Insomnia and Gas 😱😷😵😴

I am awake. It’s 3:17am in CA and I’ve been awake for about an hour or so. Normally this would not phase me, but I’m phased today.

It’s been at least a week since I started falling asleep and staying asleep more easily. I’ve been enjoying it tremendously. I would still wake from sore hips and back and toss and turn, but I would go back to sleep shortly. I thought that maybe I was turning a corner in my pregnancy insomnia phase. I guess I was wrong, silly me!

On top of the insomnia I have seriously atrocious gas tonight. This is not new. Wel kind of new but started about a week ago as well. I’ve been trying to pin point why all of a sudden I am SO damn gassy. I’m talking like old man tooting his way to the fridge and back kind of gas. I’ve always been a decently gassy person, not sure why, but pregnancy has dealt me a bad hand with this.

My poor wife is a saint for dealing with it but even she looks at me sometimes like “really woman!”. I think I’m dying inside, rotting to the core of these babies are having a feild day with my digestive system! The reason I bring this up is be base its part of why I can’t sleep tonight. I’m tooting so much that it’s waking and keeping me up! Funny on some levels yes but frustrating nonetheless. I need help! Like professional insomnia and gas medical professional help. Ugh….

Have you had this issue while pregnant? Did you solve it? Anything help? 

Excuse me while I transfer myself to the couch for fear of killing my wife and cats from the fumes and take some Benadryl to help me sleep. 


25 thoughts on “Insomnia and Gas 😱😷😵😴

  1. lmao this cracked me up I’m sorry and I’m sure it is frustrating but every pregnant woman I have ever known has spent atleast one night on the couch to avoid gassing out the spouse lol I already have tummy issues now so I’m sure I will be a super gassy pregnant woman as well … Can you take Beano while pregnant it helps reduce gas issuses… beano for the gas and benadryl for the sleep and you should be good to go if you can take beano…

  2. My husband has started being more open about his gas as well. I have given him looks and made comments about his new cavalier attitude. His response is, “oh really, you want to take about who is stinking up the place?” I have explained that gas is really uncomfortable since I have somebody else taking up real estate. As for stuff to try, extra walks with my dog helps. Fennel, cinnamon and peppermint are also good for gas. I have found fennel tea to help the most. Extra fiber too. But really these are just bandaids. And I have been told the gas just gets worse. A friend told me that near the end she would fart just from moving around, like getting out of her chair at work.

  3. Do you have access to a pool? That’s the only thing that made any difference for me with the hip pain and insomnia. Didn’t do much actual swimming but it still would take pressure off and wear me out. Sorry you’re so uncomfortable!

  4. I think pregnancy hormones are known to slow your digestion, so I wonder if the food you’re eating is sitting in your colon and fermenting? Some probiotics in capsule form taken before each meal might help to introduce good bacteria that can help break down the undigested food. Also, some digestive enzymes might help too. It sounds really uncomfortable. Hang in there.

  5. Ugh, I had almost forgotten about the horrible gas, thanks for reminding me that it’s just around the corner! Pre-natal yoga helped a bit with the discomfort, and staying away from foods that had caused mild gas pre-pregnancy (mostly dairy).

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