I’m Sick and Tired of All The Racism in the World

Perfectly stated by my blogging friend. I’ve been thinking a lot about race and social opinions of rainbow colored family’s as well as rainbow family’s in general. Seeing how Kate and I are already lesbians, she’s part African American and our children will be of mixed race as well, we have a right to worry. The world is not yet color blind and definitely has a long way to go before other races are considered equal as Caucasians are. It’s sad and down right maddening. Read her post to know how I too feel on this subject.

My Perfect Breakdown

Warning: This is a rant.

I’m sick and tired of all the racism in the world.  I know, I know, this isn’t a profound statement.  Many people would agree with me, in fact it seems like most would publicly.  But what pisses me off is behind closed doors when real opinions seems to flow more freely.  Sometimes people seem crack little jokes that are supposed to be funny, but in all honestly they are just ignorant and insensitive and close minded.  Oh, and completely and utterly inappropriate.  And I cannot help but think that if you are willing to make the joke, then on some level you must agree.  I heard once that 80% of things people say as a joke are things they actually believe and just aren’t comfortable stating as truth for fear of social rejection – I have no idea if this stat is true, but I…

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