A post about everything and also nothing

I’ve finally caught up on my blog reading, minus a few, and I’m glad I did cause I had no idea what was going on with all of you. I don’t have the energy to comment each time I read, my apologies, but I am reading now.

Thank you to everyone that talked me down and also talked me up from my ranting post a few days ago. I’ve been much more hormonal lately which when paired with my natural Sagatatrian Fire I’m finding can be brutal. Watch out world!

I have many other posts I’m wanting to write because I’m tired of only doing bumpdates and I’m not really into them to begin with, but I want to have a record for later to look back on. I’d love some ideas of posts you may be interested in having me write, or just a questions and answers type of thing. I’d like to do something different when I do have the energy.

This last week has been a doozy. I feel like the first trimester has started again; exhaustion, restlessness, moodiness, nausea and vomiting, no appetite and not wanting to socialize. I really hope it’s just a quick phase but I’m thinking it’s probably not. I’ve been reading more about twin vs. singleton preganancies and finding that I’m pretty normal when comparing myself to twin pregnancies and not at all with singletons. Go figure that there is a big difference after all.

I’m trying to give myself a break but I just feel so far off from “myself” that its hard. I know it’s affecting every single component in my life and that’s usually when your supposed to make a change. Only with pregnancy…what can you change? I’ve started using essential oils more again and reading more about appropriate uses and talking with my MIL since she is more educated on them than me. I’m hoping they can help relieve some of my ailments even a little.

Our anatomy scan is next Friday the 17th and I’m looking forward to it. We get to see the babies for at least an hour and a half! Also, my mom might come down for it. It’s with a MFM doctor in another city cause my OB thinks someone more experienced with twin pregnancy should do the scan, I just hope he/she is pleasant.

The baby shower is being planned out by my SIL and I’m so thankful. I have no clue how people do it themselves. I wanted to be very involved and now I seriously don’t care. My SIL knows what I like and don’t like, has good taste and I just trust her. So thank you Leah! The very thought of it all stresses me out. 

The shower is supposed to be the last weekend in May but now it may need to move up a little bit. We are supposed to move into my MILs June 1st. So I think trying to move and having the baby shower in one weekend is a bit much. Especially cause I can’t do anything. I can help pack but that’s it. We are going to need a lot of help this time. I’m talking all hands on deck. I really hope people are willing to help us do this.

I’m excited to move to save money but nervous about all that it might bring up. My MIL and I love each other but we don’t see eye to eye on many things. Our living habits are very different and her husband and sons living habits even more so. We will only be sharing a bathroom and kitchen with them, but even that is going to be a challenge. 

I want to talk about how we will share the bathroom and kitchen appropriately beforehand, but my wife thinks it will cause too much undue stress for her mom. I’m all for not stressing her out but I also want to know that we are all on the same page. Sharing a very tiny bathroom with three grown women and a teenage boy is not a pleasant idea to me. There are two other bathrooms in the house upstairs that the boys could use and just leave the bottom bathroom for us girls. Makes sense right? Apparently only I think so at this time,maybe once we talk about it with her she will agree.

As for the kitchen, let’s just say it’s always a bit of a mess. We are fairly clean people and every time I go to make something in that kitchen I get a bit overwhelmed. Mainly the fridge. How are we going to share a fridge? It’s always packed full of bad produce and out of date leftovers cause they eat out a lot. We will need to talk about space in the fridge for sure cause I need to have my own space. That’s the whole point of us not living inside the house. We need our own space as much as possible to keep the peace while we are there.

Speaking of space. My FIL has a bunch of train stuff in the studio we will be occupying. He’s being really vague about what he wants to do with it all. We have made some suggestions, one of which is paying for a storage unit for him to store the stuff while we are there, and the most we get out of home is “I’ll think about it”. I fully think he anticipates us living in that room with all his stuff. Mind you his stuff takes up nearly the whole room. So that’s a battle that so far no one is winning.

Even though there’s a lot of little stuff in the long run this will be a good decision for us. We will have help nearby with the twins, not have to pay rent and in turn pay off a lot of debt. You rarely get these chances in life and I’m grateful we get to have this option at such a needed time. 

If your still reading thank you cause I know sometimes my ranting posts seem very negative. However, that’s how my mind works, I look at all the cons of a situation and then eventually find all the good that outweighs the “bad”. I’m a bit backwards like that. I’m also very blunt and honest, anyone who knows me well knows that I always mean well and have the best intentions. I’m the first to apologize if I feel I’ve wronged someone and also quick to reword something that came off wrong. 

Thank god for this blog! Without it I’d be lost. It’s my very personal space I know I can come too when I need to talk about anything and not fear I’ll be misunderstood or hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s my journal or diary if you please. I know I’ll get supportive feedback or at least helpful and supportive debates about topics. It’s for this reason that it’s not anonymous. I want whoever wishes to read this blog to know me this deeply, and even if they are friends or family in non virtual life they are welcome to read knowing this is my personal space and that I’m allowing them to see the very vonurable parts of me by not being anonymous.


21 thoughts on “A post about everything and also nothing

  1. I hope the family stuff all sorts itself out. I can honestly say, baring some sort of epic crisis I could not live with either my parents or my in-laws. I am so hopeful that the move goes well and so impressed by your willingness to do this and see the big picture. πŸ™‚

    • Your too sweet, thank you. I’ve lived with hem before so it’s not totally unknown territory. I think living outside the house and married now will actually make it much much easier. We wouldn’t be doing it either but this is a life changing opportunity at the time we need it most. Being able to sVe so much money before an even bigger move and erasing our debt is priceless!! They really are awesome people.

  2. I am so sorry all of the first trimester crap has started again for you. I have noticed that I have been moody lately and getting stuck on things that are silly. Like yesterday at a BBQ someone I didn’t know took one of our sausages off the grill and ate it. I had purposely bought an extra just in case something like that happened. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Like laying awake in my bed, annoyed some girl ate our extra sausage. Just ridiculous. Hopefully you feel better soon. Have fun at your scan! Ours was great! Saw the little guy sucking his thumb. He slept the whole time.

      • It is so nice to get a peek. I think I am going to have to wait til around 30 weeks to get another look. My OB will most likely just do the doppler and measure my belly. 30 weeks seems so far away.

      • So far my doctor always does a sickie scan to see the heartbeats and their sacs. She’s never measured my belly of used the doppler. I never wanted so many ultrasounds before I was pregnant but now I can’t get enough!

      • I total tally agree. I want to see this baby every time. We’ll see. I got one from her last time just by asking and they weren’t busy. Maybe I’ll ask again. πŸ™‚

  3. I think the family stuff will sorry itself out. I couldn’t live with my in-laws but they’re hoarders, so it’s a but different. You’re only going to be there for a few months right? It should be alright to put up with some things if it’s only temporary.

  4. I think your idea of working out some common understanding about expectations and boundaries is a good idea. We once went on a vacation with my sister and brother-in-law, who are very different from us in tidiness and cleanliness. I lasted about 8 days and then LOST IT on my sister. Now, I refuse to share a living space with them because they are so messy. I’m not sure if some rules would’ve prevented my meltdown, but it may have.

    I hope your symptoms go away soon, and that you start feeling good enough to do the things you love. I imagine twin pregnancies would be twice the pain in the ass, so I really feel for you. You should post about your essential oils and what they are remedies for.

    • I’ll have to make a post all about the essential oils. I’m still learning a lot and starting to use them regularly so I want to use them a bit longer before writing about them, but I will. I’m just a very fast thinker and problem solver whereas my In Laws and my wife take longer to process things, so it always leaves me frustrated for a while waiting for the response. I’m sure it will all be fine once we are there.

  5. I haven’t logged on for months, and OMG, congratulations!! I’m so happy for you! This is so exciting! And as far as pregnancy goes, the symptoms come and go and vary and come back again and then disappear and you never really quite know what to expect. Hope your nausea gets better soon!

  6. I would hate hate hate to not have my own bathroom. However, if someone moved into my house and suggested I change how I do things, I would be irritated to be honest. Can you ask if you can use one of the upstairs bathrooms? At least for showering and getting ready?

    I feel your pain! It is hard to live with people and I am a planner like you!

  7. My partner and I live for part of the year with my parents (and have done the same with my inlaws). It can be pretty challenging, as I am a bit, uh, particular about how I like things to be, especially in the kitchen. For me, I just needed to figure out what I could let go of, and what I needed to negotiate. And a mini fridge, electric kettle, and microwave in our own separate space was essential! I’m guessing that my living situation will feel pretty different when our baby is born in August, and there will be new challenges as well as new advantages – my plan is to try to remember why we’re there, that it is a choice we made for good reasons, and to continue the quite difficult task of trying to let go of the things that get on my nerves!

    Wishing you the best of luck! It really is amazing having family around for times like this πŸ™‚

  8. I’m living with my MIL as well and while it’s been a challenge, it’s been a blessing as well. I know that it’s difficult to think about the logistics though. I hope your anatomy scan goes well!

  9. Living with family isn’t easy, so I can only imagine what it must be like with In-Laws. I spent a handful of nights at Callie’s parents when we were just starting to date, and I can tell you from there, that I could NEVER live with them. I just want to say, it might be a good suggestion to try and have K talk to her family before you step in and try to a make different arrangements from the way that they have be living. You really don’t want to have bad blood with anyone since you have to live there…but being a neat freak myself, i can totally understand and see your concerns…especially being pregnant and hormonal…If things don’t go well after a few weeks i would talk to K about it…It’s gonna be a tremendous help (especially with twins) to be somewhere where you have plenty of help and feel comfortable, because babies feel that energy!

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