6 Weeks and Our First Ultrasound!


So Kate took the video instead of the MA because the room was small and Kate couldn’t be by my side. Kate’s reaction was priceless cause she wasn’t really looking at the WHOLE picture. She got excited and turned off the camera so there are two videos lol.

The heartbeats were 113 and 92 BPM, my doctor seemed unconcerned with the slower one so I didn’t even question it. Going to take it on step at a time and hope for the best. They are both measuring right on target and we could see the flickering of their little hearts beating away.

After we found out we called my mom who said “Oh my god” about 200 times and was laughing nervously. My grandma and grandpa also laughed and said “Oh my god” a bunch of times. My brothers reaction was priceless, he said “Fuck yeah sis that’s awesome, I can’t wait to be an uncle this is so cool, we are going to have a family again”. I loved it.

Kate’s brother Craig didn’t react much and I haven’t heard back from his wife yet either but I’m sure they will be excited in time. Her older brother Jer and his wife Leah we super excited just like I thought they would be and Kate’s mom was a bit in shock lol. The last video is also blurry so you can’t see the heartbeats very well.

I then mass texted 3 of my best friends the ultrasound picture and got this….



Real good!!

TWINS! Holy hell we are having twins. I knew this was my destiny but it’s still unreal. I literally feel like this is all just a dream, like they are playing a trick on me that I’m even pregnant let alone with twins! My morning sickness begs to differ though! I got Zofran to help with that and it seemed to make it more tolerable, enough to eat at least. I decided to take today off to rest and also cause I’m not feeling well. How am I going to deal with this while working, at ACE not with the boys. At least when I’m watching the boys if I get sick it’s no big deal, not at ACE where no one knows I’m pregnant and I’m the front cashier.

I just keep realizing that I’m going to be huge lol and cause I have a big ass I’m going to look a bit like Kim Kardashian when I’m all bump in the front bump in the back haha. Hopefully I’ll have the knockers to balance it all out.

We took our first real weekly pregnancy picture with a cute chalkboard we found. The chalkboard is hard to write on though so I’m going to buy blackboard markers for next time, so excuse the crappy writing. We may do biweekly instead. My SIL got me this dress that I adore and intend to wear the full pregnancy for these photos if possible, it is a maternity dress.

Thank you all for all your kind words and sweet advice. Kate and I couldn’t be happier to be becoming mommies so soon….but not too soon! Keep us close as we are still in the “danger zone” and with twins who knows whats coming. Positive thinking!!








105 thoughts on “6 Weeks and Our First Ultrasound!

  1. So freaking excited for you! That is so awesome!!! Hearing those 2 heartbeats will be a sound that i will never ever forget for the rest of my life. So glad that you ladies are having TWO!!! HOLY CRAP!!! Welcome to the twin mommy club! (Oh and the chalkboard might need to be prepped. Take chalk and fill in the whole board…then wipe it down with a wet paper towel and do it again. It should work much better after that. If not, just get the liquid chalk pens…those are awesome)…EEEEKKK!!! twins!!!! Injust wanna hug ya!!!

    • Thanks love! I know you mean it cause you have two yourself now! Hehe hope that’s going well, I’m sure it is! I can’t wait to join the club officially in a few short months. Thanks for all the love and support. Xo

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