Lazy bump pic at 16 weeks

this is in case I don’t get around to doing a nice one. Never thought it would be so hard to take a weekly chalkboard picture.  


5 thoughts on “Lazy bump pic at 16 weeks

  1. Let me tell you about that damn chalkboard! Initially I was all like, “I love this freaking board!” and then as the weeks continued it was sooooo taxing to get it done, especially after week 28 when it was all just sorta the same thing, and going to like 20 different pregnancy apps to try and get the most information I could…sometimes I didn’t get around to it until like 2-3 days after the actually week. But i don’t regret it for one second. My desktop picture changes every 3 minutes, and my favorite ones, hands down, are the weekly progression pics of my love…Keep it up…you’ll thank yourself later

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