Pregnancy Bumpdate! 5 weeks

Based on my Pregnancy+ app the following picture is baby this week. It states that although I’m 5 weeks pregnant, I’m in my 6th week? Confusing much?

According to Baby Bump app the following picture is a less attractive version of the above and also states the same about my pregnancy. They both say that baby is between a sesame seed and grain of rice.


Only Pregnancy+ app gives detailed descriptions of what baby’s development is during the current week. I like this app the best overall. It’s easy to use, read and understand (for the most part) lol. My only discrepancy is the setting of “current” week and “completed” week. It automatically sets you up with “current” week, so I confused myself after seeing what “completed” looked like. Ugh!

I have a feeling I’ll be confused and baffled throughout this pregnancy. I took a bump pic today and compared it with last weeks and not too much is different, just an overall roundness happening and the bottom part is sticking out more. Compared to my 3week pic it’s very different. I’m aware it’s baby bloat and not a baby bump but it’s still awesome to watch my body start to change so quickly.

My breasts are getting more sore again and my nipples are darker and itchy again too. The veins in my breasts are still there also. Today I put on a non padded bra I don’t wear often cause it’s a bit big and it fit too well lol. I look like I have a push up bra on. This is exciting stuff guys! I can’t wait to have nice big knockers lol.

I ordered a Snoogle Mini from Amazon last week along with a Bella Band. They should arrive tomorrow and I’m soooo excited. Im going to need the Bella Band sooner than later with my pants already being tight but not being able to fit into maternity jeans yet. Im living in my sweat pants at home and to the store, I hate going to the store without jeans!

The Snoogle better be good, it wasn’t expensive but it wasn’t cheap either. I’ve just heard such good things and have wanted one for a while anyway. I got the mini because I don’t want to feel trapped but I like pillows between my legs and on my tummy even pre-pregnancy. Sleep is always difficult for me but is getting worse now.

Speaking of sleep…..last night rocked. I was beyond exhausted yesterday and it took everything in my power not to nap or go to bed at 6:30pm. The exhaustion is kicking in much more now and I feel winded or overworked very very quickly. At work today I was feeling light headed and faint for a few hours in the morning while I was sleepy. I made it to 8pm last night and listened to my new meditation from Circle + Bloom pregnancy series. It goes 5-13 weeks, one session per week and one session per month thereafter. I have so much love for these meditations now, I wish I would have found it so much sooner.

For those of you wanting a less expensive option to Circle + Bloom’s fertility meditations try downloading Female Fertility. I have used it for over a month and I’ve loved it. I only used the bedtime session and daytime session. Bedtime is my problem time so that session is by far my favorite. Although once pregnant I couldn’t get into it quite the same because of what she says during it, it just didn’t fit anymore. Circle + Bloom was $50 with coupon code FRIEND15 (15% off), and Female Fertility is free until you want the bedtime and fertile womb sessions which are $1.99 a piece I think.



That’s it for my very first installment of my pregnancy Bumpdates!! Let me know if I can spice it up in anyway since I’m not sure what I’m doing and I want it to be readable and at least semi entertaining.


22 thoughts on “Pregnancy Bumpdate! 5 weeks

  1. You should look into hypnobabies when you’re thinking about child birth classes, since you like circle + bloom. It’s awesome! Love that you’re posting a bumpdate!!!

    • Eeek I felt silly doing it so early, but I figure I’ll enjoy this as much as possible since I don’t know what lies ahead. I will look into that cause I think I’d enjoy it. Is that what your doing?

      • You won’t use it until the third tri, but it’s totally worth looking into and thinking about at this stage! We were really highly recommended to take a class instead of the home study and had to save up for it, so that’s also something to consider!

    • Can you tell us more about hypnobabies? You are the second person who recommended it and I want to know what resources are out there. If possible, please connect through my blog:

  2. I got a snoogle and I love it! Unfortunately the dogs love to curl up in it too, so I have to remember to bury it under the blankets every day or it gets covered in hair and dog snot. 🙂

  3. Great entry! I am glad I saw that comment about the pillow being for someone 4’5″. I wanted to buy one for my wife, but I think I’ll hold off. If you get a chance, check out our blog too: Please share with friends or fellow bloggers.

  4. Just the fact that you are doing bumpdates is awesome to me. I will be so excited to follow you through your entire journey!! I never get tired of the awesomeness of this for you!

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