13 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 13 weeks! Hello second trimester! Uterus is measuring 18 weeks 😁.

Total weight gain? Pre-pregnancy weight was 140, up 2lbs to date. I’m stunned that it hasnt changed.

Boobies? Pre-pregnancy 32D. Now  up to a 34D! 😊

Hair? Growing like a weed everywhere 😝, thicker but shedding a lot and oily easily.

Nails? Also growing fast but SUPER hard, which is nice for a change.

Stretch marks? None yet. Slathering oil on me morning and night.

Belly button In/Out? In but shallow already. I’m guessing g this will be an outtie sooner than later.

Wedding ring Off/On? On most of the time, off at night and when I’m swollen. 

Symptoms/Feelings? More tightening and cramping in the midsection. Things are lightening up a bit. Headaches now plague me daily!!, Insomnia has lessened, nausea is random and infrequent, facial rash is going away, acne on my face and back is less but now on my chest (ew), a lot of vaginal discharge, GAS, constipation station, sensitive nipples and sore breasts, chapped lips and bloody noses galore!

Sleep? A little bit better since having the Snoogle, but now I’m fighting the snoogle Vs. my normal pillow. Getting up to pee 3-4x a night. The dreams I’m having are insane!

Sexy time? Yes! Whoo hoo after months of a dry spell a naughty dream spiked my interest again.

Miss anything? Alcohol and deli meat sandwiches. Breasts that don’t hurt all the time, my sex drive!

Movement? I keep feeling something but I can’t be sure what it is.

Food Cravings? Fruit

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not eating, eating too much, water on an empty stomach and random smells. 

Babies Sexes? We will find out the end of this month! Guessing two of the same sex, Kate thinks one of each. 

Labor signs? Dear god no! Stay away!

Happy or Moody most of the time? Both. Happy to be pregnant and married to an amazing woman who is going to make an awesome mom. Moody but keeping my cool as best I can. 

Best moment this week: Seeing the babes for an hour at our NT scan and watching them move like craziness. Getting my new home doppler and finding both babes heart rates. Hitting the second trimester!!

Looking forward to: Our “gender” ultrasound at the end of the month! I know it’s SEX not gender but sex ultrasound sounds weird.

Just an FYI, what you may think are penises are their cords lol. No crotch shots until the big reveal.

Our NT scan went very well. We had a nice technician who was stoked to be doing twins, although no one updated my chart so it was a surprise, and we got lots of photos. The imaging was better now that they are bigger and she even did 3D which surprised me. Both babes are within the normal threshold for NOT having downs and measured well. They were not cooperating well for her though so it took a long time to get their measurements.

I found out that I am a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis, as most of us are, but since our donor is not it is not an issue with this pregnancy nor should it be for Kate when she carries.

Also, both placentas are Anterior😞 which is technically fine but most likely will hinder how soon and how much I feel them move. I was really hoping this wouldn’t be the case as I cannot wait to feel them moving ALL THE TIME! Baby A’s placenta is low but she wasn’t worried since it’s still early and they can shift a lot over time.  

The worst part about the scan was having such a full bladder and holding it for over an hour. The tech let me empty it soon after we started and told me to ignore that “requirement” from now on cause I have twins and that’s a lot of pressure already. That’s great news to me! It was an abdominal ultrasound which is so nice and I’m going to love continuing them like that from now on, the gel was nice and warm also, I just hated getting it all over my pants.

Kates mom works for a local hospital as a ordering clerk (I do t know her real title) and she got us 1120 diapers in Size 1 that’s they were going to throw away cause they switched brands! Crazy right? That’s enough diapers to get us through possibly 2 months depending on their size and pee/poo habits. She is going to keep her eyes out for wipes too. So that means that we will only need Size 2-3 diapers and more wipes of course. We plan on cloth diapering once they are 3 month old and cN fit into the cloth diapers well. We will have a diaper raffle at our baby shower to help stock up on the diapers we need outside of cloth.

We met with a woman who will be our birth doula this week also. My SIL saw on FB that she was looking for one more family to fill her training requirement to be fully certified. I emailed her and she chose us! She said us being lesbian and having twins is perfect extra training skills. She seems very sweet, funny and personal. I’m happy she chose is and that we will at least get one facet of the home birth I originally wanted. Kates happy about it too. Oh, she’s doing it for FREE! 

Starting to plan the baby shower with my sister in law. I’ve been on Pinterest getting ideas and merging them with what I’ve already had in mind. I’m going for a vintage kind of “theme” with a color scheme of coral/mint/grey/white. Ever since I got pregnant those colors have been glued in my mind as colors I want for everything baby lol. I’ve been on Oriental Trading  and Amazon looking for the best deals on decor and party supplies. It’s less money than I thought it would be but still adds up quickly. I don’t know how the money thing is going to work since I’ve never been thrown a shower before, do you pitch in or do the hosts pay? I feel like I should help out cause I’m so particular with what I want, terrible person to throw a party for.

Anywho, that’s all the updates I have for now, if you made it all the way through good job cause this was a long one!


7 thoughts on “13 Week Bumpdate

  1. I had one anterior placenta too and it did unfortunately hinder my ability to feel movement early on. That is crazy about the diapers! How lucky! We do cloth diapers and started around 3 months too because they were still so little. They make newborn cloth diapers too but it sounds like you’re covered! And a free doula?! Sounds like you are becoming a pro on saving money already!

  2. I love reading your bumpdates! I look forward to them every week. That’s really fantastic about the doula as well. Also, typically with showers you don’t purchase things since they’re meant to be thrown in your honor but it’s honestly up to you and what you feel comfortable with!

  3. Congrats on a great scan, free diapers and the doula! I was also bummed to learn I had an anterior placenta, but I did feel movement starting around 17-18 weeks anyways, but only when the kicks were really low. I can feel the baby now all over (I’m almost 24 weeks), but I also don’t have anything to compare it to, so I’m not sure what’s normal or not! I’m guessing with two in there you’ll get some good jabs soon regardless of the placenta 🙂 So happy for you!

  4. Those babies are so cute! I love the pics and how you decorated them! I can’t believe you found a free doula, how amazing! Mine is very expensive 😦 You really haven’t gained much weight, that’s good! also, I’m reading some great books I will post about if you’re interested.

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