurt so bad and made me not be able to walk that it always made me laugh. Weird right?? The pelvic pain was always there for me. The one thing I got that I HATED more than all of these were vulvular varicose veins!!! They hurt and they were SO ugly! I didn’t let my hubby see me completely naked until after delivery!!! I am so glad to report that they went completely away, they were only there bc of the pressure two babies were placing on my lower half. I hope you are spared from these. It will all get better when they come out! Power through! ( as if you have a choice though, right?). I hope it gets better! Get lots of rest!!!

  2. Have you been keeping tabs on your BP? Persistent and severe swelling can be a sign it’s spiking and third trimester can be (as you’ve found) very stressful on your body!

    I hope you find some relief and comfort over the next few weeks. They’re almost here!!!

  3. Poor thing! I vote for early maternity leave if you can swing it…might as well suffer in the comfort of your own home! Braxton hicks are funny – the first time around I didn’t realize I’d been having them either until my midwife said I was having one during an appointment.

  4. Wow your swelling/pain sounds really intense! That’s super sucky, sorry to hear. I assume you’ve been checked for the usual slew of concerns. Are you going for routine NST’s now? You’ll likely see contractions showing up on there now too but they’re just the BH kind…usually lol. Since I know it’s not going to get easier, I’ll just wish you a more restful, less swelling kind of day 😉

    • Thanks love. Today I went in to be checked for that “slew” of concerns due to all my symptoms and I’m in the clear so far. They did my first NST today and I’ll likely to in more frequently now for more since my BH contractions are so strong and frequent.

  5. Oh yes to all that. Pregnancy is really hard!! I had weird boobie rash from sweating boobs meeting my belly. Itchy and no fun.

  6. I feel for you and commiserate! Third tri with twins has not been kind to me but I do have a good day here and there that helps to keep me soldiering on. I will echo what a previous poster said, keep tabs on your BP with that much swelling, that makes me all kinds of nervous. Hopefully it’s just your “new normal” and nothing serious. As for pressure and pain, have you looked in to a belly brace at all? This might be helpful for all that and give your poor feet and back a break because you’ll be better supported. Sending you big hugs, I know it’s hard, but we get twice the squishy adorable was at the end!

    • I have a back and belly brace thing that I mainly use at work when I’m standing as I find it very uncomfortable when I’m sitting or laying down. My BP is always fine when they check it and I had it checked today and it was fine again. Luckily my wife is in the medical felid and can check those things for me at home too. I’m looking forward to the adorable and squishy!!!

  7. It all sounds very challenging. I’m not looking forward to feeling like my body is falling apart or swelling up and not being able to fit my shoes. I’m planning to work as long as I can before Dumplin’ comes, but if the end of pregnancy is as rough for me as is sounds like it will be for you…. I’m not so sure.

    • I so wanted the energy and feel goodness I had a month ago to stay a while longer so I could have continued work longer too. I’m really thinking I’m going to only work a day or two a week at best from now on if all this is my “new normal”. Each stage of pregnancy has been so unique for me, I hope you don’t endure what I have. Your Heath and activity I’m sure play a part in your pregnancy which is great!

  8. Dang, you just made me realize that I’ve been having Braxton hicks since week 18 or 19. Yikes! I thought that may be what they were, but the way you described it confirmed that for me. You’re right, there are a lot of sucky parts for momma during a twin pregnancy. But it’s also amazing in its own ways. It will be worth it, but I can totally sympathize with all the incredible aches and pains and weirdness you’re going through.

    • Crazy right?! I thought I was having them in the beginning too but then thought it was too early and summed it up to the babies moving. Now that I’m aware of them they seem so different. By all means I love being pregnant with these little buggers, but I’ll be happy when I’m done with them inside me too.

  9. Ugh, you have all the things going on! The one good thing about BH contractions is that your uterus is toning. I started feeling them at 16 weeks and it is such a weird sensation. Re: maternity leave, if you can, I say go early and spend the next two months in a pool.

    • Man I would love to spend the next two months in a pool. I’ve been begging my wife to let me get one for the back yard for weeks and she just said yes! Now her parents (that we live with) need to agree so we can buy one. I’m pretty sure I’m close to done working at this point. All signs are pointing that direction, thought I’d make it longer.

  10. I’ve been following your blog for a while but haven’t commented before. I never got up the guts to start my own blog but read a number of lesbian TTC blogs. We found Lusa Organics and used their baby products when we were cloth diapering. They make a booty balm that is wonderful! I use it for any sort of rash and it’s awesome. I totally recommend trying it. http://www.lusaorganics.com (Seriously, I’m not an ad or anything, I just love booty balm–for my baby and me.) Good luck. I hope some things calm down so you’re able to relax and not be constantly uncomfortable.

  11. Awww I know this isn’t any constellation, but I totally miss being pregnant. Everything your complaining of you will inevitably miss soon after the babies arrival. I promise. Hang in there 🙂

  12. I hear ya on the swelling! My feet were so swollen they looked ready to pop and I was hobbling around. I was so happy to see my feet return to normal a few days after the birth!

  13. Take it from me and rest as much as you can!!! At 28 weeks most of what you’re going through happened to me and I pushed it and ended up on bed rest and then delivering at 34w6d. Twin pregnancy is NOT easy. Most of your ailments will go away once you deliver but let those babies cook for as long as they can! Good luck to you mama!!

    • I’m taking it pretty easy. Thing is I think I’ve been taking it easy most of my pregnancy and it just making me feel useless. I know my job right now is to bake these babies safely, but I can’t help but feel I could be doing more. No signs of bedrest for me as of yet thank god.

  14. Oh yes…I sure remember the pelvic pain. I think I even wrote a whole post about it at the time. I can’t imagine having the weight of two babies on me! Google pelvic girdle pain, that really sounds like what you are experiencing (it is often mistaken for psiatic nerve pain). If that’s true, a chiropractor or physiotherapist can often help…but you’d want a referral from your OB to make sure you work with someone with special prenatal training. Just my 2 cents worth 😉 Hope you can swing early maternity leave or just very very very part time. You deserve all the rest you can get!

  15. OMG! You poor thing! I guess this is what I have to look forward to but I cannot take any time off of work! With no paid maternity leave, I have to save all of my time for after my little ones arrive. I don’t know what I’m gonna do! You are in my thoughts!!!

    • Thanks love. I hope this is NOT what you have to look forward to. I’ve seen many twin mommas rock it out during their pregnancies with little to no major symptoms, so I hope your one of them! Congrats again!

  16. Oh my gosh, this all sounds awful! What I’m going through but way amplified – severe hip and pelvic pain, constant bathroom (although I prefer getting rid of it to being constipated) and wow, I think your description of Braxton hicks is a revelation for me. I assumed I’d never had them but I have that thing where my stomach gets really hard and I think the baby is stretching all the time, especially when takin a walk. I hope you feel better. You’re almost in the home stretch!

  17. I can’t remember; have you tried compression socks? They really do help with the deer swelling! Epsom salts are also fabulous for swelling, aches, and irritations. Be warned though, sometimes the effort of getting in and out makes is a toss up for the benefit.

    • I you Epsom salts in my baths and I’ve been trying to get back into taking baths more too for the swelling, aches and contractions. I want to get some compression socks but their so damn expensive and its summer here!

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