7 Weeks 1 Day Bumpdate!

I’ve made it to 7 weeks, holy cow, I still can’t believe my luck! Constantly knocking on wood and crossing my fingers still but it’s starting to sink in more now.

The past week has been grueling. I’ve been more tired than I have in my whole life, more easily “hurt” and emotional, eaten next to nothing, grown up over a handful of times/dry heaved more and been nauseas beyond belief.

All those symptoms above help me realize I’m pregnant…with twins! Unfortunately it’s taken such a toll on me that I called into work all last week and once this week. So I had to tell my employer VERY early. I needed them to know that I’m not a flake and I like my job and NEED my job. However, I had to ask to drop two days a week so that I only have to commit to my other shifts in case this continues or gets worse.

It was not a decision I was prepared to make or a conversation I was wanting to have so early. My wife brought it to my attention first so I felt better knowing she was ok with it. It sucks though cause that’s a lot of money down the drain when we need it most.

I have my 8 week ultrasound next Wednesday at 7 weeks 6 days and so looking forward to it!! It cannot come soon enough!

On a happier note, today I bought my first pair of maternity pants! Ah I’m only 7 weeks and I need maternity jeans cause my other jeans are too tight on my belly. I’m excited and nervous about what this means for future growth. However, they are so comfy and it is so nice to not have so much pressure on my belly all the time.

All the maternity tops were still too frompy looking on me right now (duh) so I’ll need to wait on those for a couple more weeks. I’m guessing by 9 weeks I’ll be in full on maternity clothes at this rate. Anyone else start “showing” this soon with twins? I’m not that small 5’4″ and 138lbs. Also, I wake up and there isn’t much there and then a couple bourse later I’ve got this little yet noticeably round bump.

This was today trying on maternity pants.



The Babies!
• They are now the size of Raspberries
• They weigh aprox. 0.04oz each and measure 0.63in long
• This week their reproductive organs become Testes or Ovaries
• They now have an upper lip, eyelids and the tip of their noses
• Their tongue is now forming along with their fingers and toes
• All their major organs are now in place and developing

I can’t believe how miraculous life is and how it is created. Only one week and they have so much going on. No wonder I’ve been so sick!






32 thoughts on “7 Weeks 1 Day Bumpdate!

  1. So happy you and the twins are doing well! Congrats again! I can’t wait for the update after your next scan (: Good luck. ❤

  2. I am so so excited about this! You look great! I only have one, obvs, but found i needed pants way before the shirts looked right on me. I think it’s cause your uterus expands down low first but it takes a while to get above the belly button. In any case, Yay!

  3. TWINS. I think I missed that somewhere. Holy cats! (As my daughter is quite fond of saying right now) – I’m just soooo excited for you. I can’t even stand it, how excited I am for you!

  4. Who would have thought that two little raspberries could make you feel so shite! On the other hand, the symptoms are a lovely reminder that you are pregnant and everything is progressing as it should. Looking forward to the 8 week update!

  5. First of all, how freaking adorable are you?!?! Second, callie was in maternity pants at 8 weeks so it seems like youre right on target. She really junped between 13-14 weeks and thats when she started wearing maternity shirts but even then, she just bought looser shirts in a size large (shes usually a small). Sorry you had to lose days at work, but you can always take them back up once youre feeling better too. callie never had any type of morning sickness, but she definitely felt tired as all hell and left work early a few times. I hope your boss was understanding and that the queaziness goes away soon. Yay twins! Cant wait for acan pics!

    • Thanks! My morning sickness has been much more tolerable lately just very tired. Good to know I’m on the right track bumpwise lol I wasn’t sure! I can already tell I’m going to big pretty large lol but it’s worth it.

  6. Smart move to tell your employer so early so they will understand what’s going on! I didn’t (my first pregnancy did not make it to the end of first trimester, so I was scared it would happen again), and I was sick at work every day trying to hide it.

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