19 Week Bumpdate


This was a quickie picture for my momma but I think I’ll just keep it anyway. 

The babies have more regular sleep patterns now and I’m supposed to be able to tell when their awake, although that’s still a hit or miss cause of the placentas blocking a lot of movement. Daiton’s testes are descending into his scrotum this week and Emereie’s uterus is now completely formed and has half of the eggs she will have at birth. Not much else development wise that is fun or exciting. It slows a bith from here on out.

Not sure if I shared this last week but Kate felt the babies move once! It was exciting but hasn’t happened again. Their movements are to sudden and quick. I can’t even get to feel them outside most of the time. Daiton is still in a head down feet up position with his feet at Emerie’s head. Emerie is now horizontal across my upper abdomen, so we are guessing it’s her we feel kicking most of the time do to the location. Also now I know for sure it’s her head on my right that is the large hard bump I feel.

The Anatomy scan we had on Friday at the MFM doctors went well. The tech was very nice and she talked silly to the babies the whole time in a Russian accent lol. Only once did I get nervous, when she was looking at the blood flow from Emerie’s cord to the placenta. She got very quite for a whole five minutes and looked over and over at the same spot. Emerie’s cord connects to her placenta at the very corner of where her sac meets Daiton’s sac. A few years ago they thought his was a sign of concern do to the other baby being able to push on the cord and reduce blood flow, apparently now studies show it’s fine. Yes she wanted to watch the flow for a while just to be sure.

The doctor came in and checked all the images and did a quick once over on me herself and said everything looked fine to her. The only minor concern would be that Daiton has had a major growth spurt and is now a week and three days ahead whereas Emerie is still right on track. She said as long as both babies continue to grow within their own healthy parameters we should be fine. The only concern would be if Emerie started to fall behind. Hopefully she’s just going to be smaller naturally and she stays growing at a healthy rate.

The doctor suggested I come once a month for future growth scans to keep an eye on them better than my OBs office. However, she said if my OB feels confident in her techs abilities to notice vast size differences we could make the call ourselves. The MFM office is an hour away from us, that’s the only down fall. Kate and I would rather air on the side of caution and stick with the MFM doctor for our growth scans. We will still talk it over with my OB though.

The ultrasound itself was boring and tiring. I thought we’d get to see the babies as a whole more than we did. They were not very cooperative with letting us see their faces and profiles either. We got a CD of 19 images and one 4D video of Emerie. The video was the coolest cause you can see her movements in real time! It looks like both have the donors nose at this point and his lips, Daiton’s ears look like his too and Emerie’s ears look more like mine. Of course who knows what they will look like until they are here in person. It’s fun to guess though. My mom came with us also and enjoyed seeing them on the screen, she never had an ultrasound with myself and my brother.

My belly has grown a lot in width and my belly button is so close to out I’m just waiting to wake up one day and see its popped! Kate remarks how much I’ve grown almost daily, it’s cute that she’s paid so much attention to it even more so than me. I’ve started having more people Comment on my belly saying things like “how far along are you?”, “do you know what your having?”, “are you smuggling watermelons?” And “is this your first?”. So apparently I look pregnant enough now for strangers to comment. I’m fine with that.

This past week I went into work a few days and it was so nice to get out of the house and socialize as well as make some money. Its harder on my body than I anticipated though. Around hour two I’m starving and need to eat then after I eat I’m tired as all hell, get a second wind shortly after and then my back, hips and legs start to get unbearably sore. I’ve only made it four hours each shift. I have a stool I can use whenever I want but sometimes I’m not sure if the up and down from getting on and off the stool is helpful or not. What I do know is I need better shoes for work.

We are sending out our baby shower invites tomorrow and I’m so happy that that will be one less thing on my mind. The coworker of mine that was going to do our cake realized she would be out of town the weekend of our shower, so now I’m back at square one with that. I’m going to use social media to see if anyone I know knows someone who decorates cakes in their spare time or has a start up bakery. We need a good deal on this cause We can’t pay for what it would cost normally. As silly as it sounds I want a nice cake, so I’m going to find a way to make it work.




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