12 Week Bumpdate!

The goods from yesterday’s scan at the RE. We cheated and saw him in between scans so we could get good pictures and guess the sexes. Guessing the sexes ended up being more complicated than even the RE thought lol. So although we saw things we aren’t saying anything cause it’s likely not accurate. Still fun to try though, it was comical.

I can’t believe that they look like babies, real tiny itty bitty babies. A bit alien still of course but OMG Baby B turned itself around fully, looked at the camera and we got the best picture of his/her little face! I’m pretty sure it has my nose as well, poor thing, Kate agrees lol. Weird to see similarities so early on. It’s the Italian genes showing through!

Baby A’s heart rate was 156 bpm and Baby B’s was 163 bpm. They were both measuring right on target, Baby A being one day ahead of schedule. We took a video again but it was long and pretty boring so I’ll just leave you with the photos.





How far along?
12 weeks

Size of babies
Baby A is 53.5mm and Baby B is 50.7mm

Maternity clothes?
Almost completely. Pants for sure.

Total weight gain?

Started to show yet?
Yes indeed!

Stretch marks?
None yet. Hope to avoid these completely.

Terrible. Ok well, it could be worse, but still I’m sleeping off and on all night and having bouts of insomnia. Nothing I do or don’t do seems to affect it much. Peeing is a give in and I’m ok with that, the not going back to sleep I’m not ok with. My back and my legs/hips hurt a lot too.

Random bouts of anxiety, roller coaster exhaustion and energy, insomnia, sensitive skin, acne, starting to have emotional moments, sharp pains in my groin area, mild cramping, breathlessness, and constant baby brain!

Miss anything?
My normal appetite, energy, pants that have a zipper and button.

Not yet.

Linea Nigra

Nothing in particular.

Anything making you queasy or sick?
Cooking anything, not eating, eating too much, water on an empty stomach and random smells.

Won’t know for a while yet. Guessing two of the same sex, Kate thinks one of each.

Labor signs?
Dear god no!

Belly button In/Out?
In but shallow already.

Wedding ring Off/On?
On most of the time, off at night and when I’m swollen.

Happy or Moody most of the time?
Both. Happy to be pregnant and married to an amazing woman who is going to make an awesome mom. Moody but keeping my cool as best I can.

Best moment this week:
Seeing the babes on the ultrasound. Baby B jumped twice and turned around fully to face the camera!

Looking forward to:
Our next ultrasound. The second trimester!

Purchases for babies:
Two outfits.



31 thoughts on “12 Week Bumpdate!

  1. I love your bump! I can’t believe you’re already at 12 weeks. It seems to have flown by. I’m glad the babies are both doing great. Any ideas on how you’re gonna announce your pregnancy?

  2. Such an exciting time! Not to be a cliche, but it goes by so freaking fast! Our babies both had high heartrates at our 12 week US so I thought for sure it was two girls. I’m having one of each so don’t let that fool ya. Good luck to you!

  3. Hehe good luck with keeping those stretch marks away! If you’re lucky enough to not have any already from growing up/teen years, then you’ll probably be safe. I religiously used all the creams & oils, and avoided them until literally the last day or two before DD was born. I guess her dropping didn’t make my lower abdomen too happy to be stretching suddenly. I don’t mind though; to me they’re just like laugh or smile wrinkles on someone’s face – reminders/evidence of happiness and wonderful things. Thanks for the update!

    • I did have a lot of stretch marks when I first blossomed in high school, but they were small and I can hardly see them now. I feel they will happen but I’m going to try my best to prevent them. I just use straight oil instead of creams.

  4. Yay! You and your bump are so cute! So happy everything is good with the babies. Hope sleeping gets better now that you gave the snoogle. Sleep becomes impossible after they come so rest up while you can! ❤️

  5. I am just so excited for you! I usually go by heart rate and anything over 150, I guess girl. So my guess is two girls! (ONLY because Miss Punky’s heart rate was always over 150) LOL.

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