Well we have come to crossroads in our life where we realize that changes need to be made for the betterment of our and our children’s lives. Of course we have tossed around the idea of moving for some time now but finding out we are having twins really made us see our future clearer. 

So we’ve have come up with a plan. We will move into Kate’s parents house garage studio room after our lease is up in June. Have the babies here in Santa Cruz and give the family time with us and our babies before we end up moving to Grass Valley by the end of the year. Why move twice instead of once you say? 

By moving into Kate’s parents house we will be able to pay off nearly all our debt by the time we have the babies/shortly thereafter. That’s a huge issue we want to resolve asap and this is our only avenue to do so. Also, by living with them it will give them lots of one on one time with us and the babies before we move, which will benefit both them and us of course. 

This is a bittersweet move. Kate’s family has been a huge refuge for us in our down and out times and well as a bolster in our good times. We’ve had more good than bad times together and I’ve never felt closer to a family, not even my own, in my life. However, it’s time for a change and times are changing. My family has turned a tide in their lives and are ready for more, as am I.

By moving to Grass Valley I will be able to work part time and no be a stay at home mom (not that it’s a bad thing just that I don’t want to be that anymore), we are having two babies which means double the childcare costs and I have retired grandparents and a retired mother willing to help us out. My brother will likely never have children so Kate and I’s kids will be the only grand/great grandchildren my family will ever know. My grandparents are AMAZING and also in their late 80’s, so I want to have my children get to know them and them our children before they go. 

Also, Kate will be able to transfer into a similar or exact position within her current company of employment because they are Northern California based, that means same or similar pay and Grass Valleys rental market is at least 50% cheaper. The town has grown exponentially since I moved away 10 years ago and has become much more diverse and tolerant of people’s many diversities. Every time we visit we get more and more ready to move, which goes to show that it’s going to be a good fit.

We are both excited at all the many new possibilities for us and our children in the future. We are also both sad to be leaving our current home of Santa Cruz, Kate’s hometown and my home for the past 10 years, where I have grown and learned so much about myself, married my wife and conceived our children. We will never be able to replace those memories but I know we will make many more to come. I have faith that her family will visit us often as they all like to travel and my sister in laws family actually lives in Grass Valley and nearby too! Ironic I know. No we didn’t know each other before.

Anyhow, I needed to write this post to put it out ther for my sake and for the sake of others who may otherwise not know the full details of why we are moving. If your family reading this and feel sideswiped know we are getting things in order still and will be talking with many of you in the coming months before we move. No one will be left out of the details. 

I’m sure as time and details progress and take shape I will post more about this. In the meantime wish us luck on our endeavors!


25 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Good for you guys! So glad you have the option that will not only put you in a better financial position, but also allow you better and closer time with family. *high fives all around!

  2. Wow, it sounds like you girls are surrounded by so much support. I’m glad that this plan will allow you to get out of debt, so that you can welcome these babies without that financial stress looming over you. It’s great that Kate’s work is able to transfer her to where your family is. It will be amazing to have so many family members around to help with the babies when they come, as twins will definitely be a handful! Congrats on this new plan.

  3. Wow! I have to admit I am totally envious of the amount of family support you’ll have. I love my family members dearly but they live 6 hours away. Having them around (both your in laws & your family) will be a HUGE help! These decisions sound perfect for your growing family.

  4. This all sounds so promising and well thought out. I’m so glad 2015 is proving to be your and Kate’s year. A homecoming of sorts. Looking forward to more great news from you and wishing you, K and the twins the very best.

  5. I’m glad that you’ll be able to get all of your debt paid off. It took us a while to get it done, and would have been able to do it in 1/4 of the amount of time…that’s exciting!!! All of this is happening so quickly for you guys, but it does sound like the best thing for your family!

  6. Good luck! I would definitely suggest moving earlier in your pregnancy than later. I moved 9 months into my pregnancy, and it was awful! LOL. Good luck you both! 🙂

  7. Great plan. That’s part of the reason we moved out of the city and onto my family land (and out of a large 3 bdrm house and into a tiny 1 bedroom place), so we could pay back some old debt of my darlings without having to both work ourselves into the ground. Turned out she ended up supporting me as I struggled to beat my MC & TTCING depression – and we could never have had me not working or only doing part time if we lived in the city. Best move/decision we ever made…this is the perfect place for us and will be for our son:-) Hope it all works out as well for you ladies!

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