15 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 15 weeks

Total weight gain? Pre-pregnancy: 140lbs  Now: 142…..down 2lbs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

How big are babies? 3.53oz and 4.57in X2 babies! AVOCADOS

Boobies? Pre-pregnancy 32D. Now  up to a 34D! ๐Ÿ˜Š Nipples are tender and breasts are itchy!

Hair? Less oily than it has been after switching shampoo and conditioner.

Nails? Got a Mani/Pedi with my SIL and now I feel awesome! Also growing fast but SUPER hard, which is nice for a change.

Stretch marks? Nope. Slathering oil on me morning and night to prevent them.

Belly button In/Out? In but shallow already. I’m guessing this will be an outie sooner than later.

Wedding ring Off/On? On most of the time, off at night and when I’m swollen. 

Symptoms/Feelings? Heartburn, Itchiness all over my belly and upper body! Lots of gas pains, Headaches plague me daily, Insomnia has worsened, Nausea is random and infrequent, Facial rash is now around my mouth, Acne, GAS, Sensitive nipples/Sore breasts, Chapped lips and Stuffy nose.

Sleep? A little bit better since having the Snoogle, but now I’m fighting the snoogle Vs getting up to pee 3-4x a night. The dreams I’m having are insane!

Sexy time? I’m starting to feel the urges more now. If only they’d happen when I wasn’t sleeping or when she isn’t at work!

Miss anything? Pants that don’t need constant adjusting and being able to move without groaning.

Movement? Had a fluttery feeling that was not related to gas, but still nothing that has me convinced.

Food Cravings? McDonalds ๐Ÿ˜”, Thai food and anything I don’t have to cook.

Anything making you queasy or sick? I had a crazy bout of vomiting that was somehow food related this week. Other than that Its only when I don’t eat for a while.

Babies Sexes? We will find out the end of this month! Guessing two of the same-sex, and Kate thinks one of each. 

Labor signs? Dear god no! Stay away!

Happy or Moody most of the time? Still fairly stable, but feeling a bit more emotional now.

Best moment this week: Getting my nails done with my SIL. ๐Ÿ’‡

Looking forward to: Our “gender” ultrasound at the end of the month! I know it’s SEX not gender but sex ultrasound sounds weird.


So last week Kate went out-of-town with her mom to visit her grandmother. Her grandmother hasn’t been doing well and so she was afraid she would pass before seeing her again. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as she had anticipated and her grandmother is actually doing pretty well.

It was very strange not to have Kate with me for two days. I thought maybe I would sleep better since I wouldn’t be worried about the Snoogle vs. my wife, yet I t had too much room and woke up throughout the night sad she wasn’t there. We don’t cuddle as much as we used to since I’ve been pregnant, I’m either too tired, uncomfortable or too hot. yet just not having her there was lousy.

While she was away I had a lovely day with my SIL. We went downtown and browsed the stores, got her a new wedding band (hers was making her itch), went to the beach (Maddox’s first ocean experience) enjoyed the sunshine and of course got burned in the meantime lol. Being this fair doesn’t bode well for laying on the beach.

The following day I had breakfast and in a half hours time started feeling nauseous. I blew it off as normal and then had to rush to the toilet to vomit! This was not your ordinary vomiting, it was like exorcist convulsive vomiting! I had no idea it was coming and then afterward was blown away. about 5-10 minutes later and i felt the same urge, yet this time it was just bile and dry heaving cause there was nothing left. It hurt so bad. I had to take a Zofran to stop the urge.

Non pregnancy related, I am not helping to facilitate my 10 year high school reunion. I was not popular in high school nor was I at all outgoing. The only thing I was known for was being nice, brutally honest and dating a football player. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be going to, let alone helping with my 10 year reunion! Yet, here I am knocked up and bored at home so I offered my help to a friend who was overwhelmed by the whole thing. Not enough people wanting to help but everyone wants to go…stupid.Kate thinks I am a bit nuts for taking this on and I do too in a way, but realistically this is exactly the kind of thing I am good at and I’m tired of not having something to keep me busy when I am not working.

Also new this week is the work front. I’ve been told by my managers that they love having me and totally understand that because I’m pregnant I may need to be out often. However, I am only scheduled one day a week and a few times Ive fallen ill on that day. REALLY WORLD?! Because of that they “took me off the schedule” and I freaked out!I thought I’d been fired without being told. Nope. My bosses are so damn flexible and nice that they did it as a precaution to plan for me being out but hoping I’d be coming in. They told me that if it works better they will leave it like that and then I can call any day that I’m feeling well and able to work and they will tell me when I can come in and I can tell them for how long. Who does that? This company blows me away with its helpful friendly nature.

It makes me sad that they have no idea I wont be coming back after my maternity leave, and I cant tell them now or I wont get maternity leave at all (if I even can to begin with). Complicated and annoying. Still that was wonderful news and Kate as on board with it too. So tomorrow Ill go in and accept the offer and hope that I can actually get more hours out of this deal than before without the worry of letting them down.

On Friday Kate and I are going out of town for the weekend to Santa Clarita for her aunts wedding. I’m so excited for so many reasons! 1) who doesn’t like a good wedding? 2) Her aunt rocks! 3) Friday night we are having dinner with Cris and Jen from reciprocallove and possibly meeting up with Jenna from Someday Momma! 5) getting out of town and out of the house!



Maybe I am feeling them?!๏ปฟ๏ปฟ




Getting ready for the reveal party!


This was yesterday at 14 weeks 6 days.


I realized I hadn’t done a single “nudie” shot yet and I want a few. This was taken at 14 weeks 2 days, and was originally intended for my wife cause she was out of town. I love being tattooed and pregnant!

My new motto!๏ปฟ


18 thoughts on “15 Week Bumpdate

  1. This is awesome. You are totally progressing and not too far behind me. I think the vomiting after that meal is crazy and I totally understand the daily wrestling match vs. the snoogle. Typically the snoogle wins in my bed and I end up completely winded wondering if there is an easier way for all of this. I’m super excited to find out the genders of your babies. I actually dropped Dr.D a note today telling him how I was doing. Take lots of pictures at the wedding… weddings are so fun. Don’t you appreciate weddings WAAAAY more now after you paid for your own wedding and realize how much of a financial suck it is??? I do!! I love weddings, just for the fact that I don’t get the bill at the end. In hindsight… Kevin and I should have eloped and pocketed the money my parents spent. But yadda yadda… you only do this once in your life… hahaha.. Have a good day girlie!!! xo

    • I know we are so close together in this, I love it. There’s a few other ladies 5-8 weeks behind me also, it’s fun to watch them too. I’m going to let Dr.D know if his predictions were right or not, I’m guessing now lol. Yes, wedding are a blast and almost always I have a good time. I loved our wedding tremendously more than I thought I would, so it’s hard to compare, and the financial strain was minimized a lot cause we did it so DIY and Kate’s parents helped too. I appreciate all the effort people go through that’s for sure!

  2. Looking great! Nice bump ๐Ÿ™‚ I have the crafty logo on at t-shirt! Watch out for those mc d cravings. I went through a bad phase right after my first trimester nausea passed. All I wanted was hamburgers and fries. Gained too much weight between appointments and doc asked what was up. Had to confess my mc d addiction. I have since cut down to once a week. Sometimes twice. ๐Ÿ™‚ ok maybe usually twice, just not the Big Macs anymore.

    • What did you mean about the T-shirt? I think there was a typo. I’ve only had McDonald’s like 6x in the past two months, but that’s a lot for someone who never ate fast food before. Unfortunately I’m losing weight and don’t know how to start gaining. Weird to have that issue for once.

  3. Awe love the bump pics and being tatted and preggers looks beautiful on you!!! I hope the rose on my hip doesn’t become to overly stretched when I get to that point but oh well if it does! You look gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚ glad the job is being so flexible!!! just think your wifey will be home soon till then put her shirt on your pillow ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That’s fantastic about your job! Can’t wait to see what the genders are of your babies!

    How exciting about meeting other bloggers! I hope to do that someday too! Seems like half of you live out in California though which is a little far from Iowa!

    I hope your morning sickness subsides soon! Take care!

  5. I loved avocado week! Enjoy some avocados! You look awesome. I love the beautiful naked pic, you should do a series! We can’t wait to meet you guys tonight! It’s like online dating but for pregnant couples!

  6. You look awesome, and Tattooed pregnant ladies are the best! Honestly, I loved the few rare occasions that Callie walked around the house naked when she was pregnant (tough with Mary there). Avocado’s was my favorite week. It’s when Callie went from “did she gain weight or is she pregnant” to “Dude, she’s TOTALLY pregnant!!!!”

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