8 Week Bumpdate!

7 weeks 6 days we had our 8 week ultrasound. It was mind blowing how big they are already, yet how tiny they still are in reality. Baby A measured 7 weeks 6 days exactly and has a heart rate of 166bpm, this baby is closest to my cervix so it’s much easier to view than Baby B. Baby B was measuring at 7 weeks 1 day which is still fine and had a heart rate of 164bpm.

I’m thrilled! They are both still there, both still alive and healthy! Kates very relieved cause she’s been a serious worry sort this past two weeks. I think it’s safe to say I’m a calm pregnant lady and my wife does the worrying for me, go figure?!

Below is our ultrasound video.

8 Week ultrasound (7wks6days)

Technically we are discharged from the fertility clinic, which is earlier I feel than most get discharged. However, my RE said I could still schedule ultrasounds with him for pictures and reassurance if my insurance will pay. He really wants to check for the babies “goods” in a week or two lol.

Funny thing happened. Kate and I are sitting in the waiting room at my REs office and up comes this beautiful woman asking if my name is Alicia. I was thinking she looked familiar but couldn’t peg her. She says “I follow your blog, I’m ‘FutureDanceMom'” I just about died! We hugged and exchanged congratulations and chatted about the clinic for a minute and then realized we’ve had the same RE this whole time! Craziness.

It was awesome to meet you, it makes me happy to have personal contact with you ladies! PS doctor D LOVES you!! He thought it was funny too.

Here are some pictures in 2D and 3D of the babies.

Baby A



Baby B



At the moment their no names are Froggy(A) and Blobby(B)! Cause that’s what they look like to me.


31 thoughts on “8 Week Bumpdate!

  1. i LOVED meeting you and Kate!!! I was so thrilled that i told my husband that we met before i even told him how my OB appointment went. He’s not really a “social media” person, yet he thinks its completely crazy that we met!! I love the 3d photos!! I think it’s so cool you’re having twins. You and Kate will each get a mini-me!! You’ve got to see Dr. D for his gender guess in 9 weeks. He guessed “girl” for us….. we can’t wait to confirm at our 20w ultrasound. Also, I’m totally like Kate… I freak out and am always nervous. Every time I go to the doctor I think “please let there be a heart beat!!”. Congrats again and I look forward to seeing your twin babies grow in your belly!! xo

    • Eeek!!! A girl! I hope he’s right! Now I have to go back and have him check! Hope it’s not too hard since there is two. I hope we run into each other again some day! I’m happy we are having twins too, we always get one each lol

      • It would be great to bump into each other again!! And congrats on graduation from RE….but go in and have him scan those babies!!! It’s awesome, it would be great if you have a boy/girl, but if you have a girl/girl = mini-mes!! and if you have a boy/boy = you each get a little boyfriend. OMG, i’m so thrilled for you both!!! well…thrilled for all FOUR of you!!! xoxo

  2. I’m so glad both babies are doing well! That’s awesome you got to meet futuredancemom! How cool is that? I found someone recently on here who went to the same clinic I did too. Haven’t met her yet, but it was pretty cool in itself being out here in the middle of Iowa. 🙂

  3. Its going to blow your mind at the next scan when they have distinct arms and legs and are wiggling all around. Each scan since 9 I am amzed at how big ours are and they still have so much further to go! Enjoy the crap out of all of this!

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