Calling all Twin Parents (Singletons too)

What are items you think are/we’re Must haves, Useful and Not necessary?

I’m interested in the first year of their lives, especially the first 6 months.

Can you give me specifics and reviews of brands you liked or did not like?

How much clothing is necessary?

How many bottles?

What would you have wished you DID get if you could go back and get it now?

Let’s do this through email so I can look it over in detail and so you can write all you want.

Thanks in advance for all the help I’ll continue to need as we prepare for these kiddos to arrive!!



16 thoughts on “Calling all Twin Parents (Singletons too)

  1. I don’t have twins, but I saw a mother of twins using a double My BrestFriend breastfeeding pillow (if you are planning to BF). BF wasn’t successful for me, but I still loved my brestfriend pillow when I was trying. It was very supportive for the baby and he was like instantly calmed when he was on it and cuddled into me.

  2. The one thing that we honestly don’t know what we would do without are the carriers. Not even for being out and about, but home! Sometime with 2 crying babies, it’s impossible to get anything done, and if your babies are like ours, they’ll be on the same feeding schedule but completely different sleep. We almost always have one in the carrier! I’ll email U my thoughts on some other stuff too

    • Got your email and it was very helpful. I agree on carriers. I used them all the time with my youngest nephew and still do anytime I’m with him, finally got his momma liking them too. I can’t imagine not using them.

  3. I do not have twins but you need to get all your relationship time in that you can. Your going to miss being alone with your partner so so bad. Seriously, get lots of quality time in before those Babies get here. I cannot live without my sound machine. It’s his instant lullaby.

  4. I have twin sisters (they’re 8 now though!) – and I know my mama loved her baby bouncers (especially when she was home alone with them!), and despite all her not wanting too – she had to invest in a playpen – so she could get 10 minutes a day for a shower, it’s amazing how much of your day will get dedicated to them; but your shower is your “you time” embrace it! I know she also loved her medela double breastpump, and she had extra clothing – it meant more washing to do; (but could just do it less often and all at the end of the day when babies were sleeping), and a breastfeeding cushion for sure! There’s not too much she found not useful at some point, if one twin didn’t like something – the other did – I just know she always said don’t bother with a nappy disposal, twins fill it way too fast – just get a big plastic rubbish bin outside and use a rubbish bag. All the best Hun <3. xxx twins are busy – but fun!!

  5. It must be so hard thinking about preparing for twins! Good luck! I’ve been researching and going through products and brands with my sisters for months (for just one baby at a time) but still you don’t know what your baby and your preferences will be until you meet them. Good luck!!

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