First OB Appointment

Here’s the video of the babes being cute and wiggling and waving to their mommas! To top it off I got to have an abdominal ultrasound! Yay for no dildocam!

9 week 4 day twin ultrasound

I have to say that watching them move like that made it much more real for me. I got emotional for the first time watching them move around.

Our OB is so freaking sweet I just love her. She makes up for the fact I can’t have a home birth like I wanted. She was very pleased to say she is comfortable delivering twins vaginally and trying to turn Baby B if need be to have a vaginal birth. Of course she warned that Baby A could come out easy peasy and Baby B could still be a C-Section.

Hopefully they will cooperate and I can have both vaginally.

The birth center I want to use may be out of the question if I give birth under 37 weeks due to their own rules. They don’t have a NICU. So I will most likely deliver at the local hospital where there is a NICU and an OR just in case. I need to research this option more now.

The ultrasound machine at my OBs office is crap compared to my REs, so we are definitely going to schedule one more appointment at our REs for some good pictures lol. I think I’ll do that in a week or so, so they are more developed and he can try to see if we can determine gender or not.

Other than that she gave me 30 days worth of prenatal samples and jelly for our home doppler, and told me to come back for more anytime, I love free stuff!


23 thoughts on “First OB Appointment

  1. I think the very earliest they could even begin to guess gender is 12 weeks . . .outside genitalia doesn’t really differentiate until 16! So glad you got to see the little cuties!

  2. Are you considered high risk, with your RPL history and the twins factor? If you’re refered to a MFM for additional monitoring, their machines are usually really good. I got the best pictures from mine.

    • No one has told me I’m high risk yet so I’m not really sure. I’ll be seeing a perinatologist for my anatomy scan at 20 weeks though cause I’m having twins and my OB prefers to have a perinatologist do that one with twins.

  3. Yay!!! Awesome news! The hospital that I am delivering at doesn’t have a NICU and that is my biggest concern. I’d have to change OB’s at this point if I wanted to change hospitals and love my OB so I’m torn. I guess just hope for the best that these babies don’t have to go to the NICU!

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