21 Weeks y’all!

How far along? 21 Weeks 😍 

Total weight gain? Pre-pregnancy: 140lbs  Now: 153…up 13lbs total.

How big are babies? 15.17oz and 10.94in X2 babies! Eggplants


 Boobies? All my bras are ill fitting now, even my sports bras and I have no idea what kind to get now.

Stretch marks? Nope. Slathering oil on me morning and night to prevent them. Trying our Wheat Germ oil, it smells gross but I like the feel of it. Just been using different oils instead of lotion.

Belly button In/Out? Totally flat.

Wedding ring Off/On? On. 

Symptoms?  Most current: having a hard time getting to sleep and then waking up starving and then trying to get back to sleep. My lack of appetite is now an all consuming need to eat anything and everything! Very gassy still and having bouts of constipation as well as nearly peeing myself. Backaches very bad daily as well as hips. Since week 19 I’ve been felling pretty damn good overall.

Sleep? Off and on, good and bad.

Sexy time? I’m the worst wife ever and I hate my lack in libido. I need to just force myself to do this for my wife’s sake cause right now I feel like I could go the whole pregnancy without it. 😞

Miss anything? Being able to bend over, put on socks and shoes without feeling defeated and currently wanting a glass of wine.

Movement? Yes! It’s so deliberate now. At night when I’m laying down before bed ill play with them by poking at my tummy in different spots and they will respond back most of the time. I’m feeling Emerie more now too which is nice. Daiton’s movements are weird cause he is so low and always head down, now I feel tickling and think it’s his hands.

Food cravings? Food of all kinds!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Waiting too long to eat something, Chicken, fish, eggs, car exhaust and cigarette smoke.

Babies Sexes?  Boy and Girl. 💙💗👫 So excited and happy. Names: Daiton Paul Joseph and Emerie Anne Renee! 

Labor signs?  Haven’t noticed any more Braxton Hicks, but now I have a lot of painful cramping when I bend/reach too much (like after a shower or putting on my shoes). Makes me nervous.

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy for the most part. Even when I’m hurting or tired I’m happy. When I’m not happy it’s situational and I move on from it.

Best moment this week: Seeing Emerie take a big yawn and wipe her eyes on the untrasound. I fell in love with them this week.  Also, getting back to a more normal routine of eating and working. I’m happy to be working again and making money, things are tight and I need this stamina to continue!

Worst moment this week? Baby shower family drama. Hopefully everything is taken care of now and we don’t have to do anything more. I hate being them “center of attention”.

Things people say: This category needed to be added. 

“Hey fatty fatty” This is never appropriate to say to anyone ever, especially when pregnant.

“So a boy and a girl how cool, are they identical?” This one blows my mind.

“So you guys want four kids?” Assuming Kate will have twins too, very popular statement.

“Are they both from the same dad/donor?” Huh? Seriously!

“When is your baby due?” “My babies are due in August”..……blank stare for a few minutes……

The babes:

Emerie in 3D


Daiton’s back…..he nevercooperates for ultrasound pictures 😞    




22 thoughts on “21 Weeks y’all!

  1. The pregnancy middle-of-the-night hunger is real! I am waking up starving too, and I try to sleep it off, but it doesn’t seem to quell it. I’m glad you’re feeling good enough to go back work. I know you were disappointed about not being able to do so for a while. Looking good mama!

  2. You’re looking gorgeous! I regularly ate a pbj or bowl of cereal at 3am for much of my pregnancy (and I do it again now that I’m breastfeeding! ) – until my stomach got squished and it gave me nasty indigestion! I’m so so excited for you and Kate and those babes! !

  3. I was still eating a bowl of cereal in the middle of the night up until last week, then I got diagnosed with GD and the dietitian advised me to eat it before bed instead (so around 10 PMish) and I now make it through the night without starving. Maybe give that a try?

  4. Looking great! Marvellous aubergines 🙂

    I bet you enjoyed that middle of the night ice cream trip! I used to wake up at midnight and think, ooh what a lovely sleep I’ve just had… can’t wait to get my muesli (assuming it was about 7am). Then I’d look at the time and I’d only been asleep for less than 2 hours!?

  5. I’m not pregnant and I wake up feeling starving most mornings. I guess it may be for the best that I’m not expecting, especially twins. You’re a trooper! Boo for family drama.

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