Beta #3 and how we told our mommas!

Sorry this is late but wordpress has been a real Jem lately ugh. I cannot upload our moms reaction video until I convert it because it was taken with our iPad.

Beta #1 = 32
Beta #3 = 115 (26 hr doubling time)
Beta #4 = 273 (38 hr doubling time)

Average doubling time under 1200 is 31-72hrs

I’m over the moon and cannot describe how amazing this feels right now. I feel great outside of the bouts of nausea (which suck but are tolerable currently) and the mild cramping that continues. I’ve also had some spotting off and on but it’s not worrisome cause I know how normal it is and it’s brown not red. My breasts are changing quickly; aureolas darkening, nipples more prominent, fuller and heavier and most noticeably are the blue veins.

Although I get it’s too early to “show” yes I took a picture when I got my first beta and one at 4wks 1day, I already see a difference in the lower most part of my abdomen where my uterus sits. I normally have a huge bump above the pant line and then it goes in dramatically (I’ve always hated it), well as of 4wks 1day that part is curved outward and I’m baffled.

I’m a bit nervous that my very early symptoms and lower abdomen bloat is a sign of higher multiples. However, my betas seem low for anymore than two. I have the chance of four since I had four fully mature follicles, although I know it’s rare it’s possible, twins even frighten me a bit now lol go figure. Just realizing how crazy life is with one infant and a singleton pregnancy, I can’t fathom more at the moment. I am however, preparing myself for two (I’m being hopeful there’s no more than that). These next two weeks are going to creep waiting to get our first ultrasound.


We went to my hometown on New Years Eve and had a surprise in store for our moms. Earlier that day we planted a present for Kates mom in her house. When we got to my moms, after dinner, we called kates mom on FaceTime to have her with us while my mom opened her gifts. We started with a gift Kates mom got for my mom and afterward asked that they both ken their respective gifts from us at the same time. We made them the same one. A long box with the pregnancy test and due date on it and inside the lid I wrote a little note and affixed a poppy seed, a sesame seed and a lentil for 4/5/6 weeks. Below is the picture of the gift to each mom.



20 thoughts on “Beta #3 and how we told our mommas!

  1. Awesome betas! Yaaay. The way you told your parents is so sweet. They must be super excited! Enjoy the next week because if you do get morning sickness, it’s a rough ride 😦 Although, its reassuring too! Sending a big fertility hug your and Kate’s way!

  2. What a cute way to tell them!!! Was there screaming and crying?! I’ve also had some brownish tinted discharge and cramping. I can do with out the spotting stuff, but I do tend to worry when I don’t have cramping for awhile. Luckily, I had some in the middle of the night last night, lol. Congratulations…I am so, so happy for you and Kate!!!

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