10 Weeks 6 Days……I found my babies!

I can’t believe it but tonight I found both babies with my Angel Sounds home doppler. It took me a while but I found my heart beat and then suddenly found one of the babies. It was just above my pubic bone and slightly to the left of my belly button. Then I went to the right and found the other one with a slightly louder and faster heartbeat.

Unfortunately my Doppler does not have a heart rate monitor on it so I couldn’t tell what the rates were to make sure it was both babies, but I’m pretty certain. I’m totally surprised I found them so early. I’ve heard it can happen but I wasn’t expecting it for another few weeks!

I recorded it as best I could and sent it to Kate, my mom, my brother and Lindsey (AwaitingAutumn). I had to share the good news asap! I tried it again later on and found at least one of them again, I think it was rolling around cause it was going in and out of sound when I wasn’t moving the device.

I can’t wait till Kate gets home so I can have her hear it better!

This is the best moment I’ve had this pregnancy since last ultrasound lol.

Full update tomorrow.


19 thoughts on “10 Weeks 6 Days……I found my babies!

  1. Yep-I was obsessed with my Doppler and used it all the time! It was a nice reassurance in the beginning and I didn’t need it so much towards the end. What a beautiful sound for sure!

  2. SQUEEEEEEE!!!! Literally EVERY.TIME I read a post of yours I get so excited and make that noise which my cats do not appreciate! Ah! So many blessings to you four, my friend!
    B’sha’ah tovah!

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