24-26 weeks update and major baby purchases/gifts

I’m sorry about the radio silence that has become my blog recently. It has been a very eventful  few weeks and I have not had the time or energy to make a proper post. I’m hoping this one will be ok for now. I think I’ll be posting every few weeks instead of weekly from here on out. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may see more of what going on even though I don’t post regularly there either.

Pregnancy updates weeks 24-26

  • Movement: Crazy insane baby moment all the time. I can watch my belly make shapes and guess what body parts are what. Almost everyone in the family has felt a few strong jabs as well. Daiton changed the position of his legs so now I see his feet a lot and it makes my tummy sharp and pointy looking a lot. Emerie stretches so big that her head becomes visible and her feet make an appearance on my left side.
  • Two scans: Both went great and all the doctors seem happy with their growth and progression as well as my health. I start every other week appointments now and shortly will start NST tests. 
  • Glucose test: Going in for my glucose test this week sometime and I’m expecting to pass given everything else seems perfectly fine.
  • Swelling: The weight of my belly is starting to take a toll on my legs and feet. Serious swelling is now a daily fight, my wedding ring is not something a can wear daily anymore.๐Ÿ˜” I wake up and start swelling without doing anything, the more I’m on my feet the more I swell. None of my shoes fit properly anymore and most of my socks are too small also. I need a pair of cushy and supportive open shoes for the next few months.
  • Anxiety has started to creep its way back into my life and for no appearing reason. Just comes and goes when it pleases but likes to stay around in the evening before bedtime.
  • Sleeping is both easier and harder. Easier because I’m falling asleep faster, yet I’m still taking Benadryl and Promethazine almost nightly with the OK from my doc to help with sleeping. Harder because I am waking up a ton during the night to go pee and sometimes the moment I lay back down to got to sleep I have to pee again! The weight of my belly makes it difficult to easily change positions throughout the night and using my Snoogles are a hate love situation now.
  • Eating: I feel the need to constantly snack and when I don’t I get weak and cranky really fast. With the moving the past few weeks I’ve been eating very infrequently and it’s noticeable to me that my body doesn’t handle that well. I lose concentration and focus, get sleepy and lethargic as well as become agitated easily. Yet merging our food habits with the families is harder than expected also, so there hasn’t been any normal eating habits happening just yet. That needs to change.
  • Weight gain: This past month I gained 22lbs. I was concerned my weight gain was a sign of gestational diabetes or something more, but my OB has reassured me that it’s just the babies growing very rapidly right now. She said not to worry and that I am still within my healthy weight gain for twins. I’m up 26lbs from prepregnancy at 26 weeks and could healthily gain 20 more pounds and still be within a good range. So I guess I’m content with that. Looking at pictures it really is mainly in the belly and boobs, my ass is bigger too but not more than I had expected. The shear weight of my belly is making getting up, rolling over, sitting and standing hard. I’m scared to think how much longer I have to go and bigger I will get ๐Ÿ˜.
  • Emotions: All in all I think I’ve been “normal” and my wife can attest to that. Everyone says that the crazy is coming soon and not to get comfortable thinking I’ve won that battle. We will see. Only difference I’ve noticed is I want to be with Kate more often and be touching her or her touching me. I hate when she walks away from me or seems to be staying away from me for too long lol. At our baby shower I felt I had to ask her to be with me or she was off drinking and talking with her friends without me. That was the only time a legitimately felt neglected by her and was kinda peeved since it was OUR shower. I get overwhelmed quickly with others negative emotions and want to cry when others are emotional. But all of those are infrequent and I don’t find it too crazy. My main emotion these days are tired and overly lovey.
  • Labor and delivery: we have chosen to go with our local hospital since they have a NICU on site and our babies may need one. I can’t stand the thought of not being down the hall from them if they need the NICU. The hospital also had nitrous oxide as a pain relieving option which I’ve heard a lot of great things about. I’m not interested in a epidural if at all avoidable and narcotics also sound unappealing to me. Since I want to try to go au natural having a less medication option like nitrous oxide sounds good to me. We will be having our babies in the OR no matter what as is the policy at any hospital near us for twins. We can have one person outside of Kate in there with us and that will be our Doula K. Outside of her job as doula she will take picures and hopefully film the birth as well since I do not want Kate doing that part yet I do want it captured some how. The OR is very small but I’m hoping we can set up a camera on a tripod somewhere. My OB said that I can labor in a labor room until the babies are visually starting to come out and they can wheel me right into the OR so I can be in any position I choose up until deleivery where I have to be either on my back of on my side. 
  • Things I miss: Having a glass of wine or beer without judgment by myself or others (I’ve had maybe two beers and glass of wine this whole time) and the relaxation it gives you. Not peeing and pooping 20 times a day and having a hard time reaching to wipe because of my belly. Breathing without thinking about it. Reaching for anything further than 4 inches from me. Not having constant throbbing from swelling in my hands, legs and feet. Being able to tie shoe laces and put on socks without serious strain or help. Taking a really hot shower or bath, and being fully submerged in the bath. Not sighing from exhaustion from doing simple daily activities and tasks!
  • What I’m looking forward to:   

          Pregnancy related: Our next growth scan in a week, I love seeing them in more and more detail each time. Hoping we get a good 3D image of them both this time with less placental intrusion. Getting the all clear from my glucose test. Moving into the third trimester! Starting our doula appointments. Having our maternity photoshoot.

        Non pregnancy related: Getting more settled in our new space and having a place to put everything and find everything easily. Being able to relax and mentally prepare ourselves for the arrival of these two little beings. Getting out of town for 4 whole days to go up to my home town for my 10 year reunion. We will be using it as a babymoon type getaway as well and pampering ourselves with river trips, sleeping and fun friendly outings. Get to see people who haven’t seen me pregnant yet and who I haven’t seen in a long time in general.       

Gifts & Purchases for the babies

  • MomaRoo (1) 
  • Changing table/dresser
  • Fisher~Price Auto Rock’n Play Sleeper (2) 
  • Disposable diapers: Size NB= 451, Size 1= 1,200 and Size 2= 24 (Huggies, Pampers and Honest Co.)
  • Cloth diapers: aprox. 4/5 diaper covers, 40 diaper inserts and prefolds and 2 all in one diapers. Unsure the brand and sizes of all cause they are packed away. Most were given to us from a lady my mom works for who’s babies don’t or coudnt use them except the prefolds which are the Gerber mesh kind purchased new for us from our neighbors.
  • Disposable mesh cloth diaper liners (1 roll) never heard of this before.
  • Disposable baby wipes: 11pks or 616 total wipes.
  • Britax B-Safe 35 Elite car seats with bases (2) one was gifted and the other we found on clearance at Target for $53 cause it was an online return! SCORE!
  • Moby wrap (2) both used and gifted.
  • Tommee Tippee 5oz bottles (6) Advent (1) Generic (1) hoping to get some Comotomo bottles to try as well.
  • Skip Hop chevron print diaper bag(1), Diaperdude.com messenger style diaper bag(1).
  • Fisher~Price Space Saver high chair (1)
  • Eddie Bauer First Adventure Roller Shades, for the car windows (2)
  • Munchkin bottle drying rack and dishwasher basket
  • Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras
  • Infantino Squeeze Station with refrigerator organizer and 50 disposable food pouches.
  •  Teething mesh food pacifiers in silicone and mesh cloth. Freezable teething ring and elephant teething toy (like a Sophie).
  • Baby hangers in blue and pink, closet organizer rings by clothing size and clips that attach to the hangers for pants and skirts.
  • Itzbeen digital feeding and changing timer/clock (this was given to us used)
  • Advent and Tommee Tippee pacifiers (12)
  • Nasal bulb/aspirators (3)
  • Bottle brush (1)
  • American Cross baby cleaning and medication kit
  • Aveeno Baby essential daily care baby&momma kit, Butt Paste, Weleda baby & child Calendula diaper rash cream, Natural baby wash, travel wipes holder, travel disposable bibs and diaper changing cloths.
  • Car seat strap covers from Eddie Bauer First Advantage, super cute owl design (2pks)
  • Lansinoh disposable breast pads, breats milk storage bags and breast milk storage bottles.
  • Books for babies (20+) only one from our wish list so we need to buy more for “our kind” of family.
  • Baby Bjorn bouncer (1) given to us used from a friend.
  • Changing pad and pad cover (1ea)
  • Baby wash cloths and towels (4 towels and 10 cloths)
  • Baby clothes Emerie: NB onesies=14, sleepers=5, pants=8, dresses=4, shirts=1,mittens= 3pairs, jackets=0 0-3 onesies=23, sleepers=3, pants=13, dresses=2, shirts=6, bloomers=2, jackets=2 3-6 onesies=21, sleepers=13, pants=5, dresses=0, shirts=3, jackets=4 6-9 onesies=11, sleepers=1, pants=3, dresses=1, jackets=2 (socks and hats are vaired in sizes and most are unknown, their are lots of both).
  • Baby clothes for Daiton: NB onesies=14, sleepers=5, pants=5, shirts=2, jackets=2, mittens=3pairs 0-3 onesies=30, sleepers=8, pants=11, shirts=4, jackets=2 3-6 onesies=24, sleepers=14, pants=2, shirts=0, jackets=0 6mos onesies=17, sleepers=9, pants=6, shirts=2, jackets=0 6-9 onesies=6, sleepers=1, pants=4, shirts=1, jackets=0

Purchases yet to be made

  • Medela Pump In Style Advanced  (used from a friend) and all the storage and tubing.
  • LactAid supplemental feeding system (in case we need to supplement for Kate or I without a bottle)
  • 4moms infant tub 
  • More muslin swaddle blankets
  • Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System 
  • Summer Infant SwaddleMe blankets 
  • BRICA Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector (I find this necessary cause we have leather seats and being a nanny I know what car seats can do to you seats, plus they help keep the car seats in place)
  • Britax Head and Body Support Pillow 
  • Back seat mirror for viewing babies while driving
  • Diaper pail we want the Ubbi cause it’s made of steel and is cloth diaper friendly. 
  • Wipes warmer (I know many people find this unnecessary but I always think how much nicer it would feel being warm for an adult let alone and infant)
  • BumGenius Freetime All-In-One One-Size Hook & Loop Closure Cloth Diaper (I’m not sure how many to get and if we should get more than one kind since so many people like prefolds, this just seems easier)
  • Breast pump bra
  • Breats pads in overnight and regular cloth
  • BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft (we have one but think we’d like 2)
  • Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag
  • 4Moms Infant Insert 
  • ERGO Baby Carrier Bundle of Joy (I would like to know how other liked this model and the infant insert)
  • Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer
  • Baby Jogger 2014 City Select Stroller w/2nd Seat (Is this all that necessary when you plan on baby wearing most of the time? Kate wants it now and I think it can wait.)
  • Comotomo bottles
  • Wabbanubs 
  • My Brest Friend Twins Plus Feeding Pillow 
  • Tommee Tippee Electric Bottle Warmer

So what do you think: should we wait on some of this or go for it and why? What’s your take on what we have already and what we don’t? What do you think we need more of or that we don’t have already including things for us and nursing? 

We are planning on getting a used double electric breast pump from someone we know, and Kate will rent the hospital grad one in a month or so to start her lactation. Everything listed I always am searching for used first and new only when I can’t find it used in good condition. So far most of what we have has been very gently used.

Baby shower post and moving update post to follow. I’m keeping up with all of you as best I can, sorry if I don’t comment.


    52 thoughts on “24-26 weeks update and major baby purchases/gifts

    1. We got the ERGO 360, and the only downside that several moms have told me about it is that the infant insert is like wrapping your Baby in a comforter, so we won’t be using it right away since I’m delivering in June and it will be really warm. I’m going to get a moby to use at first because I want to baby wear fairly constantly for her benefit and mine. Other than that everyone I’ve talked to LOVESICK the ergos.

      • That’s the same thing we keep hearing too. Same moms and other moms have told us the MOBY is just as warm because the fabric is like spandex and the baby is right in you. We are looking into MOBY like options that are more breathable.

    2. You are moving right along! I think your list is very comprehensive. I would say sit down together and go over the list of things you have yet to purchase and decide what you will need right away (within the first 4 weeks). Once the babies are here you will discover things you didn’t think you needed and will have to run out and get them, but this is a good thing because I recommend taking turns getting out of the house without the babies for short periods of time. But a lot of things you won’t need until they are a little bit bigger and it will give you time to learn what you really need. There are gadgets that seem good and are for some people, but you’ll learn they don’t work for you, or something else fits in your life (and home) better. Like we didn’t end up needing a bottle warmer, but some babies won’t drink cold milk/formula. But looking at the list of what you have left, it sounds like stuff you could probably go ahead and get. You’ll want the breastfeeding/pumping stuff right away. I recommend the microwave sterilizing bags and cleansing wipes for quicker cleaning- you’ll need time savers with twins.

    3. You have way more stuff than we did when the MT was born. I think you’re doing great! The stroller can wait unless you want to go out alone and wearing two at a time is just not manageable. I have 5 baby carriers of different styles, some bought and some gifted used. I’ve used them all with the MT and plan on doing so with the new little one and seeing which work best when just as I did before. The MT loved the wipes warmer and when the first one died I bought a second and if it dies I will replace it but we live where there are bloody cold winters so that’s a factor. I don’t question you getting one! We have Britax convertible seats but a Peg Perego infant one because I was unhappy when Britax moved its mfg to China after the original UK co was bought b my a U.S. Co. but Britax is a good choice. I have friends with the City Elite who love it, good call there. Sorry you’re uncomfortable but it’s great to hear Daiton and Emerie are doing so well.

      • Ye s I think the wipe warmer will be well used in our home, to each their own for sure. I’d like to have a bunch of carriers right away too so we can just play with them all and figure out what works for us. What ones are your favorite for what stages?

    4. I am excited to see what other people comment on your list, as I’m trying to build my registry right now. My friend (with twins) LOVES her City Select, and it’s the stroller that I want too (it’s just so expensive!), especially if we have a second kid fairly quickly. She didn’t start using it until a bit later though, as she never got the travel system adaptor for it.

      • Does your insurance cover a pump? I think all US insurance plans do cover a double electric pump. I went through Aeroflow Breast Pumps, submitted my info online, they verified my insurance and sent me a list of free pumps and those I could opt to upgrade to. I’d highly recommend it. I think your list is great, very similar to mine. I’m about 5 weeks behind you so I don’t have any other suggestions at this point.

      • We’ve heard nothing but rave reviews on the city select for singletons and multiples. I think a good stroller that will last you and is extremely functional like this one is worth it’s money. That said we are looking for a gently used one instead of new if possible.

        • Good to know! We might try getting a gently used one too. My wife is a little worried about how much money we’re going to have to spend on everything!

        • I’m noticing that after your shower the costs aren’t as crazy if you really ask for what you need or buy those things in advance. You can always return things! We have two months left and I think between the gift cards and next few pay necks we will have what we need without too much stress. I’m a major used buyer though!

    5. I feel like your 26 week experience is very similar to my 32 week experience, which makes you a hero in my book! I love watching my little surro babe move and seeing it’s a hand or a foot. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t imagine what that would be like with two babies in there. I love reading your descriptions of your babies.

      As a side note: Seeing the list of everything you’ve had to buy/were gifted makes me even happier this little dude is going home with his parents! Lol.

    6. You are both going to breastfeed? That’s awesome! The more and more I look at baby items list the more I realize what we Don’t have! I’m also working on it though. Hope you are settling in nicely to the new place and that your shower was lovely. โค

      • We are settling well and the shower went great. I’ll update on those soon. Yes, Kate will be breastfeeding too if the stars align and she gets a good flow. I’m excited as hell I can share that with her and that it takes some of the pressure off me for feeding two! We hadn’t gotten anything for them really until the shower and then just after so don’t worry your fine. I think most people who don’t have a lot of money get everything the last few months and weeks.

    7. Wow, I’m impressed with your preparations! Two things come to mind. First, have you checked with your insurance about a breast pump? Part of the insurance overhaul was that they must provide them to new moms (maybe that’s the hospital rental?) Also, getting a hand pump is worth the $30 if you can swing it. I use mine almost daily to pump the non-nursing side during any given feeding (obviously this only makes sense with twins if you’re both nursing).
      The other thing that is must-have in my book is either Lansinoh lanolin or some other kind of nipple cream. I used it after every feeding and when I would shower for about the first 4 to 6 weeks and it saved me from a while lot of pain!

    8. So awesome that you are not going to breastfeed!! What is Kate taking to lactate? I am still trying to increase my supply if at all possible.

      • I am going to breastfeed, we both are. She started active only birth control that she will stop after 60 days or so and is on an advanced paced dose of domperidone (no longer available in the US due to bogus FDA regulations, all doctors and midwives think it’s totally safe). She will stop the birth control and then continue the domperidone and start pumping to simulate birth and breastfeeding. We’ve heard lots of success stories so we are hoping she is one of them.

        • Ah! I am sorry – total typo w the ‘not’!!!!!!! I think it is great that you both are going to breastfeed!!!!

    9. You guys racked up at your shower! Very lucky ladies and babies! Babies will love the Mamaroo! We only have one Mamaroo and then a Fisher Price My Little Lamb swing that we swap then both out in.. They both like the mamaroo better! Haha.
      I am so sorry you are so uncomfortable, I don’t miss that part of pregnancy at all, grunting every time I had to move, not being able to wear my wedding rings, and having to tilt to be able to reach to wipe! Lol. As for your swelling, you should really get a pair of compression hose. Sounds sexy right?? I only bought one pair ($28/pair) from amazon but they were cute! Purple striped! Haha. They helped tons, especially on work days when I was on my feet for 12 hours. Mr. B did have to help take them off when I got home bc it’s hard to reach and I would be just too pooped! You don’t need much compression, te ones I bought were 10-15 mmhg.
      I know you are being given a used breast pump but now it’s mandatory for your insurance to buy you a breast pump completely free! Call your insurance provider and have them send you a list of the companies that they purchase from and they will even contact your physician for the prescription for the breast pump. My insurance provide a medela in style advanced or an ameda (?). I got the medela and it works great!!! I also made my own hands free pumping bra. I cut two slits over the nipple area in a sports bra and it’s amazing and it was free bc I used one I already had!
      I’m so excited for you two! So sorry for the long comment! Let me know if you have any questions about anything. Having twins is so hard but it’s SO amazing!!!

      • Never be sorry for long comments, I love them and it’s been forever since I’ve heard from you. Hope your twin mommahood is treating your fairly! Thanks for the empathy and advice. We will be looking into the insurance/pump business, I new it was an option but we have been offered so many I feel like maybe we should just recycle/reuse if it’s the one we need anyway. Still looking to to it all though.

    10. I would go with the snaps for bum genius. Hook and loop loose their strength too soon. Snaps last forever. Also the all in ones don’t give the stay dry feeling that the inserts do. Plus they take forever to line dry. I have 24 bum genius snaps two parters and am still using those on my 2nd boy. I bought them in September 2011. Still great. Make sure you air dry. I use the lofti to air dry all diapers. I’ll reply again with the lofti website.

    11. The disposable liners you wont need for a bit unless you are formula feeding. You pretty much lay it ontop of the insert and then throw it in the toilet when baby has a poop.

      Depending on how often you plan to wash the diapers, the recommended for all in ones is 24-30 per child to wash every other day.

      I recommend getting the breast pump new as the medela is not a closed system and milk may have gotten through the tubes to the inside.

    12. Can I be a pain? I would go for a lillebaby carrier instead. I had an ergo and just bought a lille and love it. You don’t need an infant insert. You can WEAR FROM 5-45 LBS so way longer than an ergo. You can even safetly carry facing out. And it has lumbar support. I just love it

      • Not a pain at all, I want every once of advice possible from you all. It’s better than reading reviews from people I don’t know cause I know you all will be very frank! I’ll look into that carrier for sure!

    13. We have an ergo and I have used it with the insert since C was very small. The only problem, as others have said, is that it can be very warm using the insert on hot days.
      Although you’re planning on carrying as much as possible, I would think you should get the stroller straight away. It is so tiring having just one newborn (let alone two) that you will be doing each other a massive favour if you can each take the babies out for a few hours so the other can sleep. The easiest way to do that is to go for a walk with the stroller. My OH does it most mornings while I get some extra sleep.

    14. It’s so good to hear from you, I was worried! Don’t worry about posting less, life is busy. The intensity of carrying twins sounds like what I’m going through but five times more. I’m impressed and I know it’s not easy, so I’m sending you comfort wishes and a hug. The babies sound active and healthy! I didn’t know what to do about all of the stuff we needed after our shower either. I ordered a bunch of it myself but then realized my work is planning a shower for me too and had my registry. Do you think Kate’s work or your work will do that? Your list seems pretty close to my own!

      • Thanks love. I’m doing what a can. I’m not sure if Kate’s work will do a shower for her, I thought they would but a few of her coworkers have already bought us gifts so I have a feeling their not. I’d love it if they did though!i think we are pretty well set now and will only really NEED a few other things for us and for them once their here and know more.

    15. We have a stroller and Gus is 8 months old. We bought it two months ago snd have used it maybe three times? It can wait. There are tons of videos about twins in a moby- you’ll be good for a bit. My biggest recommendation woth cloth is to try a bunch of kinds. I hate AIO because of the dry time. We use mainly pockets and fitteds but had a chance to try everything at first which helped. Get a sample and save your money to make a big purchase when you know what you like.

    16. I was not prepared for the amount of spit-up…bibs and burp cloths were essential. My MIL made us rectangular flannel burp cloths that I also found were super handy to tuck into my bra while nursing to soak up any spray/dribble, and were a great back-up when all my nursing pads were in the wash.

    17. Just to let you know, our lactation consultant told us to never use someone else’s pump, even if you get new tubing. Bacteria goes through the motor! So definitely check with your insurance company like everyone else is saying. Otherwise, there are some really good deals you may be able to find out there. We got a wipes warmer and I just returned it today. It ended up making half the wipes slimy and the other half dried out! It sucked. Maybe there are better ones out there but don’t get the munchkin wipes warmer. The rock n plays are the best things ever!

    18. That’s a ton of stuff! You’ll realize quickly that most of it (about 3/4 of it) is completely useless in the first 4-5 months. I swear, most of the stuff we got from or shower with the exception of clothes and bottles really, are still stored away. It’s NOW that we are starting to break out some of the baby stuff. It’s good that you guys are so ready! Also, call your insurance company. I was able to get 2 pumps fully covered (one for me and one for callie). Also, it doesn’t matter how much of a pro you’ve worked yourself up to be, boys will ALWAYS pee on you…no matter what! no matter how good you are! Invest in what we call “pee pee cloths”. tThey have pee-pee teepees, but we just used an old towel and cut it into pieces, and cover it up when we change them. Also, be prepared to wipe a lot of poop off of balls. I wasn’t expecting that! It;’s…a lot!

      • I’ve only had boy experience so poopy balls and pee in the face are no new thing to me lol. Poopy crotch will be stranger. Insurance is getting called tomorrow! We know we have too much for the first bit but I’m a prepped and a planner so doing this now makes it easier later on. We will have the most income to buy things now than we will the next 6 months after their born, so I want to buy anything we will need during their first 8-12mo. Thanks for all the advice!

    19. I just can’t believe it’s been this long. It feels like just yesterday! I’m glad you have so much stuff and you will surely get all in no time! Can’t wait til they are here! ๐Ÿ™‚

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