20 Weeks! Where has the time gone?

How far along? 20 Weeks 😍 16-18 weeks to go! 

Total weight gain? Pre-pregnancy: 140lbs  Now: 150…up 10lbs

How big are babies? 12.70oz and 10.51in X2 babies! CANTALOPES!  Boobies? Pre-pregnancy 32D. Now  up to a 34D and growing! Really need a better bra to grow with me….hating underwire bras!

Stretch marks? Nope. Slathering oil on me morning and night to prevent them.

Belly button In/Out? Almost out!

Wedding ring Off/On? On. 

Symptoms?  *Random nausea *Gas! *Heartburn/Indigestion  * Vaginal secretions!!! (have to wear panty liners!) * Fatigue 😴                                                                                                                                               * Nearly peeing my pants when I cough or sneeze  * Insomnia                                * No appetite or ravenously hungry  *Pregnancy brain!! (I legitimately thought a this was not renal, until now)

Sleep? Recently it’s been better and worse. Better cause I’m able to get to sleep easier and stay asleep longer, but worse cause I toss and turn a lot from discomfort of my shoulders, neck and belly weight. I’m not sure it the snoogles help or not sometimes, I also miss snuggling my wife and my normal pillow! I wake up to pee about 3-4 times a night as well.

Sexy time? I’m the worst wife ever and I hate my lack in libido. I need to just force myself to do this for my wife’s sake cause right now I feel like I could go the whole pregnancy without it. 😞

Miss anything? Energy, stamina and non maternity pants!

Movement? Yes! All the time now. Rolling, turning, poking and kicking! Love it. Emerie does this weird shaky/quiver thing too now, I asked my OB and she said its normal and thought to be because of their immature nervous system.

Food cravings? Sunflower butter, apples, tangerines, pasta, rice and milk.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Waiting too long to eat something. The babies moving. Chicken, fish and eggs.

Babies Sexes?  Boy and Girl. 💙💗👫So excited and happy. Names: Daiton Paul Joseph and Emerie Anne Renee! 

Labor signs?  I’ve been having what I think are Braxton Hicks it they are random and hard to explain. I guess with twins it’s normal to have them early.

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy for the most part. Even when I’m hurting or tired I’m happy. When I’m not happy it’s situational and I move on from it.

Best moment this week: My mom coming to town to see the Anatomy scan. She comes so often now that I’m getting spoiled, I miss my mom and can’t wait to be close to her again! 

Worst moment this week? Finding out our location for the baby shower is booked AFTER the invites were sent out. Of course this is our bad too but the booking people told us not to worry about it getting booked so we waited. Grrr…. Now we have to figure out another date/time that works for “everyone”. Not something I wanted to deal with right now!

Things people say: This category needed to be added. 

“Hey fatty fatty” This is never appropriate to say to anyone ever, especially when pregnant.

“So a boy and a girl how cool, are they identical?” This one blows my mind.

“So you guys want four kids?” Assuming Kate will have twins too, very popular statement.

“Are they both from the same dad/donor?” Huh? Seriously!



I am in totally disbelief that 20 weeks is already here. That in a mere 18 weeks (hopefully) we will meet these two little munchkins! I can hardly wait yet of course want to wait so they are healthy and able to come home with us right away. 

The doctor at the Maternal Fetal Medicine office said she would not want me to go any further than 38 weeks because after that the rate of still bith in twins goes up significantly. I had no idea, and she didn’t elaborate on why. My gut tells me I’ll go no further than 36 weeks and most likely more like 34-35, it’s been a feeling of mine for a while. I just want then healthy!

Everyone is always saying how big I look, honestly I don’t think I look that big. For once I am on my own side lol. I think I look a bit bigger than most 20 weekers of singletons but not nearly as big as many twin mommas at 20 weeks I’ve seen. This could all change I’m sure. For now I’d just like people to stop commenting on how big I look until I really am super large. There are so many ways to say that the babies are growing other than telling me I’m fat, huge or OMG! 

As we approach the third trimester I’m feeling more and more like I want to get things together and prepared. Yet I can’t because we still need to move to Kate’s parents house first. It’s a little stressful for me. It makes me wish we were only moving once to Grass Valley instead of twice to Kate’s parents and then to Grass Valley. It’s the best option for now but man does it suck too.

 It makes me sad my mom can’t be around as much as Kate’s mom will be too and my grandparents and my close friends. Everyone’s go a lot on their plate so I doubt we will have many visitors from my end because of location for the first few months. I’ll be so happy once Kate lands a solid job up there and we can have an end date in sight for leaving Santa Cruz. I’ve loved my time here but I’m ready to leave and start a new chapter with our growing family.

When my mom came last weekend she brought with her a car load of baby stuff from a lady she works for that has kids. We got two bins, two bags and a small box of clothes and blankets. A MOBY wrap, diaper bag, sheets, shoes and a Moses basket. I had to go through most of it when she was here cause most of it was from her recent baby that was a girl and there was A LOT of pink! I’ve never been a pink fan, ever, so now that I’m having a girl I intend not to have her whole wardrobe be of pink. I know people will buy us pink things and we have no control over that but I do have control over if we keep it or not.

There was boy stuff too and much of that was outdated or not right for the seasons our baby boy will be living in, so lot of that had to go too, yet I’m so grateful for her generosity! We have so much clothing now it’s crazy. I’m hoping people buy 6mo and up for these kiddos cause we are pretty set for anything under 6mo. Not to mention we have no clue how small they will be or stay. Many of you twin mamma’s babies seem to still be in NB clothes even at 3-5 months. 

We made our first big baby purchase! We have been looking online for a while for a used 4Moms MomaRoo. We finally found one in our areas that is basically brand new, with an Infantino Squeeze Station, extra pouches for the Squeeze Station, freezer sleeve for the pouches and those pacifier looking things you put fruit in for babies to chew on when starting them on solids. All of that for $100. A MomaRoo in this condition used usually sells for $200 or more easy. The Infantino Squueze Station is $40 new plus all the extras. We are stoked!


I love gently used items! I’m all for not buying most things new as long as they are in really good condition. Especially baby stuff! Now I need to figure out the next most expressive item on our list I can find used.


28 thoughts on “20 Weeks! Where has the time gone?

  1. Going postdate too far over 40 weeks is dangerous because the placenta only lasts so long, twin placentas may not last as long as singleton ones maybe? I’m not a doctor.

  2. WHOA! That was an amazing deal! I can not believe you at 20 weeks already!!!! And those things people have said – for real? I find it shocking how illogical some humans can be. 🙂 I am also lacking in the libido department. My poor husband is practically begging but I ain’t giving in. I threaten to puke on him if he tries to kiss me again. haha I feel shitty for not being more intimate, but with not feeling well, I’d much rather just snuggle.

    • Don’t feel bad for not being sexually intimate. Just tell home the truth about how your feeling and hopefully he will understand. My wife has stopped initiating or asking, but I know she wants to. It’s a hard corner to be in.

  3. Sexy time ended for us long ago. I promised myself (and my husband) that I wouldn’t be *that* person who stopped any kind of sexy time but pregnancy has made it clear that it’s not happening!

  4. WOW to the comments people have! It’s like, if you can’t say something nice (or in this case, remotely intelligent) then SHUT UP.

  5. The comments never cease to amaze me. I can’t believe how many people ask about b/g twins being identical. It’s hard not to answer without making them feel dumb! Time is flying!

  6. Holy crap! It does not seem like you announced your pregnancy that long ago and you are already at 20 weeks. Congrats mama! I am so happy for you and hope everything continues to go well.

  7. Great update – well done! And I love the previous pic, your bump is looking lovely 🙂

    Agreed on the comments – to add, “are you pleased that you’re having a boy and a girl?” – as if I’m going to say, err no I’m really upset as I wanted two girls/boys?! I think that is a really odd question!

    I spoke to my father-in-law on FaceTime last week and he said…. “hello fatty, haha look at you fatty (repeated several times in different forms)” – Why did he think that was an appropriate thing to say?!

    Yours are the size of cantaloupe’s (which I’m eating at the moment (good for vitamin k)) and mine are the weight of honeydew melons!

  8. The other day my boss pointed out how big my tummy is getting for the first time, in front of several members of my team and another team. I was soooooo uncomfortable. What makes people think it’s ok to say things to pregnant people that you’d never say to a non-pregnant person?

  9. I can’t believe how time has flown by either. It is just crazy. This kid is moving all the time now. I can only imagine what it must feel like to have two in there, poking, kicking and punching. 🙂

  10. I just can’t believe it’s already been 20 weeks! As for PINK. I looooooved pink as a young adult, after hating it in high school. Then when I found out we were having a girl, I was determined not to have the entire wardrobe be pink, which is where my ‘non-gender stereotyping’ started. I didn’t want to lock her into one identity. Low and behold, this kid loves pink. All on her own. And I was just going through her clothes the other day and EVERYTHING is pink. LOL. It’s so fun to see what they grow into personality wise and I can’t wait to watch these two munchkins!

  11. The comments, SMH. They get better the further along you get, wait for it! Lol!
    I’ve also been making sure to have lots of diversity in colors for our girl, if she chooses pink, so be it, but until she does she’ll wear all the colors.
    Good job momma, you’re doing great!

  12. I can’t believe you are at 20 weeks already! Love it…sounds like you and the little babes are doing great. Those comments you’re getting are incredible. I’ve also gotten called fatty a few times…because I’ve always been small people think it’s totally hilarious to see me so round and have to call me out on it…real nice!

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