Hennager Twins “Gender” Reveal

Here you all go. if you haven’t seen the videos a posted on Facebook and Instagram Ive edited this one so its brighter and less shaky. The party was great! we got a good mix of family, friends and Co-Workers. My cousin, aunt and uncle came, which was amazing cause I haven’t seen them for a few years.

Kate and I were not able to videotape the ultrasound itself which was a bummer cause the kiddos were fighting each other lol. Baby A was kicking Baby B in the head, and Baby B was punching Baby A each time it got hit. Precious right?!

When We found out what Baby B was (a million years after the ultrasound started) I cried like a baby. I would have cried no matter which sex it would have been, but my nerves and anxiety were so high it was just an immediate release of tension. We already knew what Baby A was for a few weeks now, so that wasn’t a surprise. I’m glad I finally had an emotional reaction to something during this pregnancy!

So here you go….watch and enjoy. Sorry that the video quality isn’t great and you cant really see our faces.

I’ll Post their names with my weekly Bumpdate this week.


44 thoughts on “Hennager Twins “Gender” Reveal

  1. DUDE. You totally have the best of both worlds! We’re having a girl and I keep seeing boy stuff I like… And when we were having a boy I kept seeing girl stuff I liked… You can shop for both!!!!

    This is obviously the most important part, lol

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