4wks+3days the worry sets in

Has anyone else had early symptoms and then at 4weeks it all faded away? I’m hating it cause it’s getting my worry brain started on full speed. I mean, at this point I should be having them get stronger not lessen right?

My breasts are sore but not by much whereas they were crazy sore before, my nipples/aureolas seem less dark and big, cramping is few and far in between and more mild, no nausea what so ever, hunger is lessened and food aversions have subsided too. Only thing increasing a bit is being tired and getting winded easily. I hate this.

I keep hoping it’s the calm before the storm or that I’ll be like my mom and be that girl, the one that’s perfectly fine the whole pregnancy, that was my moms experience.

When I saw that my beta had doubled again and at a good pace I was relieved but also nervous cause it wasn’t as fast as the first beta doubling time. the fear from the previous miscarriages plus knowing our families know so early is getting to me a bit. My sister in law even got me a bunch of little girl clothes and bloomers and maternity wear already! Everyone’s so excited, I just hope and pray that our little bean or beans are nice and comfy in there.

I’m not freaking out or crazy stressed out. Really I’m not. I’m just cautiously optimistic right now. I’m counting down the days until our 6week ultrasound where I will hopefully be reassured everything is ok. I need some reassurance right now though!


45 thoughts on “4wks+3days the worry sets in

  1. Personally, my symptoms haven’t died down, but I’ve been reading A LOT and everything I’ve seen says it’s different for everyone. Your symptoms come and go like that. I know it’s easier said than done (and I’m trying to do the same) but try to not worry! Worrying can’t help the babies. 🙂 Try try try to just enjoy!

  2. Mine disappeared pretty early and then came back with a vengence at 8 weeks. You should be just fine with those betas. I will say the worry never goes away. I was a mess until almost 30 weeks and then i had a friend deliver at 29 weeks (I was 33 weeks) and then a whole new worry took over until I delivered.

  3. Callie never had any symptoms…no food aversions, morning sickness, anything like that. She only had cramping for like the first 6-8 weeks and the breast tenderness went away after a week or two after our 1st beta…every woman is different…cant wait to hear about ur next appt.

  4. Doubling rates slow as HCG increases which is why after the first two, it’s not really that helpful. I didn’t really have early symptoms (things kicked in around 6w) so I’m not a good gauge on that, but things definitely came and went. They still do. 😉 I’ve got so so so much hope for you and your little stowaway! Sending you peace in this time of unease. And pee on as many sticks as you need! !

  5. I didn’t have a whole lot of symptoms starting out and by 9 weeks they were completely gone causing me to freak out and go in for an additional ultrasound! It’s so true that it’s different for everyone but worry is completely normal especially for those of us who have struggled with infertility! My husband had to reassure me A LOT!!!

  6. Although my story isn’t an ideal comparison, my symptoms were heightened some days way more than others. They say it’s normal. Hang in there! I’ve been recently hearing that many women find the wait to their first ultrasound way harder than the 2WW.

  7. Hang in there. Like Lindsey, my story isn’t the best example either, but my symptoms were strong right away, took a break at 6 weeks for a day or two, then were strong again until I found out we had a missed miscarriage. So I guess symptoms aren’t always indicative of what’s going on inside. Either way, try not to worry- your HCG started off great. I hope your 6 week ultrasound comes quickly!

  8. Typically the major significant symptoms kick in closer to 6 weeks. I know that doesn’t help you feel better right now, and you just have to wait until the first ultrasound. Wishing you peace as you wait.

  9. Try not to freak. Chances are, everything is fine in there!

    When I was preggo with Pax I had zero morning sickness and I don’t remember being all that tired. I didn’t have the “classic” pregnancy symptoms. It’s different for everyone but Pax turned out just fine (just ask him, lol). Breathe mama! And hugs!

  10. I had a pretty similar experience. Cramping went away around week 4, breasts were sore, then less sore, then more sore. Fatigue was my only persistent symptom throughout my entire pregnancy (I slept through most of my sister’s wedding reception when I was 20 weeks pregnant…). I spent the first 13 weeks very worried, and hearing about other women with similar experiences made me feel much better.

  11. It was a symptom roller coaster for me throughout the first 14wks. Around 8 wks if I remember correctly, the crazy vomiting commenced. Im 24 wks and still vomit some times…It’s hard but try not to worry too much 😉

  12. Ugh this part is so scary, i totally understand. I really didnt have any symptoms at four weeks, then at five weeks, breathlessness and sore breasts, and no nausea until six weeks. I hope this helps. Its terrifying to have good betas after miscarriage because every step of the way you want reassurance. Something my fiance keeps telling me really helps – that whatever is happening with the baby, no amount of worrying or speculating will change it, so try not to worry until there’s a reason to. I know it’s hard though! I love how supportive and excited your family is – your WP family is, too!

  13. I didn’t have any symptoms at all, not during the 2 week wait to right up until about 6 weeks when I would feel slightly nausea which only ever started around 9am, as soon as I ate something it would disappear for the rest of the day, this only lasted 3 to 4 weeks. I never got any of the common symptoms of pregnancy. The first stages are always a little worrying, I hope reading this helps.

  14. The inital symptoms arent usually from the babies but from the fertility treatments. Extra follicles means more estrogen and that can cause nausea, that is why we think we are pregnant so many cycles and end up with a BFN. Most women (who arent trying to get pregnant or not following so closely) dont experience symptoms until 6-8 weeks. All of us are super hyper sensitive to our bodies because of what we are doing to try and conceive. You got this Momma, this is your rainbow baby. Ps- my symptoms came and went all the time and my bfp even faded the day i found out anout the twins i thought i had miscarried because i had no symptoms and a ridiculously light pregnancy test!

  15. Like everyone else has said, there’s really no rhyme or reason with pregnancy symptoms, and each pregnancy can be very different. I had zero symptoms with my son until 6 weeks, and very strong symptoms at 4 weeks and a few days with my most recent chemical. Hang in there!!!

  16. I hear ya…my boobs were really sore starting at day 16 (which was totally unusual for me and I still didn’t think anything of it) and now I have days where they’re hardly sore at all and I spend the day poking at them, lol. I have had much in the way of food aversions or nauseas…tiny bouts here and there. I even panicked a little when the insomnia started going away, lol. I will be thinking and praying for you and I hope you get some reassuring results at your 6w ultrasound because it’s just a whole new level of worry if you go into limbo mode!

  17. My symptoms didn’t even start really until 6-8 weeks and I’d have on days and off days. Anything is normal. It’s hard not to be a little apprehensive during the first trimester, but keep taking it one day at a time like you have been!

  18. I never really had any symptoms until later, like hunger and nipple tenderness and by later I mean like 9 weeks or so and I still don’t have too many symptoms. You might be one of the lucky ones who don’t have to experience all of that even though I know it might ease your mind. My doubling time worried me a lot too, however yours is waaaayy faster than mine! Mine was 54 hours and my little babes are totally fine, cooking away in my belly! You HAVE to start to enjoy this! You have a miracle growing in your tummy!!! Prayers to ease your mind are headed your way! I’m SO happy for you!

  19. My doctor said it’s normal for symptoms to come and go. She told me that right away to prevent worrying. That’s good that your betas are doubling — try to keep focusing on that!

  20. I’m just so happy for your BFP! I totally get the worry as you cross each milestone. Oli had sore boobs at 4-5 weeks and then the knockers didn’t return until 10 weeks, if that helps. Can’t wait for your u/s, heartbeat(s), gender(s)… omg so much excitement ahead! happy new year A!

  21. At 4-5 weeks my symptoms always came and went both in my one (before this) ultimately successful pregnancy, in my failed ones and in this one which so far looks hopeful at almost 15 weeks. Before 6 weeks in particular the nausea often is intermittent and the other discomforts (heavy, sore or itchy breasts, bloating, etc) seem to come and go for many of us. It could also be that you had multiples and one or more has not progressed (which is sad but as long as at least one is still chugging I’d personally consider this a success). Sending warm hugs and wishes for the time between now and your u/s to move a little faster for you. The waiting is so hard!

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