23 weeks 

This past week has been a bumpy one. The energy is high with stress and anxiety due to our move this week and weekend. I started some packing today, tomorrow we both work and will pack some more, Thursday we work and then the afternoon and evening we will go to the in laws to paint our room and clean up the garage to prepare to easily move things in. Friday is Kate’s birthday and our first real move in day and then the rest of the weekend it movin out/in all the rest of our things and preparing the apartment to be painted on Monday.

Last week I had some pains and an overall feeling of dread that made me quite concerned. So we went to my OBs office and was seen by an on call midwife. She did a fetal test that consists of swabbing the vagina and cervix and then checking for certain proteins that show if preterm labor is imminent or not. She also did a cervical check (which was painful and I’m not sure why) and asked a slew of questions.

By the end of the appointment it was clear that the babies were fine and so was I. I was just having really strong around ligament pains, a very sore back from all the weight, and heightened anxiety. Thank goodness!

The swab came back negative for the preterm labor proteins as well. I had no idea that test even existed…the name of the test escapes me right now. 

Yesterday, Monday, we went to the MFM clinic to get our 23 week growth scan. It was much quicker than anticipated, only and hour, and everything checked out great! Daiton is still head down and measuring in the 92nd percentile for 23 weeks. He was being stubborn again and wouldn’t turn his head so we got crappy pictures of him again….I guess he is our mystery baby. Emerie is measuring dead on target and not falling behind so now their discordance is 20% but it’s ok becauseshes now behind. She was active like you wouldn’t believe, always is, and it transverse with her head at Daitons feet still. She gave us a few ok face shots. Their faces are really filling out now and their features so much more noticeable.

Seeing them again and looking so “human” was bittersweet. Kate said the other day “I know they need to grow more but I just want them here already”. Sums up how I feel entirely. I’m so ready to meet them yet I know their not ready to be in this word yet. *sigh*

Emerie has becoming a squirming and kicking queen in there lately. When I’m still she is moving constantly. I think she wears herself out cause then the following day she will be less active and I’ll feel Daiton more. Some of their movements aren’t so distinguishable but a lot are. 

the baby shower is starting to stress me out less and I’m actually getting excited now. I hope we have a good turn out, but mainly I can’t wait to see a few friends and family members a rarely get to see. My friend Jenn will be taking pictures for us so that we don’t have to worry about missing out on moments cause we forget to take pictures. 

We only got a CD of the ultrasound pictures so bare with me, I had to take a picture of the pictures on my terrible computer screen. 








26 thoughts on “23 weeks 

  1. Understandable stress! Have you tried a maternity band? That helped me with my ligament pain so it was more bearable. With twins I think it would be even more important.

    Good luck! Getting closer and closer!

  2. They look so big already! Sorry to hear you had a scare. Any sort of pain is never fun. Hope the move goes smoothly so you get get settled and ready for your dynamic duo to arrive!

  3. Glad you got checked out and that it was a false alarm. Hang in there, mama! Good luck with the moved!

  4. They look amazing! That experience sounds really scary though. I can’t believe you’re almost at viability and the twins could be born in the next couple of months! I know how that scare feels, it’s awful and the longer they stay in the better. Good luck moving and please tell Kate I say happy birthday!

  5. Take it easy mama!!! Don’t overdo it! Rest as much as you can and don’t stress! Easier said then done…trust me, I know! Glad you and the babies are doing well!

  6. I get what you mean about wishing the twins were here now but knowing they’re not ready. I feel that way about the little Surro guy im carrying. I’m so ready to see him in his daddies’ arms already! I’m 30 weeks tomorrow, so I know that day is getting closer and closer at least.

    Good luck with your move and happy birthday to Kate!

  7. They look. Glad your stressing less about the shower. I know I did my fair share of stressing over it, but that’s because I’m a control freak and OCD, but it will be amazing. Best of luck with the move! I hope you have a few hands on deck to help out with stuff… and woo hoo to false alarm! We know all too well what that’s like!

  8. So glad to hear everything is going well! The move can def rack up those nerves.. good luck with it and hope you’re settled soon! Love their names 😉 xo – Pops

  9. So glad babies are still snuggly put. Def get a maternity band! That was recommended to me because I’ve been getting round ligament pain also and I’m sure it’ll help with all the weight twins weigh! Thanks for sharing the pics. They’re so adorable!

  10. Look at those tinies!!! They are so precious already, and Mommy, you look great. I’m sorry the move is so stressful. I know I almost lost my mind when we were moving. But it’ll settle and it’s such a great thing for your growing family. Make sure to take it easy though!!

  11. Sooooo… I baby brained all over the place and posted my comment to the wrong post! Here’s what I said, but wanted to put it here lol

    Oh, Hun, I was right where you were at 23 weeks. For some reason, I was terrified that something would happen before 24 weeks (viability). I had some cramp-type feelings, lower back ache. Went to the hospital and had the fetal fibronectin (ffn) to check for premature labor. And all was A-OK! This baby business is panic inducing ALL THE TIME! But I’m so very sure that you’re going to have an amazing pregnancy and two beautiful babies 🙂 Never feel like you shouldn’t go to the hospital of you feel like you should be checked. They really don’t mind and like to hear/see that the babies are doing well, just as much as you do!


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