TTC Kit Giveaway!

I have a bunch of leftover dietary supplements that I can no longer take and I do not want them to go to waste. The Maca is a tincture, the DHEA is almost a full bottle (but do not take this one if you have good or elevated DHEA), half a bottle of L-Arginine, and a little less than half a bottle of CoQ10. I have almost a full bag of Fertili Tea, a one month supply (5 tablets) of 50mg Clomid and 25 Wondfo LH Ovulation strips due to expire 9-16-15.

I have a bunch of syringes with fine needles as well (never opened) for anyone doing injections that could use them. Not sure what the regulations are on mailing those.

I would like to give away this entire bundle to one person who could really use the help of these products. So if your interested please email me at tell me briefly why you should get these items, if for some reason there is an item in this bundle you do not need or cannot use let me know. I cannot mail these out of the country sorry. 😔


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