10 Week Bumpdate

First off a HUGE and well overdue congratulations to Lindsey from Awaiting Autumn on her recent BFP after an ectopic pregnancy last September. I’m so beyond overjoyed for you and your husband. Selfishly for myself as well cause I’ve wanted this for you for so long and I feel your so deserving of this happiness. I can’t wait to follow through your healthy pregnancy and birth and beyond! XO

Yesterday early afternoon I had a fainting spell when I was eating lunch. I had felt ill all morning and was still battling a cold I got last Saturday. It seemed the cold was worsening and I was very out of it, sore and achy, my head was floaty and my palms were tingling. So I sat down to eat lunch hoping if I ate it would help.

Instead I got very shaky and clammy, started getting hot and cold flashes and then felt a rush of energy leave my upper body. I knew what this meant so I quickly got on the floor and laid down. I didn’t fully pass out but very very close. My whole body was shaking, cold and sweaty. I hate feeling like I’m going to pass out. Yet it never happens for any other reason than needles or a catheter in my uterus, so what gives?

Well it scared the shit out of me so I called Kate who had just gone to work, she was clocking in when I rang her. Naturally it freaked her out too so she came home and took me to the Urgent Care to be checked out. We new there would be little to nothing they could do after the fact but thought it wise anyway. They did a sitting and standing test to check how my blood pressure drops, took blood to see if my sugars or hemoglobin counts were off, checked for anemia and dehydration.

My blood pressure was decent and he didn’t think I was clinically dehydrated but he did say I need to keep more fluids in me to help with the drop in blood pressure I have when going from sitting to standing. I’ve always had that issue but it’s more advanced now that I’m pregnant. He said that most likely it was just a pregnancy related episode and that my body is taking a while to get used to the new blood flow and fluid exchange happening in me. He also told me to take it more easy than I already am. I don’t think he realizes how much down time I have already.

If it happens again he wants me to go get an IV with fluids and to have more bloods drawn with my OB as well as have a blood pressure cuff and blood sugar checking machine (don’t know the name) at home. So we will see if this continues, I hope not cause it sucked!

The past week has been busier than normal. I’ve been trying to take care of more around the house, take care of myself more and do errands to help the load on Kate. I have been battling a nasty cold on top of it and not had many naps. My sleep schedule is changing a lot. I have more energy in the afternoons and then get tired in the early evening, then have another energy spurt later at night. It’s making me crazy.

I’m still taking Phenegren to help me sleep at night and it does seem to help just a bit. But if I wait too long after I take it to go to bed its a no go. I’ve been sleeping on the couch a lot to keep from tossing and turning in bed and waking Kate. For some reason sleeping on the couch helps me some nights to sleep better. I altered my body pillow so it’s not so damn fluffy and now I can sleep with it most of the night. However, it’s annoying to turn around with and to get out of bed to go pee. I’m still thinking I should get a better pregnancy pillow.

My nails are harder than I’ve ever known possible and I can’t keep them short for very long. My hair is still oily as hell and I’ve just started not conditioning it each time to try to help it not be so heavy. I went to the skin Doc for her to check out this lovely rash around my eyes and mouth that appeared in October and has gotten worse. It’s called Perioral Dermatitis and is brought on by hormonal changes in women. It is treated with tetracycline orally and is closely related to Rosacea. However, because I’m pregnant I can’t take the meds and topical treatment doesn’t work.

So I’m hoping it doesn’t go crazy and cover my face by the end of this pregnancy. I ALWAYS knew I’d be the pregnant woman with facial breakouts of all kinds.

What else is happening? Well, I’m hungry all the time but rarely want food that’s good for me, which is not helpful at making me feel better. I’m peeing way more now than before and am thirsty all the time. All the fucking time!Which may be why I am peeing more lol. My legs get tired easily and my stomach muscles ache a lot. I get round ligament pains daily when rolling over, sitting up or sometimes just bending wrong. They hurt like a bitch for about 10-20 seconds then their gone.

My abdomen is starting to round out a bit I think, and I’m less bloated more just actual bump protrusion happening. I know the difference cause now when I wake up my tummy is there and just gets bigger throughout the day. Before I would awake to nothing for hours and then a bump would appear later. Funny how that works, I don’t understand it at all.

This is beginning to be a very long post. Sorry. I feel rambly.

The Babes!




My little Figs are growing so fast and I’m so happy they are. I cannot wait to see them the next ultrasound and then the next and so on. I’ve been attempting to use my home doppler,Angel Sounds, device I bought pre-pregnancy, but I know it’s too early to hear them. Although hearing my own heartbeat and all the fluids in me is very interesting as well. I am counting the days to when I can hear them on the Doppler at home. A friend of Kate’s is lending us hers cause it’s a much better medical grade one, so maybe it will be easier than mine.

I still can’t believe how much they are moving in there and watching that on the last ultrasound was pure amazement to me. It made me very emotional, although still no tears. I thought I’d be a blubbering mess but so far so good! We will see how the weeks progress. Speaking of weeks I’ve been so focused on the now that when my wife said we’d be meeting them in 6 months I nearly died! Holy hell that’s soon. I mean what happened to 9 months!

I still have to remind myself I’m pregnant….with twins!

I’ll take a bump pic later tonight and post it separately as I have been. Thanks for all the kind words, support and advice I’ve desperately needed.


18 thoughts on “10 Week Bumpdate

  1. I have a snoogle that I bought and don’t love (I am apparently the only prego who is not a fan). Let me know if you want it and I will happily ship it out to you.

  2. Oh my god the peeing! Mine has ramped up like crazy this week. I am so sick of it and I only have one in there. I got that Doppler too. I *think* yesterday I found the hb. It was moving around which made it hard to count but it was faster than mine for sure. My first OB appt is tomorrow. No more RE. Hope I get a u /s tomorrow.

  3. I had the perioral dermatitis when I was a teenager. They had me switch to a toothpaste that was not “tartar control” or “whitening” and it cleared up. Maybe give that a shot??

  4. Awww thank you, thank you, thank you friend! I broke out in zits on my face, chest and back which is so unlike me. My body is clearing up but my face has gotten worse this week. 😦 I hope your rash clears up on its own.

  5. I’m sure your OB may say something different, but mine has me focus on drinking 100 oz of water a day to stay hydrated and flush the waste two babies produce out of my system. I fainted at a store at 15 weeks and have learned to rise slowly, always have snacks on hand, and just be mindful in general to move as if I’m further along then I already am. The RLP will continue to pick up and sneezing, coughing, and even laughing will catch you by surprise, so be warned! Oh and this is random but I thought I’d share just in the off chance it was beneficial info to you: once upon a time, 12+ years ago I had pierced nipples, took them out after 6 months and never thought of them again, until about two weeks ago when I noticed I have started to leak colostrum from the old piercing holes! So I get to wear breast feeding pads from here on out until I stop breast feeding. I definitely didn’t see that coming. (Twin) Pregnancy is awesome! 🙂

    • That is interesting I for since I too had pierced nipples and took them out about 6 or so months ago also. I always wondered if I’d leak more because of the holes. I am trying to down at least 60oz of water a day, but it’s harder than I though. I’m adding Pedialyte to the mix in hopes of helping me get more in.

      • Prepare now then and get yourself some breast pads, randomly only one of mine leaks so we call it sad boob. Lol. As for water, it’ll get easier as you get further away from the all day sickness. I also found that drink it out of a clear water bottle helped me stay motivated to keep on top of it cuz I can see how much left and know i need to drink more.

  6. Callie had pregnancy hives the whole first trimester! It was terrible for her…the itching and scratching mixed with the tossing and turning all night was the worst. And you need to be careful with the dizzy spells…if you don’t have to do anything, don’t! And if you do give yourself plenty of time to do it! The most important thing is that all 3 of you are safe!

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